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Tater's Thoughts!

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I'm in the Tontest

October 28th 2009 6:47 pm
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Check out my pictures with the link on my page.


Target Weight = 55lbs

August 9th 2008 5:34 am
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I went to the vet yesterday and I weigh 58 pounds!!!! I only have 3 more pounds to go!! In my chart my weight finally says NORMAL!!!! Happy dog is Tater, happy dog is Tater!



August 7th 2008 10:47 am
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ME?!?!?!?! TATER? YES I DID!!!! tail wags and jumps! Wowowoowowowowowoowowoowowowowo I'm so excited! I just can't put it into words!


Tater-Tot News :)

August 3rd 2008 5:54 am
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Mama and I haven't been so good at gettin on here a lot, but as usual, our lives are crazy :) Mama and I moved out of where we were living and now it's just me and mama! Not that I don't like oder people, but I love havin that gurl all to myself!!!!! "Just me and my maaaaaammmmmaaa" Mama and I know that eberything happens for a reason and we are doing well :) I lub my new place n I have lots of comfy places to relax and lots of places to play. Mama has bout 2 weeks of this semester left n then she gets an actual break n I get to spend lots of time with that mama of mine !!!!! Then mama is just student teaching until December and she is a graduated gurl. I'm so proud of that mama of mine. And now that it is just me and mama I get to see my gramma and grampa and unkle fish lots more. Dang I love those guys! I'm so happy to see all of the thoughtful gifts my friends have sent me, gibes me this tingly feeling my my heart that I get when mama comes home or I get to see gramma or when someone rubs my ears in the way that I lub, lub, lub! Mama and I just wanted to say thanks to eberyone for being so supportive and loving. Our Dogster friends can always make us smile!
I'm doin good on my diet (besides sneaking some yummy kitty food) n now mama has to get me a new smaller collar n I just gotted that one for my birthday in August! I go to the vet soon to get my weight checked and I'll let eberybody know!!! I've also been jumpin round lots!!! Mama gotted me stairs to get on the bed, but I'm not so sure bout those guys. I still put my front paws up on the bed and gibe mama the eyes and she boots me up BOL. I can get up there by myself, but I like when mama helps me. I've been going for lots of car rides and I LOVE IT! When ever anybody gets near I car I jump in (I can do that now!!) Sometimes I get to go, but sometimes mama says "Not this time buddy, you have to stay home" Boy do I get mad, mad, mad!
So once again, thanks to eberyone who has sent love, gifts, and concerns. But don't you worry. Mama and I are happy as can be and are two peas in a pod! Eberything happens for a reason and our life keeps getting better and better, mama and I are working really hard. We lub ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!! We feel so lucky to have dogs and people that we have never met, but feel like they have been a part of our family forever. We are truly thankful that we found Dogster and such a great group of caring and lubing friends! Mama has been asked if she has the same e-mail, and she does :) So you can send messages anytime :) Mama and I wrote a little poem for all of our friends. . so here it is. (Mama said poems don't always to rhyme, but I'm not so sure hehehhehe)

Dogster friends, through thick and thin,
Comforted by friends, from far and near.
Friendship bonds that will never break,
Oh the bestest friends you can make!
Kind hearts, loving thoughts, supporting friends,
I am a Dogster boy till the end!

A Friend is a Treasure
Jean Kyler McManus

A friend is someone we turn to,
When our spirits need a lift,
A friend is someone we treasure,
For true friendship is a gift.

A friend is someone we laugh with,
Over little personal things,
A friend is someone we're serious with,
In facing whatever life brings.

A friend is someone who fills our lives,
With beauty and joy and grace.
And makes the world that we live in
A better and happier place!


I WON!!!!

June 6th 2008 8:59 pm
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I won the monthly contest they have in my Biggest Loser Competition. I won a free 30 lb bag of Hills Dog food!!! They are gibin me the weight loss kind, seen as I'm on a diet and all. The bag woulda costed mama $50, but I won it!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEH I'll say I paid for it with my 'good looks' I've heard my new slim look is quite handsome!!!! Mama is gonna get pictures of me next to the bag when she picks it up and I'll habe her put them up!!

Mama checked our smoke alarms today and I was mad mad mad!!! Mama says she is nervous cuz it's been almost a year since our last place caughted on fire and she wants to make sure that doesn't happen again. So SHE PUSHED ALL THE BUTTONS! In ebery room I heard "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" I hate that sound!! So I buried my head in the couch cuz I know what that sound means, it means FIRE! Mama checked me after the alarms and I wouldn't take my head out of the couch. Mama gave me a huge hug and she noticed I was shakin. I'm not kiddin I was scared I know that noise means FIRE and fire is NO GOOD! Mama gotted my brush and brushed me and gabe me a carrot and let me snuggle in bed with her under our most favorite softest blankie. And I gotted to put my head on a pillow.

Things are crazy I tell ya. Alarms all day. First we had alarms cuz of the tornados and then mama was checkin em. . . . Mama says we need to be happy we have those alarms to warn us. Zeus experienced his first tornado warning today. . . actually we had at least 3 tornado warnings in a four hour span cuz different storm cells kept hittin ober and ober. Gramma lost power and had a tree fall, but now she has power. We stayed in the safe room (cuz we don't have a basement) and we watched the news. Maybe Zeus could dig us a basement, he likes to dig!

So much goin on today, this dog is dog tired!!!!!


Brother for sale!

May 27th 2008 8:19 am
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Neone want a brother? Mine is naughty. He steps on me and he jumps over me. He thinks he's so cool cuz he can jump over me and I'm the BIG brother. What happens when your little brother is bigger than you? Mama tried to splain to me that her little brother is bigger than her, but I bet he doesn't jump over her! And he put a hole in my bed! Mama has to find the hole and patch it. I didn't spect this when they brought him home. . . he WAS smaller than me. Now he is a zoomin, leaping, chewing, PONY! N mama says he's not done growing. Sheesh, I have to lose weight and this pony has to gain it. . . . When we go for walks he goes so fast, his legs are as tall as I am, how am I posed to keep up???? I tell mama we shoulda gotten a poodle or somepin, but she says he's here to stay, we can't even trade him in for a smaller model. . . I tell you, puppies (speically BIG ones) are Trouble with a capital T!


Hurt leg :(

May 14th 2008 8:08 am
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I hurted my right leg. . . Dad and mom are trying to get me used to getting picked up now that I'm all skinny and I HATE IT! So I bit dad, he dropped me. It was an akident I know, but still my leg hurts. I wobbled around for a few days like a tripod and now it's getting better. But eberytime I jump off something I cry and hold up my leg for a minute. . . neone habe any suggestions??? Mama lets me sleep right next to her when my arm is hurting. We share a pillow and she even puts my hurted leg on a pillow. Then we get all snuggly in our blankets and I start to snore!

Mama has more pictures of me all slimmed down (you can see my ribs now! I didn't know I had ribs, dad's never seen them!) but she has to find time to put them up for me. Silly mama.

And that dang Zeus, that kid is such a zoomer he even zooms right into walls. He needs a helmet I tell ya. I don't know bout him. Sometimes he gives me kisses and cleans my ears and other times he bites my legs and tail. Mama tells him NO!, but that kid, I don't think he was born with listenin ears. . .


Zeus's first time at the vet and my weigh in

April 5th 2008 11:14 am
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I LOST 5 POUNDS!!!! I'm at 66.7 pounds now! I weigh less then Cletis! GO TATER ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY. . I'M SO EXCITED!!!! ROO ROO ROO! Does a slim boy happy dance

The last time I went in there they said "WOW TATER!! We can finally see your collar!" Today they said "WOW TATER!!! You have a WAIST LINE! And and new brother!" I'm kinda a big deal there, all of the girls love me. They give me lots of pets and get real cited when I go in there!

I forgot MORE good news!! They have a biggest loser contest and the vets and I'M IN THE LEAD! (Sorry bout all that shoutin but I'm a real happy boy!) They are tellin eberyone I'm the one to beat!! I was 79.8 lbs in December when I started my new weight loss program! I've lost 13.1 pounds since then!!

Today was brother's first visit to this vet (he went when he was little with the people we gotted him from, but I don't think he membered) Zeus was a clucky chicken when he gotted his shots. . . the vet even had to redo one cuz he moved and the shot went all over the table heheheheheheheh. He gotted a clean bill of health! That silly puppy eats so much mama thought he'd weigh too much too, he's 50.1 lbs, but he needs to GAIN 5 POUNDS! WOWO They even taught mama and dad how to get that dang puppy to be nicer to me, I really love my vet!

I was really good for the vet, I didn't move at all when I gotted my shots, I'm an ole pro you know! The vet thought maybe I had cushins disease?? Mama doesn't know how to spell that one. She thought that cuz I have a white spot on my eye, but it doesn't hinder my sight and the vet said it could be from bein over weight some kind of fat deposit. . . Since I don't have any symptoms of that disease the vet says just to watch my eyes hehehehe eyes are posed to do the watchin! Mama told the vet the spots have been there for a few years and haven't gotten bigger or changed in any way, so they are pretty sure I'll be A-OK! They said I was in great health!

I need to rest up now, that was a big trip with that polar bear in the car. He had to have a doggie seat belt cuz he tries to get in the front and drive the car. . . silly puppy, when will he learn?


That dang puppy

March 31st 2008 4:10 pm
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Not sure if I can call him a puppy neymore. . . my brother is bigger than I am!!! How can I splain to him that I'm the big brother when he's bigger?
He thinks I tattle on him, but usually I don't. I just sit real nice like by mama when I know he's upta somepin. Then I don't get blamed. That silly ole Zeus, he leaps right into the bathtub and thinks I'm the one that tells mama he's in there. Mama tole me she hears a big "Thump, Thump" and she knows he's leaped in. Didya know he has the nerve to leap over me? That big ole zoomer he zooms around and then leaps right into the air, like a frog or somepin. . . I'm tellin ya, Imma need a vacation from this zoomer.



February 25th 2008 3:58 pm
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Why didn't I get any warning about this zoomy polar bear that is tryin to take over my house??? DID YOU KNOW HE TRIES TO EAT PENNIES?? Geez guys, you shoulda tole me what was in store for me!! On the good side, mama and dad think that I am such a well behaved dog now hehehehheheheheheh That polar bear zooms around and I do what I'm posed to do. Yesterday I climbed a snowbank with that polar bear, beat him at his own game I did!! And when mama and dad havta go to school that polar bear has to go into a puppy crate!! I get to relax on my bed cuz Imma good boy, but that zoomy kid, he just keeps gettin into trouble!
Anyone know what to do bout zoomy polar bears??? This one had quite a zoom to him. . . hmmm maybe he could go to the zoo??? Polar bears live at the zoo don't they?

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