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every day is BOXER day

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December 28th 2007 5:43 am
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Oh my goodness, diary of the day! *WOOF* Too cool. Ok, I wanna thank my momma for typing, my daddy for giving me cuddles all day yesterday...... Gramma for being gramma.....

Its been wonderful, mom has been off work for 3 days! 3!!! So we've gotten some major lovin' the last few days. She is making something in the crock pot right now for us as well! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

The snow flakes stopped falling. Man, I liked running through those! *sigh* well maybe we'll get real snow next month, since it barely stuck here this time. Either that, or mom will pack us up in the truck and take us up to the mountains where they have LOTS of snow. She got me a new coat to go up in, so its all good. Brigid got a new one too

Well, its REALLY early here, so I am going back to bed. Bark at you laters guys



December 26th 2007 9:01 am
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OK, best week in a long time. First, mom is giving us lots of home cooked and good canned foods to go with our kibbles..... Then mom gets her car back so she can take us places more..... Then Gramma comes over to visit with us, and she left presents!!! Then, mom gets up and gives us bacon for breakfast on Xmas.... Then she gives us GIANT peanut butter dipped rawhides, and 10 new toys....... Then its snows..... (this area has less than a 1% chance of getting a white Christmas, but we got it!) then we get rabbit for dinner..... then mom opens her mail, and finds out that we are being honored by having our pictures included in the 2008 Evangers foods calender!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO

Cant wait to see what happens today


Oh my DOG

December 3rd 2007 2:11 am
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Ok, who ordered 2 days of high winds???? I HATE WIND. Mom keeps shoving me out the door to get me to go potty, and I ain't going. I hide under the tree and panic till she lets me in! Yesterday I refused to poop all day because of it, and its still blowing!

On the plus side, mom got up at 1:30 in the morning to come let us in bed with her, cause when there is anything weird she wants to have us close to her. We were fine in our kennels, but its always nice to cuddle up to momma. *sighs contently*



November 15th 2007 7:22 pm
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Its my burf day! WOOF! I got a great big blue snuggly blanket for my kennel, and mom made me lots of wonderful food!!! YUM YUM.



October 24th 2007 4:29 pm
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OK, so I finally got mom to take us out today. She's not feeling that wonderful, but she took us anyway. (gotta luv a good momma) She took us to her work, and let us meet a couple of her co workers. Then, she took us to auntie Joyce's place, and we got her! We then went to petsmart, and I got to walk with auntie!!!! It was great stuff! Then we went to home depot, and mom put us both in the cart and we got LOTS of attention. Then we got to explore a new park! Its not a doggie park, and mom wouldn't let us off leash but its fun anyway!

We might not have gotten the running we wanted, but we got so much attention and adventure that it was all right!


mixed bag

October 4th 2007 3:38 pm
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Well, yesterday was good! Mom took me and Brigid to the vet for Brigid's vaccinations. We still go to our old vet 30 + miles away, so we got to go for a nice ride, and we got to visit with our vet! LOVE our vet! I got lots of kisses in, and he took the time to check me over as well, since I was giving him LOTS of kisses. *grins* He said my ticker is still fine, not a single skip or pause, no murmurs or anything. He gave her the shots, cleaned our ears for us... the whole thing! We got to spend like 40 minutes with him! WOOF! Plus mom let us go to one of our old favorite places and POOP. She insisted on picking it up, but at least I got to leave my scent!

Then this morning something happened next door. We don't know what, but the humans where screaming. Not yelling, screaming and sobbing. We had 6 cop cars, a fire truck, and an ambulance there before mom made us go upstairs and stop watching (since we were really upset over the screaming women) We don't know for sure, but it seemed like maybe somebody died. No one went in the ambulance, and we think a coroner might have shown after we took off..... as we left a detective showed up, and they interviewed like 10 people one a time right in front of our house! No one is there right now, I just hope they thought to take Igor (their pitty) with them!



September 24th 2007 5:07 am
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Moms got a new job, and I don't like it! She plays with sick animals a lot, so when she comes home, she wont even pet us until she showers!!!! What is that all about? She always used to greet us when she first came in before! It not fair I tell you!


Singing the blues

September 17th 2007 8:55 pm
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Well, the landlord finally showed up to hook up some stuff that was supposed to be hooked up before we moved..... and he is scared of us. Not just a little, a LOT. We sit nicely at a snap of mom's fingers, he's scared.... he comes over and mom puts us in our kennels, and as we lay quietly there, he puts up a warding hand like we are going to suddenly decide to eat him. Hmmmmmm. So now we have been in out kennels for about 4 hours, because he broke something and a bathroom floods every time he turns the water back on. Greaaaaat. So now we are watching him and a few guys he employs run back and forth trying to fix stuff. This sucks. I need to potty, and because I dont get to run free in the yard and in the house, I refuse to go. Wont do it unless everything is just right!



September 15th 2007 3:42 pm
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Well, mom went digging thru our old stuff.... She found our costume horde. So now she is trying to figure out what to dress us up as. I wanna do the jester! I looked really nice in the purple and black, it makes me look all manly! (and sets off my eyes nicely) She was considering another boxer outfit..... an adaption of the one from last year..... But I like doing something different every year. Any pup have an opinion? First year I had several different outfits, a different one for each event. Last year I did the boxer outfit (and won prizes with it too! Everyone was clapping for me! I LOVED that! Attention just for me! I got to walk.... ok well strut... out in front of everyone! It was great!) Mom says this year she might have to work and she was thinking that with her craft room still a mess we wont get new stuff made... so we have to use something bought. :(



September 8th 2007 8:32 pm
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OK, Brigid and I have decided.... She's going up and getting mom and dad up and dressed, while I make the coffee. We aren't taking any more excuses, we want our walks! Its always "daddy's busy while its cool enough to do stuff" "momma has to stay off her feet"... Excuses! I want walks, and I want them NOW! If I don't get outta this yard soon, I am going to chew her shoes or something! Especially since she left us ALL DAY yesterday when she was with gramma. I wanted to go too!

*debates on stuff we can get into*

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