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Eventful Week So Far

February 24th 2009 7:46 pm
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Over the weekend, I got to go on a girl's weekend out of town ~ just me & mom. We went to a town where she used to live, and stayed in a nice hotel. There were 2 other rooms next to ours that had doggies who barked when we walked by, something I would never do!!! We never did see them though. Our room was a short walk to the elevator which we would take to get down to the garage and out onto the street. Or we would walk right through the reception area out to the entrance. Sometimes we stopped and warmed ourselves by the fire. We walked all over town, even went shopping. We went to a dog specialty store and I got a new pink jacket and an elevated food bowl. I had so much fun modeling for everyone, and of course got some treats. Mom took me to a store where she could get some clothes, but I headed for the door ready to go back for treats - BOL!!! We walked up and down some good sized hills. On the downsides, I even had to run a little. Mom let me walk as much as I wanted. It was so cool. We had a refrigerator & microwave so mom could prepare my meals. One morning we got room service, and mom ordered a poached egg to add to my kibble - YUM!!!

Then on Sunday, I was named Schnauzer of the Week in Schnauzers Rule! Everyone is so kind to me. They even started a thread where other schnauzers get to ask me questions. It's a lot of fun.

Today, SRs leader Milly, announced that I would be leaving as an administrator. Mom has so much to deal with that it's just gotten to be too much work. She has been so dedicated to it and has loved doing it. But she says Priorities! So now we get to play in the group like everyone else. There is a great group of admins in the group and I'm sure they won't miss me before long!!!

Well let's see what the rest of the week brings!





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