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My day!

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Oh why....

February 5th 2010 8:13 am
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I am so tired of "crazies" attacking me on dogster and blaming me for their stress just to get attention. All I want is to be left alone. Oh how I wish HQ would do something about these people on here.

I take comfort knowing I have TRUE friends in FFC! I dont need the others that feed in on the attention seekers!


I'm so upset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 5th 2009 11:36 am
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Oh man.... I'm so upset... mom came home from work today and I was so happy to see her! We snuggled and played and gave kisses and hugs. Me and my brofurs barked and barked with joy.. then it was time for her to go back to work for a few hours and I wanted to go soooo bad! I begged and begged and grandma said "No madison Im sorry" as soon as she said that I gave mom the saddest look at water started dripping out of my eyes I started wimperin and mom felt so bad and grandma said "aww im sorry madison but well be back in a few hours" it upset mom to see me like that.. so grandma had to pick me up and take me in the next room. Now mom and me are both upset.. Mom says shes gonna get off work early tonight to be home with me. I love my mom, she loves me..

Just another way I've proven Im a FURKID!! not a dog.


Madison showing how dogs are just like kids!

May 14th 2009 10:05 pm
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Well its 12:48AM here right now. I'm writting this on my cell and I being Madison's mom as Madison is sound asleep in her bed.

Now no one can make me believe dogs aren't just like kids because tonight Madison was working with me. I own a pet sitting business and some clients ask that I stay the night. Well with Anna I usually have my mom (who co-owns our business) stay but tonight I thought Mads would like a sleep over with her friend Anna. Well they enjoyed themselves and this wasn't Madison's first slumber party. She stayed with my cousin when she was a couple months old when I was away from home and she couldn't stay home by herself. Well it gets time for bed and I turn the TV off and snuggle with her and close my eyes. Well I guess that's when it hit her that we weren't going home and she starts shaking like most dogs do in a storm but Mads isn't scared of storms unless they are really loud. Which we didn't have a storm.. Well for 45 mins she shakes and will not relax so what am I to do? Ignore her and make her sleep in a strange bed (couch) and reasure her there are no monsters in the house or take her home and if that doesn't calm her down I know she's ill. Well just like a Child that calls home in the middle of the night for their mom to pick them up from a sleep over i took her home as soon as we got in the car she was fine. Happy to be home but right to bed! She's tired.

Its funny to me. She was so freaked out I just couldn't make her stay. And as soon as she got in the car she was fine. JUST LIKE A KID!!!!


Tag YOUR it!

November 8th 2008 6:15 am
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I was Tagged by TOTO (in a pamil) and MISSY (in her diary) Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The rules are simple, just state 7 facts about yourself and then tag 7 pals to continue the fun. Make sure you let them know they've been tagged and to come and read your diary to copy the rules :)

My 7 facts :

1. When mom comes home from work or whereever, I blitz all through the house because Im so excited!

2. In the mornings, If mom opens my closet I know Im going somewhere so I get so excited!

3. I get to pick out what outfit im gonna wear too!

4. If i get to excited, i will tinkle on the floor just alittle bit though.

5. I love to play with paper towels! I take the whole roll (Its bigger then me!) and throw it across the room with my mouth!

6. I love coffee & hot coco. When mom's not looking I drink her drinks!

7. I have my own spot on the big bed with a down pillow and a princess dog bed, if someone gets in my zone I get really made and attack them.

The 7 pals i'm tagging are....

1 Charlie Blackburn
2 Molly
3 Wiggles
4 Marley
5 Bella C
6 SugarBear
7 Reggie White

Why you tagged these friends?

1 because he's one of my BEST friends!
2 because shes one of my best friends, too!
3 because she's a new friend and I think should would enjoy this game.
4 because she's one of my bestfriends' sister. She's part of my extended family!
5 because shes a great pal! and dating my brofur Rustin!
6 because he's REALLY handsome!
7 because he's been a friend for along time! One of my very first dogster friends when I joined dogster!


Wont be around much..

August 26th 2008 8:33 am
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Just wanted you guys to know I wont be around much due to moms new rescues.. They are going to be our new foster sibs it wont be long until they find a home but we have to wait until we get the ok from the vet so moms gonna be setting up a place for them to stay here at the house and they are terrifid so they have some social issues so moms gonna gain their trust right now they are fear bitters which is understandable.. anyway the time she isnt spending with us or at work we are usually on dogster but now that we have them moms gonna have to cut into someones time and she refuses to take our time so dogster time is whats gonna be shortend but not for long as they will find a home soon they are full bred 1 yorkie and 1 rat terrier... We will make a page for them once mom gets the chance..


A day in the life of MOM... on her day OFF! BOL!!

August 26th 2008 8:17 am
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Well today was moms day off... She only had 1 stop to make and she would be home with us all day! Well at 8am she got a call from one of her clients and her client was on her way to work in about an hour so mom need to go by there as it would be the only time mom could get paid. Well it had been storming the past three days and when mom pet sit for her client it was only for 1 day and she had noticed that their neighbor had two small dogs in a small pen outside.. It made mom upset because it had been raining and the two dogs were full breed one yorkie and one rat terrier.. Not that the breed matters.. anyway mom thought maybe it was because they had company and thats why the dogs were outside. So today she was talking with her client and she asked about the dogs... heres their story..

Moms client said: They had the dogs for about 2 years they never pay any attention to them they hardly remember to feed or give them water. They stayed out in the FREEZEing winter, the HOT summer, and the rain.

anyway long story short these dogs "got out" of their pen and mom picked them up called her vet and said "Make room we got two more coming in, The rat terrier has red mange(sP?) and the yorkie has an infection in his eyes. They have no meat on their bones they are nothing but fur, skin, & bones. Fleas eating them alive the yorkie would have died if he was in this condition for another week because the fleas were eating him alive, draining all his blood. Same for the rat terrier but hes a bit bigger then the yorkie." Their pen was covered in poop and grass and BUGS oh my gosh BUGS galore!!!!

anyway these puppers will be my new foster sibs and will be adopted out once they get the ok from the vet.


Adopt 08 Contest. *Thanks Gibbs!*

April 25th 2008 9:33 pm
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Hi everyone,

I dont usually write in my diary mainly because I dont know if anyone reads this but today I read the forum info for the adopt 08 contest and knew this was the perfect place to write about myself and how mom and I feel about adoption.

First I want to tell you how I was rescued and adopted. Im sure the story is in my bio on my page but honestly I dont know what it really says as to I wrote it when I first made my page and I think for this contest it should be something new and from the heart. Whoever the winner is going to be I want to say congrats to them and I want to thank all those in charge of this contest its a great oppertinity(sp?) to remember and celebrate the reasons for adoption and rescue. I was 4 weeks old when I first came to my mom who at the time was my foster mom. She knew from the moment she saw me in the crate on the way home in the car that I was her newest child. She always calls us her children because she blieves thats what adoptions all about. You dont adopt a dog or cat unless you want to take this responsablity on to take care of a child. Alot of people think that "Well a child would be to much to handle right now so lets get a dog" well if its to much for you to handle a human child what makes you think you can handle a dog child? We still need to be taken care of like a child only theres no laws that say we cant be left alone in a house by ourselfs. When left alone some of us get into trouble just like kids would. Thats something thats always made mom shake her head because everyone thinks dogs are much easier then kids. In a way yes because they arent as needy but we are just like kids. We understand alot, we are smart, we need love, we need to be fed, cared for, etc..

Its funny mom always says "I will not ever buy from a breeder or puppy mill." Because so many of us "unwanted dogs" need homes. Why suport someone that is the reason we are so unwanted? Adoption is the best way to go. When she first met me she had been wanting a full breed Bichon frise' but knew she would have to wait for one or more to come to the rescue group she was working for. The night before she found out about me she was considering contacting a breeder. But just keep telling her self "My child is out there waiting on me to rescue/adopt her...just wait" Then she got a call. She was asked if she could foster puppies. Mom usually didnt foster puppies but her friend sounded like she really needed moms help so without even knowing what we were she said "Sure. I can help with them. How many are in the litter and what kind of dogs are they?" Moms friend said "There are a total of 9 puppies...but 2 have already crossed the rainbow bridge due to starvation. I have a foster mom that said she would take 2 and I can take two but I need someone who can foster the other three. So of course mom said "I'll meet you half way to my house at the circle K gas station." mom then asked her friend again "What kind of dogs are these, just beautiful mutts?" her friend replied "Just little white furry dogs. They are going to be small I know that much." Well mom didnt know it at the time but her friend couldnt tell her the truth because she was at a vets office and the vet was supose to put us to sleep because a breeder of bichon's had boarded her two dogs up there as shes a traveling nurse and is out of town for months at a time. Anyway the two dogs (my dog parents) were there long enough to go into heat get pregnut give birth to us and then a month later (we turned 4 weeks old) the rescue group was called as to my dog mom turned mean and starved two of my litter mates to death, by not letting us eat. When mom got me my sister Maggie and my brofur Mickey we were almost dead too. Mom had stayed up with us for nights and nights untill we would eat on our own. The first day we stayed with mom she bathed us many times to get the "poop" out of our long hair. We had beed in our poop for weeks maybe even months and the vets office did nothing.. they were closed down due to animal abuse charges filed by my mom. She also had the vet and vet techs investigated and they each were fined (not sure how much) for abuse by letting us stay in condistions such as what we were in. but anyway... Thats just part of my story. Mom also worked with rescue groups to rehablitate "Unadoptable" dogs. She would get some that wanted to eat her face off and some that were to scared to look at her or even stand up. Each and every one of those she fostered are now in loving homes. She says all they needed was someone to show them they are children and not just another dog. My brofur Watson was the first one mom worked with. Hes got an amazing story.

Anyway I guess I ran my mouth enough...I hope I didnt bore anyone..Sometimes mom and I can get carried away with talking about her "Kids" Did you know she tucks us in every night? Watson my brofur has to be tucked in and kissed goodnight other wise he will pase the floor and not sleep. When mom stays the night out she calls grandma to remind her to tuck him and us in at 10pm Thats when we go to bed and mom sometimes stays up. Shes also thinking about writing a bed time book for puppies/dogs.. Silly I know but shes working on a childrens book and was taking care of some puppies and thought it would be a great thing if someone wrote a puppy night night book. After all, arent we kids too?? Check it out!

November 26th 2007 3:22 pm
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Wow moms getting her new site up!! Go to: and look at her designs! You can get any design you want on a dog tshirt/tank top/ hoodie or even on a person shirt! They make great christmas gifts birthday gifts or just becauses gifts or whatever else!! Feel free to give us feed back on what ya think of the site!!! & Dont forget to place an order!!


WoooooHoooo Bath NIGHT!!

November 26th 2007 3:21 pm
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YAY!! Grandma just said its BATH TIME!!!! Im so excited!! If it was up to me id get a bath EVERYNIGHT!!! It was raining today and we played outside so mom asked Grandma if she would bath me. Grandma said "Sure! The princess gotta be purtty!" hahaha Grandma knows me best!!

Welp gotta go get in the sink for my B~A~T~H

Love you all,


Starting a new Tagging game!

October 15th 2007 8:01 am
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(If i tagged you and you arent on this list then read the entry below)

Here are the rules of this dogster game of "tag" in case you've never gotten a chance to play. When you are tagged, you post some nice about each of the pups/cats you tag. Plus something nice about the pup/cat that tagged you!, compose a "new DIARY entry" along with the rules and put them in your own DIARY. Then you pick 10 pals (kitties or doggies) to tag but make sure you tell them... a simple p-mail will do fine, or a rosette to tell them, but you must let them know that they have been tagged. Post their names also in your DIARY.

Here are the 10 pups i tagged:

The pup/kit that tagged me is: Since im starting this theres no one that tagged me but this is where you put the name and something nice of the pup/cat that tagged you.

1. Junebug -Shes such a cutie especially in her Lady-Junebug outfit! Shes always super kind and is so wonderful!

2. Duncan -Hes such a great PDPC admin!! hes always there to talk to if ya need a friend and hes got one of the coolest moms in the world!!

3. Gibbon -Id have to say hes got a really cool mom too!! Hes there for me when i need him i can always run to him if i have a question! Hes such a great pal!!! & Great admin!!!

4. Mr. Duffy McDuff -Hes the best at coming up with cool new games to play in PDPC hes a great admin too! He makes amazing photos & is super nice to everyone!

5. Buttercup -Shes a great admin and is always around for a good talkin! She was one of my first friends on dogster! Shes super pawsome!

6. Harley -Hes my dogster boyfriend! Hes amazingly handsome and super sweet i couldnt live without him here on dogster!

7. Bear -Bear has always been super sweet to me, I think the world of him and his family! They are always there if ya need em! I knew we would be great friends the first time we met on dogster!

8. Cody -I just met Cody here on dogster and he seems to be one cool pup! Hes got a really cool mom too! Hes an awesome pup to talk to!

9. Demon -Shes super cool!! It started out that her angel sister Rhiannon was friends with my brother Walli then we started hangin out and we are really good pals!

10. Miss Afwe -Shes a GREAT phsycic!!! Any question you have she can answer! She truly is amazing!!!!!!!!

This is such a cool Dogster game! It sure does help one get to know their fellow dogster pals a little bit more. Tag...You're it!

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