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every day is BOXER day

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glub glub

January 3rd 2007 4:36 am
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Stupid rain. I just wanna go for a run. Do you relise how much standing water is in my bark park right now??! We came in last night, and tried to run... Tried is the right way to put it! Momma let us run like mad dogs for a while, then leashed Brigid so she would let Shelby and Petie play without jumping in the middle. (I swear that pup just has to be the center of attention! She HATES it when I run and play with other doggies especially. )

I tried to get momma to take us thru the woods off leash, but she said she's not in the mood to fight with anyone today..... Why would my momma get in a fight? She tells Brigid no no bad dog if she does it!

Bark at ya laters....



January 1st 2007 4:00 pm
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OK, so I got to go up to my friends cabin for the weekend! So much fun. Mom wouldnt let us go wandering though. Something about being worried that someone might get scared if we ran into there yard, since they dont know us and sometimes we get to running and leave the yard we were in. Cant help myself! But we had lots of fun anyway. I just wish my girl Ashley would have been able to make it. But with my aunite being sick, oh my. But I got to give auntie kisses when we got back. Well, ok only a few this time because I was so happy to see my Ashley.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell all my friends that I hope they all had wonderful new years. Hope all of you are safe, and I hope to see some of you at the bark



December 26th 2006 3:57 am
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Santa was listening! We got chewies... lots and lots of chewies!!! *bounce bounce* We got two that are bigger than us.... and cane rawhides, and bully sticks and pork chops hides and jsut too many to name! they are every where! And we got lots of balls and toys too!

thank you Santa.... but next year can I get that Chinchilla?



December 21st 2006 5:25 am
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That Brigid woke me up again. I keep telling her I am not a morning dog.... Gimmie till like 10, then I will be right with ya.... *yawn* But this 4 am stuff, yeah this sucks. Somebody give her a doggie downer so we can all go back to sleep!



December 20th 2006 4:25 am
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My girl Stella gave me toys!! And chewies too. WOOOF! I got squeaky balls and rattling & SQUEAKING TOYS!! WOOOHHOOOOOOOOOOO Even Brigid was being a good grrrl. Well good for her anyway!

But then last night at the bark park, I had to go home early because SHE was being a bad girl. I'm always a good boy! Why should I have to go home just because SHE cant behave?! Its not fair I tell ya!



December 15th 2006 4:15 am
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I miss my Rotti. Auntie met us for coffee last weekend, and I havent gotten to see her since then. I keep looking for her. Momma said that she'll be back next weekend, but I dont believe her. I want my ROTTI!

I went for a nice walk with my other steady girl, Stella last night. She's my chocolate luv..... But her butt smells funny and brings out the jump her bones instinct. Momma told me no no bad boy, and that she is not in heat (she's been spayed) But you sure could have fooled me. Momma says if I dont stop that then Stella wont want to play with me no more. Is that true? I wouldn't like that at all...


Kitty came home!!!!!!

December 10th 2006 3:47 pm
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Well, my favorite kitty came home!!! My Auntie hired a actual tracking doggie to come find him..... and all signals pointed toward someone picking him up... but he came walking in on his own one day! No idea if someone let him go back out or just what happened. But I am so happy that he is home that my nubby is going to fly off wagging so fast!

We went out and sat at Starbucks with my best girl and my puppy..... it was lots of fun! Haven't really gotten to play with Ashley much lately with all the holiday stuff thats been going on... .but got to give her kisses and let her know just how much we miss her! Daddy and Momma kept telling us we had to calm down, but it was just so good to see her! Good thing we had spent so long running at Grandma's place recently, or there would have been no calming us down!


oh NO

December 1st 2006 4:36 am
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My mommy told me something this morning. Something bad. I wanted to go play off leash in the dark with my lights on, and she wouldnt let me. I was mad at her and pouting until when we got back inside. Then she told me whats been going on. It seems my good friend Hutch has been stolen. I like hutch. He's a really BIG weim, with a dark grey coat, and he and I have been friends since we were little pups. Someone took him from his yard.

It gets worse. There is another doggie that I liked, though I didnt know as well. A shibu named Olive has also been taken. Both dogs are beautiful purebreds like me. And like me, love people. They dont know that they arent supposed to talk to strangers and take treats when they are offered.

And then she said while she was sharing bad news there was something else. My rottie gal Ashley has two kitties at her place ( I love kitties!) And one of her kitties has wandered away. My favorite kitty of the two is the rabid squirrel, JJ. (long story made short, when they first got him he ran up out of no where and used my jowels as a punching bag, and then ran off with his tail all poofed up. Then would come up and cuddle with momma while looking at me. I used to get so scared for her I would go into a panic cause I thought he would hurt her. We have since been the best of friends) My aunti has been all over putting up notices of a missing kitty, hoping someone maybe brought him inside trying to be helpful to a wandering kitty on a cold night and didnt know he was a cherished pet.

To anyone who might have my kitty, please please PLEASE bring my JJ home. We miss him!

To the people stealing doggies. DONT HURT MY FRIENDS. Bring them back to where you got them, cause its not jsut their kids and momma's who are crying!


pretty lights

November 28th 2006 5:01 am
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OK.... So Heffner was telling us about being able to get outta the car and go look at the fancy lights, and I just couldnt pass that up. So I told my momma all about how I wanted to go see. I promised to be a good doggie, and I was golden! Every time we stopped, I posed all stacked out in my little red fleece jacket. And the snow was just barely coming down in there.... so we had tiny flakes fallin thru the bright lights reflecting in our eyes. It was so much fun! That is until Brigid and Griffin started bickering. Over treats too. I dont get it, its not like you dont get another one if one gets taken by someone else! But once he got started, he just was not ready to stop. So I was not able to go see more than a couple doggies up close. Only when momma stood still way back with the trouble makers and let my leash extend out did i get to say hi.

Sheesh! Some doggies. Anyway, thanks to the Oregon Outdoors for telling every dog about the mile or so of lights to go see. Maybe next year momma can take the day off or get outta work early and take a whole pack of us! I know ..... IF Brittany cant make the walk next year I will have momma bring a cart and I will pull her around the track in comfort.... I like Brittany alot, even if she wont let me kiss her!



November 26th 2006 7:24 pm
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My best grrrl Ashley has been gone forever.... Every time momma takes me out for walks or the dog park, I start looking for my rotti. Its not fair. Momma keeps telling me she'll be home soon, and something about a vacation. I dont care what she says, this vacation thing is a BAD THING. Next person who says they are going away on vacation, I am grabbing their pant legs and not letting go!

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