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Finally out of smoke!

June 29th 2008 5:00 pm
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We finally made it to Oregon last night. Just dad, mom & me!!! It's fun to get all of the attention again just like when I was the ONLY pup in the family. I do love my family but it's still nice to occasionally get some one on one time with the pawrents!

Northern California still had many, many fires burning yesterday. We did not see a blue sky that wasn't smoke filled until we crossed the Oregon border!!! I feel so sorry for all the pups and people affected by this. I know it hasn't been fun breathing smoke for a week but at least our town is intact. I'm saying a prayer tonight for all the people affected by the fires.

We're staying at the ocean in Oregon. The air is SO good. Mom & dad are still coughing, but with each breath we're energized. We have a great view of the ocean too! I love going for walks and smelling all the new smells. And last night I slept in the bed with mom & dad - something I never do at home! It was pretty special to cuddle. Just don't tell those brothers of mine I have such a soft side!

Today we went to my uncle's house, and I met my 2 fur cousins Sparky & Annie. They are BIG dogs but very friendly & playful. After we did the obligatory sniffs, they chased each other around and I ran around the yard. We all took a nap while the people did their talking, then we went outside to play and walk in the neighborhood. It was really fun. One thing everyone hid from me, is that there are also 5 cats in that house!!! FIVE!!! Woo hoo, I can't wait to chase them all....oh mom says don't bother, they all outweigh me. Yeah they may outweigh me but I'm smarter than all of them I bet. I'll manage to get a chase in before the week is over.

Right now is dinner time, then I get another walk. We're going to walk along the harbor and look at all of the boats & seagulls. How fun!!!

We heard that Winston & Finnegan are holding the new housesitter hostage with their soccer ball - BOL!!! Molly of course is being sweet and gets lots of loving that way - she's a smart one! So I don't think they're missing us too much right now.

Well, dinner time!





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