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Return to Sender...

September 11th 2008 10:39 pm
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I am so infuriated! I fostered a litter of orphan puppies about 2 years ago, and it turns out one of the owners has decided to put one of my former fosters down.

I spent a lot of time being angry about this. I randomly emailed the owner b/c she was the only one that had been great about sending me pix as dear Coco was growing up. They appeared to be Lab mixes during their youth, though its always a gamble what they'll evolve into as they get older.

The owner emailed me back, saying that animal control and he vet had determined her "TOO AGGRESSIVE" and that she had to be put down. This is after one human bite and one bite of the fellow dog, both of which seem food-related. I

tried sending her links to behaviorists, telling her NOT to depend on A/C and the vet to determine whether a dog is aggressive b/c they don't know anything about the behavioral side. Might I add that no blood panel was ever done by the vet? The vet gave the death sentence based purely on third party anecdotal evidence. The owner didn't even witness the 2 events, it was only based on her crazy mother's account. Is this woman retarded? Who relies on these 2 sources to determine whether a dog is aggressive?

When she ignored me, the rescue itself contacted her and even provided local referrals to behaviorists. Instead of following through with a FREE come to your home appointment w/a behaviorist, her mother decided to put the dog down. Then, we realized that SHE NO LONGER OWNS THE DOG! That would be fine if she had disclosed it, but it looks like it is her mother that is pulling the guillotine on Coco, not her. Her mother won't even let her help Coco unless she takes Coco to her own place, which I hear is not going to work for whatever reason. The dog lives in her mother's garage, never being exercised or disciplined.

Based on their irrational fear of Coco, and also the vet and A/C's baseless assessment, these MORONS decided that Coco was TOO aggressive, and TOO much of a liability.

It makes my blood boil just to think about it!!!

This is the 2nd to worst kind of owner out there-- the kind that disposes of furbies when its not convenient to work out any issues. The kind that throws away their pets when the going gets rough. She would not even accept a free behaviorist session, who would come straight to her door! If I threw out my dog or kitty every time we had an issue, I'd have hundreds of pets by now!

I cannot believe this woman. I found out today that she doesn't even have the dog in her possession, and its her mother that wants the dogs put down. She clearly has put no effort and money into dealing with this so- called problem!

In my desperation, I asked my husband whether we could take her in temporarily, and work on her aggression issues. The only knowledge I have about big dogs is through Cesar Milan's show, and I tend to give off a scaredy cat energy, but I'm determined to fight this, and help this poor dog. I will do my best to help her with her aggression, if she even has this issue.

I raised her from when she was a 3 week old orphan. I've offered to take her in, so I hope the owner doesn't say no at this point. She's scheduled to be put down tomorrow MORNING, and I at least need to give her a fighting chance-- at the very least, meet with a behaviorist who can properly diagnose her behavior, exercise her, etc.. Also, this problem has only been happening for a mere 3 weeks! And no prior incidents. Who knows how her mother's been treating this dog...

Anyways, she's going to be dropped off on Sunday. I was nice to the owner, lest she change her mind, and decide to put Coco down. After all, this is the easiest method, as she wouldn't have to make a trip down to my house. She even insisted that we sign a document showing transfer of ownership, so she and her family would no longer be liable.

So for now, it looks like we have to get a dog crate, a pinch collar, and a doggy back pack. We don't have (nor plan to) have any big dogs, so these will be out of pocket expenses, on top of any additional training she's going to need...


My Home...My Madhouse!

May 23rd 2008 12:40 am
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Ever since Bella & Milo have been here, it's been a mad house! My home has been turned upside down by that darn Bella. I take my job as Sheriff of the K's home very seriously, but Bella doesn't. Even when Mum tries to shoosh me, I'll keep going- I've got a family to protect! But Bella will listen to Mum, and stop immediately. @_@ In any event, Mom hasn't been giving me as much attention as she did Bella. I'm not really miffed by it, b/c she's not my favorite anyway. My favorite human beans are Dad and Grammpa- they stuff me with treats when nobody's looking, that's why I' ve got a big ol' belly (though they both deny it). Mom doesn't give me any treats (rarely, if ever), as she's worried about my weight gain.

Since I've been living with Gramma and Grampa, especially after Sapphire passed away, I've been fatter than ever. Even Gramma is worried that I'm overweight- the vet said I had to lose 30 percent of my bodyweight. Mom has put me on a diet, but she can't keep up with Dad's random treat giving. Once she has me in the new house as many weeks at a time as possible, she'll make sure my diet is working.

I don't even eat that much, I eat maybe a 1/4 portion of what Bella eats, but then again, she burns off all her energy jumping, running, kissing, so uncouth I tell you! She's also a real PRINCESS so her big ol' hiny won't let me kiss Mumsie like I used to when Bella wasn't around. Mom promises she'll try to treat us more equally- its just that spending quality time with me is difficult when Bella is constantly in the way. It also doesn't help that Bella demands attention, whereas I don't. Mom wants to make sure I am happy...

Gramma worries that Bella has taken the seat of first chair in the dog world. How impudent that is, right? Well, I try to keep up with her, but I'm 4 yrs older, my legs are much shorter, I'm fatter, more low energy, and I can't run half as fast as she does. Mom always says she's got the legs of a Greyhound, and the neverending spitfire, energy, and stamina of a Jack Russell Terrier. I'm more of a lap dog- I like walks, but I don't like wet water, don't really like the beach, and prefer to be held, rather than walked. It's cuz Mommy raised me like her little prince, and deep down inside, she still thinks of me as her little prince. The one, the only, the original:)

I was also the one that picked Daddy for me. Mom's always had such excessively high standards when it comes to men, but when she brought Dad over to me as a potential, I knew he was the One right then and there. I didn't once bark or try to bite him like I do with other ppl. He was the One for me, AND for Mom. I knew he was a sucker for my puppy eyes when he tried to hold me the first time we met. There was no fear, just surprise and happiness in his eyes when they locked with mine:) hehe

Last night, I slept with Daddy. Dad spooned me so we slept on the same side of the bed facing the same direction. It was so cute, Mom tried to take a pic of it but it came out too fuzzy. I like sleeping on dad's side, i don't sleep on Mom's side anymore unless she asks me to sit with her.

I mostly ignore Milo, but I get jealous when Bella playfights with him, and not me. I also worry that Ruby might be hurting Milo, and try to snap at Ruby if she gets too rough with Bella. She is my younger sister after all. she's a pretty good deputy, though she's prone to flightiness and tantrums (she's got a real stubborn streak, just like Mom. I don't- just like Dad). hehehe

Mom says she's going to bring me to our new house once things die down. I am originally her dog, but especially since Sapphire passed away, they REFUSE to let Mom take me. Ever. So she'll have to pull teeth to get me away from them, but its better for my health b/c Gramma is too tired at the end of the day to feed me my special diet with extra cod liver oil for my coat and Angel Eyes for my tear stains. Mom believes its very important, but it won't get done if I'm at Gramma's house all the time.
I guess its a good thing though- i'll have two homes to protect. My work doubles, but so does my territory! hehehe

Mom and Dad have been taking me for walks lately in the neighborhood. Mom doesn't really like it b/c me and Bella get way too hyper, and then jump all over her so she can't get the leashes and harness on (Bella has to wear a harness otherwise she'll escape). But she still tries t do this as daily as possible, esp. b/c I NEED the exercise. I'm too fat for my own good, I don' twant to end up dead before I hit 10! Mom gets worried whenever she sees people or dogs-- I bark at them out of fear, but it looks like aggression. I can't have anyone get too close to me, I just don't like strangers, what can I say? Bella doesn't seem to mind, though...she's fine with new people. But its ok, Mom blames herself b/c she was a very busy law student when she was raising me. She didn't have time to go out at all, not even to eat. She always ate food her Mom prepared for her the weekend prior or take out, and thens tayed in all day...STUDYING. I studied with her, but I forced her to take play breaks with me. Those were some good times, Mommy still remembers how sweet of a puppy I was to her all that time. Such an angel...It was her fault I was not properly socialized, so she blames herself for not getting me out more. Oh well, that's just the way it will be...

I love my family though! I protect them as well as I can, and won't let anyone hurt Bella. She's my new sister now, and erstwhile deputy police officer too. hehe


Donde estas M & Mom?

October 16th 2007 10:02 am
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Mom and Dad came down 2 weeks ago for a weekend trip. Boy, was I glad to see Mom (she was here a few days earlier than Dad)! I spun my tail around and jumped for joy that Mom started sneezing profusedly. hehe She's allergic to me more than ever, but she loves me to bits anyways and enjoys burying her face in my thick, luxurious fur:)

Mom and I had fun going on walks, spending time together "getting the shoogie" (codeword: for other dogs), and playing fetch & "kill the stuffed animal" at 2 AM (my peak play time). I'm so starved for a playtime friend, I try to make up for it when she's here.

Also, I protect the house with my barking, but Mom's been trying this weird "shooot" noise on me. It sounds like the one that Cesar Milan uses on his show. In any event, it startles me into stopping my barking. Only problem for Mom is that Gramma refuses to rein me in. She lets me do whatever I want, spoiled grandchild that I am...heehee

I even got yummy galbi bones to bite and chew b/c they made a feast for Auntie T. She's tough on the outside, real soft & dewy on the inside:) Anyways, she gives me extra galbi bones when nobody's looking. Also, Uncle R also came over- he'd been in the Korean Marines for nearly 3 years, and finally finished his term there and came back to So Cal. The fambam has missed him, so it was a nice reunion. I didn't like him initially, because he's more of a cat person, but I like him now.

Mom also bought me some chewy sticks, called Pizzle sticks. I love these things, and though they gave some to Ruby, she just doesn't like them! These are Godiva in the dog culinary world, and yet, Ruby just likes the simple things- her food & water. She rarely even eats biscuits or any treats for that matter, just galbi bones (Mom thinks its cuz Ruby was abused as a puppy, and never got access to yummy treats). Its cool though, cuz she gives her leftover cookies to me (more for me)! Yay! hehe

The funniest night was when Grampa and Mom took me for a walk together. Mom had Ruby in hand, but b/c she's not walked regularly, she got a little frantic and escaped from her collar. She would not return when called, and she nearly got run over by a taxi cab. She even stood smack in the middle of the street and wouldn't move out of the cab's way like a stubborn mule. Anyways, she had fun sniffing the neighborhood's bushes, and investigating new homes before Mom and Grampa were able to catch her. Mom was really exasperated with Ruby, and vowed not to walk the both of us again at the same time.

Mom plans to take Ruby to her house (along with me) when they come back to So Cal and buy a house. They're planning on getting us a large yard, and Ruby will finally come to live with us indoors:) She'll have to be potty trained, but since Ruby already goes on the grass, it won't be much of a problem she thinks.

Mom's called to say she's coming back down to So Cal for another visit in about two weeks. I miss her, as I don't have anyone to play with. Grampa is cool, but he's so busy with work. The highlight of my day is going on 30 minute walks with Grampa, or else I'd be bored to death. Now that Sapphire is no longer with us, I have nobody to bug. Ruby is already imperturbable, so she's not much fun either.

Mom also said she's bringing my new sister, Bella. I didn't like that feisty ball of fur the last time she was here, but Mom has reassured me that she has calmed down quite a bit. She was just a puppy then (though Mom always raves about what a great, sweet puppy I was), but you just can't beat that terrier blood. Oh well, I hope I get sufficient time to hang out with my FAVORITE person in the whole wide world-- MC! Mom gets jealous b/c I love him more, but she doesn't mind-- at least its her fiance (and not a stranger). hehe I will sleep on his side of the bed, curled up right next to his head, but I refuse to do the same with Mom. Mom always gives me too many kisses, hugs me randomly, and pets my soft fur even when I'm half asleep. Dad never does that to me, AND takes me on lots of walks AND gives me treats. He gives me my space, basically. Mom, on the other hand, is more expressive, so loves to squeeze me and kiss me and hug me. ICK!


Farewell Sapphire...

July 12th 2007 11:48 am
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Mum got the frightening call she's been dreading...

15 year old Sapphire, the family's toy poodle was unable to eat for the last day or so. She also couldn't drink water, and last night, started coughing up blood. She was wandering the room all night, suddenly blind...

First off, Sapphire has congestive heart failure, and was on medication for that. She also was losing a lot of weight lately, and generally low energy. She also lost her hearing, most of her eyesight...

Since Mum lives in Northern Cali now, she told her parents to rush her to the vet. Our tried-and-true vet, who tends to "tell it like it is," instead of sugarcoating, told us the grim truth: Sapphire is in a lot of pain, has a new ulcer in her throat, and even with an IV and fluids, she will die within the next day or two...

Mum normally sleeps in, but she got that dreaded phone call this morning...Her Mum told her what had happened, and then Dad called to tell her what the vet had told him...

Mum is very sad...15 years of memories with our first and only toy poodle...She has brought so much joy into our lives, and though she was never housebroken and ruined 3 setse of carpet, my parents never once thought of abandoning her...Of course, she had her grumpy side, but I figured it was b/c she was old and tired, not because she wanted to be cantankerous...

Mum was just 15 years old when they first got Sapphy...It was the summer of eighth grade for her...and boy, she had never been so excited to have a new puppy! She and her sister used to fight about who could sleep next to her...She was the first pup to live indoors with them all the time. She was spoiled to bits, fed the healthiest food, and even her not-so-dog loving Mom fell in love with her, taking her in the car everywhere.

Sapphy was a very affectionate, fun, and outgoing dog. She loved all people and dogs, and had the most impeccable manners...She was the first dog we cherished with all our hearts...She's been with us through moving to our current home, through my high school, college, and post-graduate years...she was always there...a testament to our family's strength and love...

We will all miss her very much...



February 26th 2007 12:34 am
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Mum & Dad brought home four foster pups at a mere 4 wks old about 3 wks ago. They've been tired and bleary-eyed, as it is no easy feat raising 4 pups and administering various medications for conditions they may have contracted at the shelter. As part of an animal cruelty case, their Mum had to be euthanized, which greatly saddens M and D.

Anyways, I'm real hostile to most dogs, so they were worried I'd bite or hurt one of the pups. Little did they realize, that I don't hate pups at all! They scare me, and they try to chase me around the house. But other than that, they look and smell pretty harmless. I guess I've been nice to them as I know they can't do much damage! hehe

In any event, Mum and Dad have been taking care of the little girls and guy for almost a month now, 2 wks during which they had a bad case of the stomach flu:( I've been at my Grandpawrents' home, and I really like it there as I have the company of two other doggies- Ruby and Sapphire. I also get lotsa treats from Grandpa, and lotsa love from the both of them. M and D would love for me to stick around w/the fosters, but Grandmum and Granddad were adamant about refusing to give me up. They love when I get to stay at their house for whatever reason, as they adore me to bits! hehe

In any event, the fosters came by again tonight, and I spent the rest of the evening avoiding them for the most part. I don't hate them in any way, I'm just wary of the little guys and they seem kinda cute. Actually really cute, though one of them has actually outgrown me at 7 wks old! hehe

I'm looking forward to spending quality time with M and D at Dad's place in Irvine, but until then, I'm perfectly content having a backyard, ruling over 2 dogs, 2 turtles, and 2 doting Grandpawrents. I know Mom and Dad will miss the little guys a lot, as they're simply too cute for words. Mum especially likes their puppy smell and puppy kisses:) It brings her down memory lane to those days when she raised a pup or two as a child, and would nestle her face in the fur of a fresh new puppy!

Mum also has a blog abt her fostering experience: check it out!


Saturday is Fun Day!

November 18th 2006 5:37 pm
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Saturday is my favorite day. Mum comes up from OC to hang out with me all day while her bf is at school. We have lots of playtime, snuggletime, and fun time! She comes down Weds too, but it's short b/c she comes after work:(

We went rollerskating today, or rather, she went rollerskating, and took my sister Ruby and I on a looooong walk/jog around the ol' neighborhood. It was oodles of fun b/c with her new rollers, she can go really fast! It tires me out quick b/c I've gotten a little chubbs the last month (Mom's been keeping me at Grandpa and Grandma's until Calypso finds a home), so this is exactly what I needed! At one point, I could not walk anymore, so she picked me up and tucked me under her arm like a football while she and Ruby continued the jog! hehe Ruby's a sweetheart, and a big ol' pushover for me, but she gets really scurrred when she smells other dogs-- even ones across the street. Sometimes, she can be such a 'girl'. It's cool though, since Mum's been using Cesar Milan's "dog whisperer" techniques to keep us both in line. hehe

I'm so spoiled to the bone, but I let her know I'll always be a sweet, good-natured pup at heart:)

After our walk, she took me to Petco, as she had run out of doggie toothpaste. Although I loathe getting my teeth brushed, I'm a good boi and I never bite her:) She got me 2 of my favorite toys too-- the round furry balls with squeaky sounds~ The pipsqueak noises make me excited for some reason, and I love to play hide and go seek w/her! hehe It was fun riding in the little Petco cart, made just for little dogs like me. But I didn't like the bumpy ride, so I made my Mum pick me up. This grandmother marveled at my cuteness, and told me I had the purtiest round eyes. It's funny, I have my doggie Mum's eyes-- large, brown ones that are pools of chestnut- just like most Maltese. But I look more Pomeranian like my Dad, than anything. heehee I've definitely got the Pompom spunk and joie de vivre! At the lovely age of 4, I've still got the heart and soul of a puppy. Mum still calls me her puppy:)

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