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The race!

June 23rd 2008 8:46 am
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Hey all! yesterday I ran my first ever official road race and I´m still thrilled!

So, mom & dad learned about this dog & owner 5-k race, and ran to sign us up. Bela got paired with mom, I got paired with dad. Dad's a pretty slow runner so I wasn't entirely happy with that part, but hey, it sounded like fun!

We got to pick our race bibs on saturday, along with a vet check for us doggies. We came out OK, but there were SO many dogs! hundreds and hundreds of dogs, all races, all sizes and all kinds of owners. I was beside myself with glee, making friends everywhere, but Bela was a bit overwhelmed; I don't think she's ever seen so many dogs together.

On race sunday, we got up at the crack of dawn and headed down to the race course, which is in a very nice part of town. This time, all 2000+ runners and dogs were there for the race! We got to meet small and large dogs (some even larger than me). Mom & dad put numbers on their chests, as well as smaller ones for Bela and I, which were attached to our collars and leashes. I felt so sporty! Eventually we got all inside a corral and waited for the race to start.

Off we went! I was very happy and tried to go play with other dogs, and chase squirrels, and whatnot, but mom & dad were pretty focused on running. Bela was still a bit concerned about so many dogs and so she was trotting along cautiously.

After a while (about 2km dad says) I realized this was going to be quite a bit longer so I settled into an easy pace. Dad could barely keep up with me, he's so slow! Bela on the other side was having trouble keeping up with mom. Luckily we stayed together as a pack and eventually we started passing other couples who were already walking. I guess all our trail running paid off!

Eventually, though slower than Mom expected, and faster than Dad would have wanted, we got to the finish line, where a large crowd cheered and greeted us! I was really happy, so was Bela (who was glad to have finished, I guess she was a bit nervous) and mom & dad.

After that we got to the recovery area where we mingled and met a lot of other dogs who had raced or walked the course, and even a couple who got sick running and needed veterinary help. Luckily it appears there were few cases. It's odd because Bela and I did just fine and we barely trained for the race! but mom & dad say we're in really good shape nevertheless.

All in all it was an amazing day for us, we had loads of fun and we're already looking forward for the next dog race!

Oh and I got a shiny golden medal! only it's not tasty so I can't eat it. See ya'll!


Tummy and races!

June 16th 2008 4:23 pm
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Hey all! so it turns out I had to go to the hospital after all. My tummy had been hurting all week, I was in a bad mood already and I bit Aullido on saturday. He wanted to eat my food!

After a long sunday walk I started feeling terrible. I threw up and was feeling dizzy, didn't want to eat and was drooling from the nausea. I looked so bad, that mom & dad took me to the hospital. On the way there and while waiting for our turn (first come, first served on sundays), I threw up 4 times and had 5 bouts of diarrhea, some of them with blood, and the last few were completely liquid.

So in we went, and this very nice doctor massaged my tummy (felt awful, I was in a lot of pain) and declared I had a revolution going on in there. So a full-fledged intestinal infection. He gave a couple of shots (they kinda tickle) and gave mom & dad a huge prescription for 2 antibiotics and 2 stomach stabilizers. I started taking them that very day, and not a moment too late, because I started expelling gas and nasty, red liquid from my arse. After my intestines were completely empty I felt a bit better and was able to sleep all day and all night.

The next day dad called in sick (I'm the sick one you know) to dog sit. I started feeling better and at least I was hungry again! so I guess those medicines do work! in my case I think it was the TLC I got from mom & dad that made me better. So much better that they signed me up for a dog-and-owner race next week! whee! that's nice because right when I was getting better, Aullido got sick from the bite I gave him, and mom & dad have been TLC'ing him instead. Wah, I want my humans! still, I get to go run with them! so off to train for the race! see ya!


tummy aches!

June 3rd 2008 8:34 am
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Hey all! so i've had a pretty fun couple of weeks! 2 weekends ago mom ran a roadrace, and I got to go watch and cheer on her! though I was quite worried when she started running because I had to stay behind with dad. Maybe if he wasn't such a wuss and had trained for the 10-miler. His excuse is that I can't run that much because the pavement would hurt my paws. But I'd really like to try!

Then, last weekend we got to go trail running. I broke my old record and ran 18km! so there ya have it, I can perfectly run 10 miles or more. We got treated to some gorgeous views and more importantly a full day's worth of sleep afterwards.

However on monday I woke up with a bit of a tummy ache. I didn't want dad to notice because I was embarrassed but eventually he caught on the fact that I was having a start of diarrhea. So now mom & dad are worried and are talking about taking me to the hospital, I don't wanna because they'll give me a hard time about the bit of nasty food I ate and I'm not telling anyone about ;) hopefully I'll get better today and mom & dad will be more at ease.

So I'll just be eating my kibble! see ya all later!


Tallulah's famous quotes

April 4th 2008 1:58 pm
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Hey! I'm still a pup, let me sit on your lap.
Got milk?
(Before nibbling a wire and getting an electroshock) This smells good! And its hot too! Maybe has some pepper in it!
(After falling from bed while sleep turning) Hey where am I? Who am I?
Seriously, is that the highest you can hide stuff from me? Pleeeeeeeeas!
Hey you're on my pillow!
I'm cold, wanna sleep under the covers between Mom & Dad.


I got bit again!

March 12th 2008 12:42 pm
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Hey all! so dad & mom have been super busy lately, so they haven't had a chance to help me put a diary entry lately. But here I am! Just wanted to tell you about my latest and slightly nasty adventure.

So there we were, walking and minding our own business, when I spotted a few squirrels in a nearby tree. While approaching, there were three other dogs walking with their owner, an old lady. So I approached them in a friendly manner. However when they saw me they started barking and growling. I decided they didn't want to play or hunt squirrels with me so I turned around and went looking for mom & dad.

As it turns out the three rascals started chasing me! so I started running towards mom, who had Aullido on-leash (he's quite protective and was already jumping and growling!). These three dogs were on my tail and started gnashing and biting. They bit me in the arse! I was terrified and looking for help. Luckily dad came running and threw a bag at them; this was one of our mutt-mitts for picking up droppings and it was full. So the other dogs got startled and ran away, finally leaving me alone.

The dog's owner lady had the nerve to say "they're all barks and no bites"; mom & dad didn't say anything because at first they didn't notice I'd been wounded.

Afterwards mom & dad checked me to see if I was ok; I had two small puncture bites on my left hind quarter. It didn't hurt too much! but they still freaked out a bit and got very mad at the other lady. They decided to cut the walk short and head home, where they washed and disinfected my wounds. By then I'd forgotten about the event and was already happily chasing squirrels and playing with other dogs. I'm only sorry we didn't get to go to the fountain :( mom said my wound might get infected.

So here's a piece of advice: dog owners, if your dogs have any aggressive tendencies at all, be responsible and have them on-leash; it's also their life on the line, being smaller dogs I could have defended myself and seriously hurt them (luckily I'm too friendly for that!); or, had my owners been nastier, they would have let Aullido loose on the other dogs.

So there! and ow, I can't sit very well cuz my arse hurts! ;) see ya!


French poodle tied to a tree

February 26th 2008 8:02 am
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Hey all! so I was really furious last friday! we were out for a walk with dad when we spotted a furball tied to some bushes. So naturally Bela and I lunged at it; I wanted to see what it was and play with it, Bela wanted to bite it! Dad kept us at bay and it turns out it was a wee dog! a furry french poodle in a very sad condition.

Mom & dad took her home, fed her and gave her water, and showed it to Bela and I (not Aullido, who could have snapped the little one in two with a single bite). She was so dirty, her hair all grown and tangled, was hungry and thirsty and wanted to sleep.

So next day after some rest and food, the little one got taken to the vet, who gave her a clean bill of health (save for her teeth which, due to a bad diet, are in terrible conditions) and a bath and haircut. Now she's the cutest poodle on earth! so naturally it was easy to find her a home, and she's staying with mom's niece.

So why am I so angry? because I hate it when people do that to dogs! she was left there to die or I don't know what. Luckily we found and helped her. So here's to her former owner: na-nah, na-nah, your dog didn't die!! grr!



February 10th 2008 8:56 pm
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Howdy to all my friends! It's been almost a month and a half since my surgery, and a whole month since the vet removed my stitches. Mom & dad found special food for me, to help me regain weight and strength. And I certainly needed it! We've already gone trail-running 3 times this last month. We started slow with a shorter run, but built it up, and I've been able to do the entire route, with mom & dad taking things slower than usual. I still end up quite tired but I'm slowly improving. At least my muscles are almost normal again! We also went to grandpa's house with the big yard, I ran around like crazy, the way I love to. I also had a bath, for the first time in 6 weeks! I really missed it and I was so dirty and stinky! I'm glad to be back to my usual routine!

Now, dad says, I have to have my yearly shots this week. Eek! to be honest, I prefer shots to having my nails clipped. Call me crazy but those vaccine shots don't hurt all that much.

I'll tell you how that went in a couple of days! until then, see ya!


No stitches!

January 15th 2008 7:54 am
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Hey all! so, I'm very happy, and so are mom & dad; last friday the doctor said I was well enough to have my stitches removed. I was also cleared for running (a bit at a time) and leading a normal life. Mostly!

See, after all my misadventures I lost a lot of strength and stamina; so mom & dad were told to take things slow with me. That said, on friday we went for a 2-km run. I ended up really tired. So I indeed have to take things slow. But I want to run! so dad's been having a hell of a time trying to restrain me with the leash. Even so, I still get tired after pretty short walks. But my condition and strength are slowly improving. My appetite, on the other hand, is great now. But I discovered that, if I refuse to eat my dog kibble, mom & dad usually give me delicacies such as sausages, ham, and the ocasional slice of prosciutto :)

So I'm off to sleep a bit after my last walk. Woofs and licks, and be seeing you!


I'm doing better

January 8th 2008 5:18 pm
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Howdy all! so I'm doing a lot better! I had a vet appointment today, and the doctor finally cleared me to climb the stairs so I can sleep in my own bed (and sometimes, mom & dad's). Also, he gave me the OK to go for walks; though he warned dad to take it easy and start with short walks. I have to take it easy for the next 3 weeks.

Alas, my stitches are still there; the doctor thought it prudent to leave them for another three days so I have another appointment to get un-stitched on friday.

When we came home I was hungry so I gulped half a plate of food. Yum! I also got really tired so it's off to bed for me. Woof to all my friends!


Many thanks to all my friends!

January 5th 2008 12:22 pm
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Hi! so I was lucky enough to be picked as diary of the day right when I wrote about my adventures and misadventures with surgery.

It was nice to have my 15 minutes of fame; but luckier still to have received tons of support and encouraging words, from many friends, old and new. I love making new friends! the best thing about friends is that they're forever.

Mom & dad always say that dogster is the best community site they've seen; and I have to agree with them. Dogs and their owners are extremely friendly and supportive. Mom, dad and I send many thanks to all of you who read my diary, shared our stories and sent paw-mail and friendly requests. We'll be sure to keep in touch!

Thanks and woofs while I recover! love, Tallulah :P

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