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The infection!

February 12th 2010 8:44 am
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Hey all! sorry for not writing this past month! the rascal has officially been adopted, and he even has his own dogster page now! So as you can imagine he's kept us pretty busy. Mom & dad tell me I was worse than him when I was a puppy, but I don't believe it! luckily he gets tired pretty quickly so I also get to rest a bit.

Anyway, about 3 days ago I started feeling this urge to pee every 2 minutes. Dad looked at my pee (how can he? yuck!) and saw I was leaving a small drop of blood every time. So him and mom got very worried. Well, not THAT worried, because they scheduled a vet appointment for that evening. So off we went to the vet. Mathias came too, although it was only a walk for him. I'm the one who got the whole treatment!

The vet was quite thorough, they took some x-rays to rule out kidney and bladder stones, then an ultrasound to see if I had adherences, and finally a urine sample to check for any bacteria. How do they take the urine sample, you ask? did I have to pee in a cup? nope: they put me upside down, then stuck a syringe into my belly and all the way into my bladder, and took the sample from there. It sounds nasty, but it didn't hurt; I really was more frightened about being on the exam table. That thing is tiny and slippery!

I also had the same horrible experience on the X-ray table; only that time I kicked and squirmed, it took 3 people to hold me in place and I even moved the table a few inches to one side ;) Mom & dad kept saying what a bad dog I was, but deep down I know they were proud of my strength ;)

Anyway, now I'm on antibiotics so the infection is starting to recede. I'll be like new in a few days! So until then, be seeing ya!!! Kisses to my friends *lick*


Month-versaries and new friends

January 15th 2010 8:46 am
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Hey all! Hope you're doing OK this year!

We're still thinking about Bela and Aullido, and numbers certainly don't help. As a doggie I don't understand those cycles humans use, save for day/night; day is for playing, taking sunbaths and eating; night is for going out on a walk and then sleeping.

Anyway, mom & dad said today marks one month and one day since Aullido died; also, two months since Bela died. So the mood was a bit gloomy yesterday and might be so today.

Me, I was a bit sad, but lately there's been something keeping me busy! Mom & dad rescued a puppy from the streets a few days ago. He was tied to a tree, so we took him in. He's under 3 months old but is already quite large; mom says he's probably a giant breed and will grow almost as big as myself.

The little rascal is quite a handful, playful and full of energy. I try my best to keep up, since I love to play too, but sometimes I'm just too tired. I'm a mature dog now! Still, he's quite happy with us, and though it's hard raising a puppy, mom & dad (and myself) are not about to abandon this little one.

We're still unsure about whether to keep him. Tragedy is still too close for us to wholeheartedly embrace this puppy. Only time will tell. For now I'm off to see what the little dude is yapping about. See ya soon!


It's cold

January 8th 2010 8:30 am
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Hey all! My first entry this year is about the cold! it turns out, the cold spell that's hitting most everywhere is also hitting hard here in Mexico! it's really cold and also rainy, which is unusual this time of year.

So, I prefer to cuddle under the blankets and sleep late. However, mom & dad have started taking me out for walks in the morning too. Of course, I prefer a good, brisk walk! I'm not such a lazy dog!

Still, after mom & dad leave, I have to stay outside. So, since it's cold, they leave me with my doggie sweater on. I don't like it! I've tried ripping it to shreds to get it off but I can't. So well, here I am, at least I'm not cold!

Greetings to all my friends! Be seeing ya!


In remembrance of Bela and Aullido - Happy New Year

December 31st 2009 9:49 am
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Hey all,

A few days before Christmas, mom & dad got the car ready for a trip to the mountains, where we as a pack enjoy going for a run (with dad, who's a bit lazy, on his mountain bike). It's usually a happy event, but this time the mood was a bit gloomy, as our family has grown smaller. I soon realized why mom & dad were nostalgic: neatly packed in dad's backpack were Bela's and Aullido's remains, and the point of this trip was to scatter their ashes in a valley we like very much.

This valley is high up in the mountains; so once we got off the car and started running, I knew we were in for the long haul. I decided to honor the occasion by putting in practice what I learned: the easy trot I learned from Bela, with which she could run for hours without getting tired; and the protectiveness I got from Aullido, whose job was always to guard the pack.

It was a grueling climb, for all of us. Had it not been for the special mission we had, we probably would have stopped much sooner. But the memories of our loved pack members, the ones who are no longer with us, kept us going, and we finally arrived at the valley after about 2 hours of arduous climbing. Mom says all the energy and effort it took us to get there is like an offering to the memory of our beloved ones.

The small valley, surrounded by pine trees, was beautiful this winter morning. Though a cold breeze was blowing, the sun was shining through some thin clouds. The silence was almost complete. Down the path, bordering the valley, quite far from us, a few mountain cyclists were going by. Other than them, we were alone in the valley.

Mom & dad said a few words about Aullido and Bela, while I watched. Then they scattered the ashes. After a few moments of silence we gathered our stuff and left the place. The way down was easier but undertaken in silence and remembrance of our two family members.

Although it was mainly a symbolic ceremony, it did feel like we were setting their spirits free. We all know dogs go to heaven; but heaven is inside us, in our hearts and minds, where we keep and cherish their memories, and all we learned and got from them. They made our lives richer, more purposeful, and a whole lot more fun. For that we will be forever thankful, and we will keep them close to our hearts, taking them wherever fate might direct our steps. Happy New Year, Bela and Aullido, wherever you may be.

To all our friends here at Dogster, we wish you a great New Year, one filled with success and happiness. Greetings and Happy New Year!


Our family: struck by tragedy again :(

December 15th 2009 9:40 am
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Hey dear friends.

Last time I posted I was sad time for my family, after Bela's death. This time we're truly devastated; less than a month after Bela, Aullido, the Bouvier mom & dad adopted over 2 years ago, passed away from an intestinal obstruction that complicated rapidly. He went into shock while dad was visiting him and didn't wake up from anesthesia after emergency surgery. Although he hated the hospital (we all do), dad was with him in those final, difficult moments; at least he didn't have to die alone, among strangers.

I'm at a losss as to what to do. Mom & dad loved him a lot, they are so sad and my face licks don't seem to help as much as before. I myself am only adjusting to Bela's absence when I find myself being the pack's only dog. I'm sad too; Aullido protected and took care of us, and I wonder if I'm up to the task.

We will eventually adjust to how our pack is now. However, the losses of both Bela and Aullido, so close to each other, have been terrible blows to my family. I've never seen mom & dad this sad. I guess as a doggie my job is to comfort them and be there for them.

I can only hope to last as much as possible, in order not to make my humans sad once I'm gone; I know at least that Aullido and Bela are together (he always liked herding Bela, who looked like a little cow to him); and I know that eventually, many years from now, we will all be together as a family for our final journey, wherever it may take us.

My friends, thanks for your support, we will keep you posted.


Bela, my dear friend!

November 15th 2009 4:53 pm
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Hey all! I'm a bit sad, let me tell you why.

My paw is almost completely healed, so I can run and jump again. However, the past couple of days we'd been going to the park with Bela, who had been really sick, mom & dad wanted to see if going out helped her a bit. So I guess what I'd wished for, to go for a walk with her again, did come true.

However, today (Sunday the 15th) Bela died :( and I'm so sad :( of course, so are mom & dad. Aullido is playing tough but I know he's a bit sad too.

I'm really sad because Bela had been with me since I got here. I remember when I came home, a scared little 2-month-old puppy, and she let me curl up next to her. The first few months we slept together. Eventually I grew too big and dominant and I even fought with Bela a few times. But I always cared for her and worried about her.

Now she's gone. Where do doggies go when they die? I don't know, but when my time comes, I'll be happy to know Bela is there waiting for me.

See you all soon!


Through and through

November 8th 2009 5:14 pm
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Hey! I haven't posted in a LONG time! but here I am, as usual, with news about my latest injury.

See, mom & dad have been really busy with Bela and Aullido who have been sick. Aullido had a tough month and got a tumor removed, then had emergency surgery for a bladder stone, but is doing much better.

Bela, however, is not doing so well; due to her age, she has heart, kidney and intestine problems, and they compounded to give her a nasty pancreatitis. She had to have surgery (extremely risky but she survived). But now she has tubes going into her and I'm worried that she's going to die. Since I'm just a doggie I don't know what I can do, Bela has been with me since I arrived here almost 4 years ago.

Anyway, the other day dad was walking us in the park when I felt a stinging pain in my hind paw. I immediately lifted it and kept walking! can't act like a sissy while Bela is fighting for her life! I said nothing about the incident.

Turns out I stabbed my paw with a nasty thorn (I didn't know palm tree leaves had thorns). It was HUGE, and went into my foot and out the top. When I lifted my paw the thorn came out clean, but I had a nasty, dirty wound. It didn't really hurt too much so I stayed like that for a couple of days, until dad noticed I was limping (it started hurting when it swelled, and it did look like a huge balloon, about 4 times its normal size).

He said a couple of dirty words and then took me to the vet, where they cleaned and drained my wound, on both sides (top & bottom) of my hind paw. Now I have a nice sock-like bandage but the doctor still won't let me run and jump! and I have to wear the dreaded CONE when mom & dad are not around.

Life's not fair; but at least I'll be able to run and jump again in a few days. Let's hope Bela gets better and goes for a walk with us too.

See ya soon!


Bela is back!

March 4th 2009 11:24 am
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Hey all! so Bela spent a whole day at the vet and when she came home she was FURIOUS. But she was also tired so she just went to bed and slept until the next day. She has a funny bandage around her head! Mom & dad yelled at me a lot to keep me away from Bela, but I just wanted to make sure she's OK! Anyway, she got out of her operation just fine and is now resting comfortably at home. Aullido and I are so glad she's back! and so are mom & dad. Hopefully Bela will tell how it went once she's feeling better!

Woof and see ya!


Bela and surgery!

March 2nd 2009 7:36 am
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Hey all! I'm pretty worried today! Mom & dad were checking Bela because her right ear looked funny. They found she has a hematoma (blood pocket). Now, Bela has had this problem before; long before I was even born, and she tells me it was very nasty, they put a tube in her left ear which had the problem once, but it didn't work and they ended up having to stitch it.

Now it's happened again and Bela had to go to the hospital to get her ear treated. She went yesterday to get checked and the doctor said she'd need to have the same procedure done. So today dad took her to the hospital very early. Mom & dad are worried because Bela is quite old and any surgical procedure done on her carries a risk. Luckily she has excellent doctors (they even saved my life once!) so we've got that part covered.

I worry a lot when Bela is not home. We spend most of our time together. So today while she's away, I'm keeping my paws crossed for her, and I hope all my pup pals do the same! I'll let you know when she's back, hopefully later today!

See ya!


The importance to have your nails trim & proper

January 26th 2009 12:35 pm
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Yesterday was grandpa's big day, he was turning 83, which in dog-years is like 14. He's so old! I'm 3 and already full of stories & wisdom!! Well... I don't know about wisdom but there's one thing I learned for sure yesterday, let me tell you 'bout it.

I hate having my nails trimmed, I just don't let dad do them, no-sir! and being a huge dog I just jump, roll, run and do whatever it takes to convince dad to let me be. I have to tell you, I'm so convincing that mom won't even think on helping dad.

But yesterday, as I was on Grandpa's big garden, running and jumping like crazy, having the time of my life, somehow a nail got stuck on something and it broke halfway, it bled an hurt like hell. At some point, once it had coagulated, dad noticed it and it guaranteed me a trip to the vet. You see dad is an extremist and was already imagining my whole paw was going to be cut off from future imaginary infection.

Of course, as all smart dogs, I hate going to the vet and as soon as we were at pet hospital my legs turned into jell-o, even Bela and Aullido which were IN the car waiting for us with mom, were so mortified for me. That place just has a nasty vibe. One never knows what the sneaky vets might come up with! I mean, yesterday, at one point I found myself pinned to the inspection table by the vet, an assistant and dad.
They cut off the broken nail and trimmed all the others. The vet says they were too long and that was why the accident happened.
After an hour there, $50 bucks lees from dad's wallet and an strange gauze cone on my nail we were on our way home.
The vet told dad that the gauze cone had to stay on my nail for at least the night... it lasted no more that 3 minutes :D!

Well the only thing to do now is to keep the nail as clean as possible and from now on I guess I better give dad a chance to get my nails done before something nasty happens again!
Woof, woof pals!

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