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cant sleep

July 1st 2012 11:17 am
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miss you pups so very much. Crying myself to sleep each night, hating to wake up when i do get to sleep cause each night i dream of you both.


Queen- who wants to live forever

May 15th 2012 1:24 pm
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There's no time for us,
There's no place for us,
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us

Who wants to live forever,
Who wants to live forever?
There's no chance for us,
It's all decided for us,
This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us

Who wants to live forever,
Who dares to love forever,
Who dare who dare,
Who wants to live forever,
When love must die

So touch my tears with your lips,
Touch my world with your fingertips,
And we can have forever,
And we can have forever,
Forever is our today,
Who wants to live forever,
Who wants to live forever,
Forever is our today,
Who waits forever anyway?


rainbow bridge

January 11th 2012 10:47 am
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We lost our brigid today to cancer. Run free my love run free, no more pain. I love you


The tail of the freaky leash

November 17th 2009 6:44 pm
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So mom and dad use a retractable leash for us most times. She likes being able to let us go potty with more than 3 feet between her and the poo. Anyway, we were out for a walk on Gwdions birthday. Daddy had my leash, mom had his. WELL. Dad dropped the leash. If you have never had this happen, let me tell you...... those darn things not only chase you, they gain on you! So he drops it, and I go running. Here we are on a remote trail, and off I go, stripes a meer blur with a 6'2" man running after me trying to catch the leash. Mom is laughing Gwydion is trying to dodge me. Eventually mom catches her breath and grabs the leash as I am running past. It takes her a good 5 minutes to stop laughing, I didnt think it was funny


A tale of a BAD DOG

September 6th 2009 3:46 pm
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Well, I did it again. *sigh* I got myself into BIG trouble. This time, it was real bad trouble. I got all mad because I didn't want to share mom with Gwydion, and I went after him. Mom yelled and I jumped off him real fast, and I didn't hurt him. (She says its a good thing, cause Gwydion could take me down and hurt me if she let it go) She got really mad at me, and oh boy the things that went thru my mind when she came for me! *shocked expression* Its one of the few times I was thinking momma could really hurt me. I almost ran from her, and I got all whale eyed when she yelled at me. Now I am not letting her outta my sight.

I don't mean to be bad. I really don't.



August 6th 2009 7:31 am
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HE got diary of the day. No fair. Dumb brothers. I should be in the spotlight, ME! Always and furever MEEEEEEEE. *pants* OK I am done now.

Well, mom has gone off the deep end today. You see, for the first time in a long time, the heat is down enough for her to go on a cleaning binge. And boy is she. She's vacuuming and dusting and mopping and doing laundry and cooking up about 100 pounds of dog food for the freezer. (sounds like more than it actually is.) She is disturbing my beauty sleep. Humans aren't supposed to be this active this early. *snort*


Starvation and the stripy dog

August 2nd 2009 11:19 am
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Starvation, also known as the home cooked diet. *groans* My mom has switched us to entirely home cooked foods. We used to do both that and the high end kibble rotation, but she decided to go all the way. So here we sit, getting what she considers to be plenty of calories. But why am I always hungry? Tell me WHY?! And I am finally losing my thyroid weight, but is it going to go to far? Am I to waste away to nothing?! NOTHING left of the stripy dog?

May 19th 2009 6:22 pm
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OK, after much debate here is moms contest. You play on her site, on

OK guys, free loot! Yuppers, prize time. I think a simple photo contest for this first edition! On a whim, I think this one will be springtime bliss. I want pictures of your fur babies showing what spring means to you, and them. Whether it be flowers, gardens, hiking, camping, whatever it is to you.

Post a photo, make sure to message me to make sure I see it. You have until June 15th for this first contest.

1st prize will be a framed sketch of your dog.
2nd prize a beaded harness
3rd place gets a grab bag. (it could contain charms, toys, odds and ends, one never knows!)



May 14th 2009 6:28 pm
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OK, so first off, who's idea EXACTLY was this camping thing? Hmmmmm? I was to have a word with them! Can you say RAMADA? I can. First you load up all this stuff, and don't ask my permission. Then you dognap me, and drag me out to the woods. A forest is fine for a walking adventure, but then you go home. You DON'T stay there. What are these humans thinking? I mean really, a girl could get dirty out there.

Anyway, first they drag me out there. Then they tie me to a tree, and light a fire to smoke me out. I am not sure if they were trying to send me on some kinda vision quest like you see on tv, or what. It didn't work whatever they were going for. Then, as I am standing there, unable to even sit down because of the freezing cold MUD. As I stand there shuddering, I am surrounded by ninja chipmunks. The sneaky little monsters darting around, looking at me upside down from the tree I am tied to! The crept from the bushes, darting under the parked truck. They talked in this weird chirping noise, discussing the plan of attack! They plotted to steal my food! Have no fear, I kept them at bay, guarding the campgrounds well. Growling low did no good, but charging them over and over seemed to get the point across, though periodically branches came down on us.

Then these BIRDS came in. We are talking a flock of these dark blue blue jay things. They would swoop in in hopes mom left anything out to eat. (she knows better. Besides, if she had I would have been munching it myself!) I ran at them growling, they would circle around and come at me from behind. I pounced and pounced, and only when mom shooed them away did they stop coming after me. Those stupid birds never quite left the area though. They watched from above hoping for their chance!

This whole time, the fire is burning, but not giving off any heat unless you were close, and mom wouldn't let me be that close. The smoke was horrible, and it was bone chilling. The ground so cold we had to stand the entire time, even our coats only helped for so long.

Soon some people showed up with their little dog, and they had the gall to try to enter MY camp! HA. I showed them the error in their thinking. They never stepped paw in MY camp.

Over the night, I had to burrow under one sleeping bag, on top of another that held mom...... just to stay warm! What the heck?! Have they forgotten to turn on the heat in this place? Mud, ninjas, cold.... invaders and misery! Why would anyone do this on purpose? And that stupid brother of mine, even though he was just as unhappy as I am, he said nothing! He let ME be the bad dog. Stupid brothers!

I have never been so glad to be home. Next time mom starts packing the back packs,I swear I am hiding under the bed!


Define "bad"

March 31st 2009 10:40 am
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Mom is mad at me. She even yelled and said NO and BAD GIRL. Its not fair! Ok, here is what happened. See, mom has been working toward getting products made to sell in her dog based business. Gramma came over to help mom with some stuff, and she brought Brittany.

Now, I like Brit. I even make sure to slow the humans down to wait for her if she lags behind on a walk, and will pull a cart with her in it (she's a 15 year old border collie/whippet, and is beginning to have troubles from her age) But gramma brought her to my house for the whole day..... and when daddy got up from bed, let the old lady outside (leaving us in our kennels) and then mom came home from a supply run and let us all outside at the same time..... well I kinda got mad when mom reached down to fix Brits collar. I ..... Well I kinda...... Just a little..... OH alright, I pinned her and yelled at her. I mean, its MY MOM. Its my house, my mom, MY yard! And after hours of being nice, and all of us being locked in kennels for a couple hours, I had had enough! I needed to remind her who's boss. I didnt want to hurt her or anything, just scare her a bit.

Mom is not happy. She says I have to allow her to touch other dogs whether I want her to or not. Its not fair I tell you

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