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Through and through

November 8th 2009 5:14 pm
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Hey! I haven't posted in a LONG time! but here I am, as usual, with news about my latest injury.

See, mom & dad have been really busy with Bela and Aullido who have been sick. Aullido had a tough month and got a tumor removed, then had emergency surgery for a bladder stone, but is doing much better.

Bela, however, is not doing so well; due to her age, she has heart, kidney and intestine problems, and they compounded to give her a nasty pancreatitis. She had to have surgery (extremely risky but she survived). But now she has tubes going into her and I'm worried that she's going to die. Since I'm just a doggie I don't know what I can do, Bela has been with me since I arrived here almost 4 years ago.

Anyway, the other day dad was walking us in the park when I felt a stinging pain in my hind paw. I immediately lifted it and kept walking! can't act like a sissy while Bela is fighting for her life! I said nothing about the incident.

Turns out I stabbed my paw with a nasty thorn (I didn't know palm tree leaves had thorns). It was HUGE, and went into my foot and out the top. When I lifted my paw the thorn came out clean, but I had a nasty, dirty wound. It didn't really hurt too much so I stayed like that for a couple of days, until dad noticed I was limping (it started hurting when it swelled, and it did look like a huge balloon, about 4 times its normal size).

He said a couple of dirty words and then took me to the vet, where they cleaned and drained my wound, on both sides (top & bottom) of my hind paw. Now I have a nice sock-like bandage but the doctor still won't let me run and jump! and I have to wear the dreaded CONE when mom & dad are not around.

Life's not fair; but at least I'll be able to run and jump again in a few days. Let's hope Bela gets better and goes for a walk with us too.

See ya soon!


Bela is back!

March 4th 2009 11:24 am
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Hey all! so Bela spent a whole day at the vet and when she came home she was FURIOUS. But she was also tired so she just went to bed and slept until the next day. She has a funny bandage around her head! Mom & dad yelled at me a lot to keep me away from Bela, but I just wanted to make sure she's OK! Anyway, she got out of her operation just fine and is now resting comfortably at home. Aullido and I are so glad she's back! and so are mom & dad. Hopefully Bela will tell how it went once she's feeling better!

Woof and see ya!


Bela and surgery!

March 2nd 2009 7:36 am
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Hey all! I'm pretty worried today! Mom & dad were checking Bela because her right ear looked funny. They found she has a hematoma (blood pocket). Now, Bela has had this problem before; long before I was even born, and she tells me it was very nasty, they put a tube in her left ear which had the problem once, but it didn't work and they ended up having to stitch it.

Now it's happened again and Bela had to go to the hospital to get her ear treated. She went yesterday to get checked and the doctor said she'd need to have the same procedure done. So today dad took her to the hospital very early. Mom & dad are worried because Bela is quite old and any surgical procedure done on her carries a risk. Luckily she has excellent doctors (they even saved my life once!) so we've got that part covered.

I worry a lot when Bela is not home. We spend most of our time together. So today while she's away, I'm keeping my paws crossed for her, and I hope all my pup pals do the same! I'll let you know when she's back, hopefully later today!

See ya!


The importance to have your nails trim & proper

January 26th 2009 12:35 pm
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Yesterday was grandpa's big day, he was turning 83, which in dog-years is like 14. He's so old! I'm 3 and already full of stories & wisdom!! Well... I don't know about wisdom but there's one thing I learned for sure yesterday, let me tell you 'bout it.

I hate having my nails trimmed, I just don't let dad do them, no-sir! and being a huge dog I just jump, roll, run and do whatever it takes to convince dad to let me be. I have to tell you, I'm so convincing that mom won't even think on helping dad.

But yesterday, as I was on Grandpa's big garden, running and jumping like crazy, having the time of my life, somehow a nail got stuck on something and it broke halfway, it bled an hurt like hell. At some point, once it had coagulated, dad noticed it and it guaranteed me a trip to the vet. You see dad is an extremist and was already imagining my whole paw was going to be cut off from future imaginary infection.

Of course, as all smart dogs, I hate going to the vet and as soon as we were at pet hospital my legs turned into jell-o, even Bela and Aullido which were IN the car waiting for us with mom, were so mortified for me. That place just has a nasty vibe. One never knows what the sneaky vets might come up with! I mean, yesterday, at one point I found myself pinned to the inspection table by the vet, an assistant and dad.
They cut off the broken nail and trimmed all the others. The vet says they were too long and that was why the accident happened.
After an hour there, $50 bucks lees from dad's wallet and an strange gauze cone on my nail we were on our way home.
The vet told dad that the gauze cone had to stay on my nail for at least the night... it lasted no more that 3 minutes :D!

Well the only thing to do now is to keep the nail as clean as possible and from now on I guess I better give dad a chance to get my nails done before something nasty happens again!
Woof, woof pals!


Happy 2009

January 1st 2009 12:32 pm
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Hey all! so I haven't been writing a lot these days because they were mostly uneventful. We had a nice christmas and we even had a piñata! I'd never seen one! but then the humans started beating on it with a stick and I got scared. What if I was next?

Anyway, it seems a lot of bloggers (us doggies included) only post when they have adventures to talk about, and most adventures involve some sort of distress or nasty situations.

For instance, exactly one year ago, I had complications from my spaying which landed me in a pet hospital for emergency surgery and my life hung by a thread for a few days. However I managed to pull through and now, one year later, it's just a horror story my humans like to tell, only to follow it with a diatribe about how they are still pro-spaying. Me, I don't mind, because I know they wouldn't let anything happen to me; so I trusted them and it all worked out fine.

So, as a new year extends ahead of us, I wish all my friends the best, a great year filled with success and happy-ending adventures, because even if they do start with some nastiness, as long as us doggies and our humans are together and strong, we will get through and everything will turn into happy memories, stories to tell years from now.

So once again, happy new year and might this one be the one where you (and us) tackle and conquer many projects, however difficult they might seem!



The cold!

November 20th 2008 8:31 am
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Hey all! so, here in Mexico weather is somewhat crazy. Just two weeks ago it was hot and us doggies would get tired from our walks. Now, however it's been pretty cold! so at night I cuddle in my bed with a blanket mom lets me use. But it's not warm enough! so I usually crawl into bed with mom & dad at about 2 AM and stay there. When they go to work I wish I could stay inside and under the warm blankets! but they don't let me! so out in the cold I have to stay.

It's not REALLY that cold, but my coat is shorter than Bela's or Aullido's, so that's why I'd rather stay under a cozy blanket. Aullido, you would think he's lucky, what with all that hair he has; he even sleeps on the cold floor most days! crazy dog! but guess what: Mexico is after all a tropical country, and this cold weather will only last for a few weeks. After that it's back to the usual blazing heat and I'll see Aullido panting away while I'm fresh as a lettuce! LOL!

see ya'll!


Birthday presents!

November 4th 2008 10:37 am
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Hello all! Sorry for not writing for so long but sometimes mom & dad don't let me use the computer, especially if my paws are dirty.

Anyway, I just had a birthday this past November 1st! I'm now 3 years old. Mom & dad say I'm still acting like a puppy, I bet they don't remember when I used to eat shoes and books; I don't like them all that much now.

Coincidentally, here in Mexico we celebrate the Day of the Dead on November 2nd; so as part of my birthday celebrations we went running in the forest, then mom & dad spent most of the day with us doggies, but we were really tired so we mostly slept; later that day many kids came trick or treating and I got to bark at them (I bet they think I had a great costume).

Mom put up an altar with offerings, like every year; she says it keeps the dead from bothering her, but it didn't keep us dogs from trying to eat all the food. I mean, it's there lying on a plate within tongue's reach! what did they expect us to do?

Anyway the best present for me was being with my family; here's looking forward to many more years with them. See ya'll!


The tick!

October 27th 2008 1:59 pm
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“Don't do good deeds that look bad” this lesson I learnt the bad way.
We were getting ready for our trip to grandpas house, me & Bela were sneaking on Mom while she was preparing our food for the day, I was just above Bela when I saw it!
Just on the lower part of Bela's right ear, the thickest tick ever, it was so huge that it made me mad, picking on ol'dear Bela, nasty tick!

I told Bela not to move, that I was going to take it off her, but she somehow misinterpreted and thought I was biting and cried and Dad came and dragged me off her, and Mama took Bela to the kitchen and sent Aullido to the back yard to safety as if I were a crazy hound! I was so freaked out by their reaction and of curse they scolded me like mad!

Well, aftermath says I did bit Bela, just a scratch but there was blood, and Dad decided it was best to take her to get a professional opinion from the vet. He said it was no big deal but antibiotics were prescribed along a daily cleaning. At least I got their attention 'cause while they were looking at the bite they discovered the nasty thick-tick and take it off her so mission accomplished. now we all will get some frontline as tick prevention treatment.

Afterward I was forgiven and allowed to get near Bela again, I tried to be a good dogie for the rest of the day... I hope they will eventually get I was just doing a good deed!

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The pool

October 3rd 2008 8:37 am
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Hey! I haven't been here for a while! here I am to tell you about a nice weekend we had about 3 weeks ago! it was a national holiday long weekend, so mom & dad packed us up in the car and drove away. We went to this place about 1:30 hours away, called Cocoyoc, where a great-aunt of us has a house. It's very different from grandpa's house; the place we went to was tropical, rainy-wet and with lots of plants.

So we arrived at our destination and whee, there was this huge yard with spongy grass! so we got to run around for a while.

There was also a pool, and mom & dad kept saying I should take a dip. So I went and it was blue and looked solid enough. So I probed the surface with my front paws. But it gave, because it was really some sort of plastic cover (why do they put covers on pools?), and I fell inside the pool! it's the second time it's happened to me. Still I was a bit scared so I surfaced and got out with a bit of help from dad.

However Aullido, who was watching the entire scene, also decided to see what was up with the pool and he fell inside as well! he's a bit smaller than I am so he had a tougher time getting out, but dad dragged him to a small staircase where he managed to get out. He's an OK swimmer anyway! but he came out looking all wet and skinny. Long haired dogs are so weird!

Later that day dad got in the pool, to show us it was OK. He would dive and disappear and I was worried. So eventually I decided to give it another try and jumped in. It was a bit cold! dad tried to hold me so I wouldn't sink, but hey, all dogs can swim (doggie-style!) so I was OK. However I didn't really like it, so I tried to swim to the edge of the pool. Dad was a bit mean and kept me near the center, but when he realized I wasn't having any fun, he helped me get out of the pool.

So there, I can say I have tried it and I don't really like deep water. Deep enough to touch my belly is just fine, thank you!


My tummy again!

July 29th 2008 11:48 am
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Hey all! I haven't written in a while because we were remodeling part of the house and I was in no mood to be at the computer. But it's all done now! however I haven't been feeling so well, I started having tummy aches again. It was so bad that I couldn't sleep last night; I also kept mom & dad up most of the night. But I couldn't help it! it hurt so I groaned and kept shifting to find a comfortable sleeping position.

When morning came we had slept less than 3 hours, we were all groggy and bleary-eyed. Still, mom & dad decided I should go see the vet, so off we went. The vet always insists on putting me on the examination table (a feat given my 115 pounds), but other than that it was fine, he gave me some medicine, which I hate! but said that I would probably be fine. He did babble something about me not getting any more treats or greasy food, but I think he was joking! so I went home and I have to be on medicine for another week, and then have some tests done on my poop because the doctor is concerned that I'm having stomach trouble too often. Hey, let him be disemboweled like I was a few months ago and see how *HE* does! LOL! well see ya'll, back to catching up on my beauty sleep!

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