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Chicken infraganti!

June 25th 2007 3:23 pm
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Bleh! So there I was, minding my own business while mom & dad cooked, when I wandered over to the dining table and there it was! all by itself, on a plate, this amazingly exquisite slice of chicken, grilled to perfection and smelling like heaven! I looked around and it seemed like nobody was paying attention so BAM! I grabbed the chicken. However it was burning hot! when the feeling hit my tongue I immediately dropped it, however I did it exactly when mom was walking in and she caught me red-handed (or red-mouthed in this case). So not only did I NOT get to eat the chicken, I also got kicked out of the kitchen for being sneaky.

Bleh I say! because hell, if they're going to leave food up there for me to easily reach, at least it should be dog-edible!

See ya'll!



June 9th 2007 9:54 pm
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Hey all! so today I had a really exciting day! First we all went for a run in the forest! we had very nice weather and a really good time, we came home and I slept all day while mom & dad did some house chores, boring!

Later at night mom & dad took us for a walk, we went to the supermarket to fetch supper supplies (hot dog night!). Mom went to buy stuff while dad stayed outside the store to take care of me and Bela. Later mom came out with a few bags. Then out of dad's backpack came a nice yellow backpack, they put some stuff inside it and then the backpack on me!

It turns out it was a doggie backpack, with a bag on each side. It felt weird at first but soon I realized it was not a problem so I walked very nicely with my pack. The best part is mom & dad were very happy because I helped them carry groceries back home! so we all enjoyed a nice walk and I felt good doing some dog-work for my humans.

Till next time, see ya'll!


The door

June 7th 2007 7:36 am
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hey all! something exciting happened! yesterday my grandpa came home and he left the front door open! so whee, I took to the streets to see what was up! I felt soo sneaky! because neither mom nor dad were home! I walked all the way to the corner sniffing and greeting people, who for some reason were all "AAAAH! a DOG!!". Mom & dad say that people get scared by my being so big and black, but I'm just a puppy at heart. After a little while someone from the house came to fetch me and bring me inside.

When mom & dad learned about my escapade they flipped! they gave me a really hard time about it because they were afraid I'd get lost or run over by a car. But it really wasn't my fault! Dad says he fixed the door so it will close properly. Hopefully, because hey, it's not like going out on the street by myself is such a big deal; I'd rather go with mom or dad ;)


Be well Nutella!!!

May 30th 2007 12:36 pm
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So dear smallNuetlla found a home.
Mom printed some adds for her and placed them at work, a collegue decided to keep her. He told us that he has 2 small daughters who were asking for a pup, so it was a golden opportunity.
Yesterday Mom & Dad drove Nutella to her new home, we all are missing her but we also know she will be loved and well-kept and as her new owner lives close to us we are confident we will meet her again.
I hope the next puppy Mom & Dad decide to rescue is a Dane, that way it would be easier for me to play with him... no more neck pain!
Miss u Nutella!


The bridge

May 28th 2007 8:05 am
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Hey all! We've been quite busy with a small puppy we found the other day, but Bela is telling that story in her diary so I'm going to tell you about the time I went with dad to get the car serviced.

He took me to the car dealership to get the car serviced with the idea of leaving the car there andwalking back home with me. I was delighted with the idea. At the dealership everybody was looking at me, they seemed really happy and some people even gave me a pat on the head.

After we left the car we started walking, it turns out the dealership is across this huge avenue and the only way to cross and get home is using a pedestrian bridge.

I absolutely hate those bridges; I'm terrified by the fact that you can see ahead through the steps, and to the sides. I hate them! I refuse to go near them!

Daddy tried to make me climb the bridge but I didn't want to. We tried two different bridges but they were all the same for me, I refused to do it. Somehow dad convinced me to go halfway up one of those but then I looked down and there was the street! full of cars and a train and OOH! I just froze up and refused to move.

Dad tried to convince me to go up the last half of the stairs but I was paralyzed with fear by then. I hung on for dear life, clawed the concrete, pulled daddy, everything to get off the bridge.

In the end, after a while dad decided it wasn't worth risking my getting an injury due to my pulling on the leash and collar so hard, and took me down the stairs. I was so happy when we touched the ground again. I was feeling bad because of the scare and the heat and all. So dad bought me a bottle of water, and had to call mom to come and rescue us in a borrowed car.

All in all it was a nice walk, but I really hope mom & dad understand that I don't like those bridges and never try to make me go across one again.

Later, woof!


My cousin is in jail!

April 3rd 2007 12:55 pm
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Hey everyone! this just in!

Tosca is my cousin; she belongs to my dad's uncle; so technically she also qualifies as my dad's cousin but hey, dog-human relativeness is very tricky! she's a smart and obedient black lab who lives with her owners in Los Angeles.

Anyway, while uncle was away on business, she went with aunt and this other dog they adopted (smallish chihuahua type I think) to San Diego. While aunt was running some errand, she left both dogs in the car with a window cracked open. This in itself is a bad thing to do but at least this time it wasn't so much the problem.

It turns out some guy tried to steal the car; he tried to open the window and while he was doing this, Tosca of course got very nervous and decided it was her job to defend the car. So she did what any dog would do: she bit the stranger right in the nose.

All hell broke loose and eventually after the incident Tosca got taken to the pound for biting a stranger. Even though she saved the car, herself and the other dog!

what's worse, the would-be burglar sued her family for his injuries. Only in America!

So poor Tosca spent 10 days in the pound waiting for uncle to come get her. Despite all her trouble I'm sure she would do the same thing again; that's us dogs, we'll do what we think is good for our humans no matter what the consequences to us! so there you have it,dog saves car from getting stolen, gets jail time and a lawsuit! woof!


Hot dogs

March 30th 2007 12:29 pm
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Heya'll! sorry for not writing for so long but I was in heat and so I had more important concerns. But it looks like it's over now so here I am!

So first, I'm really really afraid of the hallway between the stairs and mom's room. I feel like I'm gonna trip and fall into a nasty abyss! so I try to walk very carefully there. Last week I was terrified so I refused to go there, mom & dad had to buy a rubber mat so I don't slip, and now I'm much more confident when walking there. But I'm still very careful.

Mom & dad don't know what happened to me to make me so afraid. They think I slipped and hurt myself, but the truth is, they dont know and I ain't telling because I'm embarrassed :( a big dog like me is not supposed to be such a coward but hey, I got a heart too!

Today while mom was taking a shower I found a phone! it was nice and crunchy and it beeped when I bit it, so I gnawed at it for a while, but then mom caught me and yelled at me :( it's not my fault the phone is made of such brittle plastic! nothing like the iPod I once ate, now *that* was hard!

Also, two weeks ago, I was running along dad and I moved in front of him, the big dork tripped on me and fell, then yelled a bit at me but he seemed hurt. From such a small fall! eventually he went to see a doctor (which is like a vet but for humans) and it turns out he broke his finger! humans are a bit wimpy! and now they say they're going to call me the bonebreaker! like it was my fault! hah :P

be seeing ya'll!


My new friend (we rescued a dog!)

February 7th 2007 6:00 pm
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This last monday was a federal holiday where we live. What that means is that we got to go running in the mountains two days in a row. Woo-hoo! Anyway, the first day, as we set to start running, a friendly dog approached us. It was a yellow lab, looking pretty dirty, skinny and with no collar or id, meaning he was very comfortable.

Of course I started playing with him and I play rough, but he was all for it, wanted to play and didn't back away; I had a lot of fun. As we prepared to start our run, this dog wanted to come with us. Nobody seemed to come after him or call him, so we started and he came with us. It was a nice run and he tagged along the whole way, up the mountain and down again.

All the way mom & dad were saying about this dog, that he was abandoned, and what were we going to do with him since he had "adopted" us and so on. When we came back to the car, we shared our biscuits with him and as we got ready to leave, he started following our car.

So mom & dad decided to take him with us! whee! they asked around and it turns out he'd been lost at the mountain cabins for about a month, eating whatever the caretakers gave him and so on. So he was really abandoned!

So mom & dad took care of him, gave him food and let him sleep in our house. On monday, since a holiday and there were no vets, we went to the forest again, taking the lab with us. He stayed glued to us the entire time, through a nice run in freezing-cold weather with haze and drizzle. It was really fun but tiring because he has a lot of stamina!

The doggie got a bath, dad took him to the vet for a checkup and some shots (they say it hurts but I had some too and it doesn't feel like anything!). And mom says he's already going to go live with a friend of hers. Meanwhile the dog stays at our house and I get to play with him, and I'm SO tired because he's tireless but then again so am I, so when we're both tired we just take a nap.

So all in all, I've been quite happy because I have a new friend, one that's not scared by my size and really enjoys playing with me. And I know I'm gonna miss him when he's gone, but all the same I'm glad mom & dad rescued him from being all alone in the mountains and found him a nice house with people for him to live in. :)


I'm always on a leash!

January 31st 2007 12:45 pm
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This is so not fair!
Lately when I'm walking with mom & dad on the park they put me on a leash all the time. When I was little I could run at my very leisure but it seems that young ladies such as myself are not allowed to!
Thing is, Bela can be without one, and is sooo not fair! She can go sniffing everywhere, she can go after cats and squirrels and doves, she can go see what's outside the rubbish bins...
But then again she is so old and respectful of mom's orders, she always comes to her when yelled at jajaja! Well maybe the size matters too! She's so tiny she can't get her nose on the tables not even standing on her hind legs! And everyone just pats her head when she's close by. Not such luck for me! Just the other day a couple chatting inside their car put the locks on and rolled their windows up when i got too close to them.... I just wanted a sniff!
Well for the time being there's not much I can do, I'm such a renegade that I'll wait for a couple of years to really pay attention to all of mom's and dad's yelling jajaja


dogs & horses

January 22nd 2007 6:13 pm
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I've always liked horses. Whenever I see one, I try to get close and sniff it. What is it that attracts me to them? Mom & dad (and most people actually) say I look like a little horse so that could be it. They're just nice and look friendly even though they're so big! mom & dad usually get mad at me when I go near horses, they fear I might get kicked by one, but I know better! duh! I just have to jump out of danger if a horsey threatens to kick me!

Yesterday we went for a run on the forest, it was really nice altough I was very tired. Near the end of the run there was this horse with some doggie friends walking right next to it! see? dogs & horses are meant to go together! so I tried to get close to them when, to my surprise, the dogs went right after me, barking and growling and snapping. I was very scared and tried to jump off to the side but one of the nasty doggies managed to nick me on the side with his teeth. So I ran to mom & dad who were worried and looked me over but it seems I'm ok, it was just a scratch and it didn't even pierce my skin.

Later they were saying how I have a lot of agility and how that helped me escape a nasty bite. I don't know; I still want to be friends with a horse, but I'm thinking I'll wait for one without a doggie escort.

Oh, and they took me for a manicure, I don't like it :(

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