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every day is BOXER day

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Bad dog?

May 1st 2008 9:00 am
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No way! Momma got mad at me... ME! The golden dog! How could she? See, we went and got Brigids stitches out..... and we went to this park that we know that nobody goes to. Daddy let us off leash.... well we flushed a duckie and chased him for a while and we ran and ran, and each time daddy whistled, we flipped him the paw! But in my defense, we haven't been leash in ages, Brigid has been in a "no play" zone for 2 weeks, and it was right after a nice rain! It was WONDERFUL.


not fair

April 20th 2008 7:28 am
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OK, so whats wrong with my girl dog? Mom dropped her off at the vets, and we had a great day running around playing and driving and going places..... but then when we get the puppy she is BROKEN. Brigid wont play with me, and mom tells us to stop if we even try! I want to play darn it. Not fair at all!



April 6th 2008 5:12 pm
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OK, so mom came home and tells me that I almost had a puppy in the house tonight. She was going ot foster a pitty pup for a month until she is old enough to be spayed...... but the other lady at the shelter took her home (or was going to as of when mom left) Man, I almost had a new friend to play with. Darn it.....

And she had just brought home MORE cats on Saturday. *sigh* She took her fosters in, but then one came back... mom says she's getting spayed Tuesday.... and now there is a new male in there too! AND mom wont let us in there to check them out, even if we can hear them all night. *sigh* its not fair I tell you. Mom said the new guy would scratch my nose though, so maybe its ok if they stay in there.....

Mom said that the other male got a hold put on him his first day back, so he might be going to his fr-ever home tonight. Thats pretty cool! *dances around the computer* Let's all keep out paws crossed pups



April 2nd 2008 11:09 pm
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Well, mom got us a new vet today. Brigid really likes him... I think he's alright too. We got pets and love while we were there..... and of course, A CAR RIDE. WOOHOOOO. Mom took us with her and daddy to go there, adn we got to go on this really windy road that goes thru orchards and grape vines and was just really pretty. PLUS, we got a couple of french fries when they stopped for lunch.... Oh, and we got to stop at a new park, look around, adn then went for a walk in minto brown park! WOOF! It was lots fo fun..... we walked along a river to this pond.... looked at some geese, wiggled for some kids.... it was wonderful. We even got to introduce these two older ladies to Boxers! The one had seen pictures of us, the other had no idea what kinda doggie we were. *tilts head* not sure how thats possible! But we did our best happy dog dance and wiggled nicely for pets. They were very happy to meet us.

Oh, and our new vet says that I am really soft! Kinda like velvet. BOL. Brigid didn't get those compliments. Ptttttttt. Oh, and no one tell her... but she's got her spay appointment. Well, she knows she has an appointment, but she doesn't know what it is yet. BOL. Nor does she understand that Momma and Daddy wont be there with her! If she knew that, she'd be really scared, so don't tell her. Right now she thinks its some great new thing just for her.



March 27th 2008 8:27 pm
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OK, I got to meet Kiona and her pack! *wags nubby* She is very pretty girl, and her boys seem pretty cool too! We got to walk around with them for a while in petsmart, just to get outta the house. It was lots of fun. And her mom and dad gave me lots of attention too! *dances*



March 27th 2008 5:28 pm
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Well, mom was itching to get outta the house today, and we went for a nice LONG walk and a pretty car ride! See, she took us to Minto Brown.... it has a dog park, but we didn't go to that part..... We went along the river. Mom says its weird to have construction crews and convicts all line up to compliment dogs, but we get it all the time. BOL. So here we are walking along a river and run into a convicts road cleanup crew who are all complimenting the dogs and wanting to get all close. (mom said we couldn't cause the sheriff wouldn't like it) Mom said that normal pups dont have crowds of people show up to pet them outta the trees, but yet we keep having it happen! BOL Anyway, we getta go out again in a few minutes, to meet up with a fellow dogster! Kiona lives in our town, and we are all going to go to petsmart. Hope everything goes well! More laters on any new developments! BOL


and then there were TWO kitties

March 26th 2008 6:41 pm
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OK, so moms job is doing construction on the cat area, and we needed to remove all the cats to do it. Well, there was only so much room in the lobby (in dog kennels on tables mostly) to put them, so we have some in foster homes. We are hoping that it gets done quickly... the guy said 2 or 3 days, but we don't figure its going to happen..... anyway. .... mom has now got a second cat! This one is in a big kennel in her craft room. He's a 15 pound tom cat named Seargent. He's a nice kitty. He has happy feet! Even when Brigid is looking at him through the cage bars.

She said when she goes back to work, if we MUST keep him here past that then she will harness him and let us meet face to face. I cant wait... but we are alerting to it everytime one of them moves at all! LOL



March 19th 2008 5:24 pm
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So mom has a new foster. Its a tiny little cat named Eve. She's a little tiger stripe, kinda brown in color. And BOY do I wanna be her friend. The bad part is she is scary! Even though she's here because she's shy, and she's the size of a 6 month old kitten.... She's scary when she spits and swats at you! All I wanted to do was look at her *pouts*


moms sick!

March 12th 2008 4:26 pm
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OK, so momma has been VERY sick the last couple of days. She's been sleeping lots, and making funny noises. Not to worry though, cause I keep jumping on her and sticking my muzzle right on her nose to check her out! None of that coughing stuff on this dogs watch!

On the plus side... after two days of my constant watch, she felt well enough to make us some treats..... ok they are easy. You just liquefy in blender some liver and mix it with corn muffin mix and bake it. BOL. not real hard, but for a woman who's barely been getting out from under the blankets it pretty good. Uh oh, there she goes coughing again..... Time to go stand on her!


no fair

February 27th 2008 3:42 pm
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Brigid is getting all the attention again! Just cause her face is all puffy. Here I am all healthy, and do you think I get any special attention?????? NO. Its not fair I tell you. So I have been sitting ON mom everytime she sits down. That should give her the hint dont you think?

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