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"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (4-6-10)

April 6th 2010 1:04 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Tuesday, the 6th of April. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


Happy Tuesday! Today is "Teflon Day", "National Student Athlete Day", and "Drowsy Driver Awareness Day."


Dog Saves Owner From Bullet, Disappears, Is Found Months Later

A faithful dog that disappeared after taking a bullet for his Texas owner during a robbery has turned up alive months later.

Buster's owner said the online networking site Craigslist led to the dog's recovery.

"I just had given up pretty much already after three months," said owner Leon Escalon. "I didn't think he was going to come around."

Escalon last saw Buster, a 9-year-old boxer, on Jan. 22, when he was held up at gunpoint at a convenience store and Buster jumped in front of him and took a bullet, then ran away scared.

But Escalon's aunt, Trisha Cisneros, never gave up hope.

"I knew it all along," she said. "I told Leon, 'We can't give up. The Lord is good. We've got to find him.'"

Since Buster's disappearance, Cisneros has been putting the dog's picture on Craigslist. On Wednesday, she got a hit from an anonymous caller.

"He told me where he lives. He said 'It looks like the picture of your dog,'" Cisneros said.

She found Buster chained up next to a landfill in Donna, miles away from where he disappeared.

"He recognized me right away," Escalon said. "I went, I unhooked him, and he bolted straight into the truck. I had the door open, and he jumped straight into the truck and sat right there where he originally was like nothing ever happened at all."

The folks who had him chained up said they had no idea who the dog belonged to and were happy to see him back with his rightful owners.


60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Mustang Sally is a five-year-old spayed female Cairn Terrier/Chihuahua mix. She is adoptable within 75 miles of Clinton/Hunterdon County, NJ. Sally was surrendered to a shelter, and is now living happily with a foster family. She is house-trained and very affectionate, but she is afraid of other dogs and cats, and would do best in a family of adults where she is the only dog. Let's hope that Mustang Sally finds a loving furever home ASAP! ♥


Cute Dog Video Of The Day

Doggie Chefs Cook Kibble (Thank You, Japan!)


Who is this?

It's singer Pink (and husband Carey Hart) giving pup Bubba the white glove treatment with a golf cart ride near their Malibu home.


Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Everlasting Treat Ball

Price: $14.99 to $24.99

Made of a soft, yet durable puncture-resistant material that withstands even the toughest chewers. The unique design allows for it to wobble and roll around on its own. It's great to use for preventing destructive boredom behaviors or to simply keep your dog happily occupied. Feed your dog his meal portions out of it or insert a Triple Crown Everlasting Treat. The Everlasting Treat Ball comes with two Chicken flavored Everlasting Treats (refills sold separately).


* Fill the ball with Every Flavor Treats, dog food, or your dog's favorite snack.
* Increase the challenge by filling the ball and inserting one Everlasting Treat.
* Is your dog already an expert? Fill the ball and insert both Everlasting Treats your dog will have to chew through the caps before he gets to the goodies on the inside.
* Comes in sizes small, medium or large.


Pregnant Beagle Abandoned in Snowstorm Learns to 'Love Again'

A heroic beagle named Valentine has proved to be a fiercely loving mother — even after being abandoned by her owner in a snowstorm when she was about to give birth.

During a brutal snow emergency in mid-February, Julie Holmes, the chief dog warden for Hamilton, Ohio, responded to a call for help from a local resident who heard two dogs barking at something that seemed out of place. Found were a thin mom and seven newborn puppies trying to survive the cold in extreme distress.

"The puppies were laying in snow," Holmes said. "Even though the mom tried to protect them with straw she dragged over from a round bail, it was apparent that she was dumped right before giving birth. There were no neighbors close enough for her to have wandered over there."

Holmes said they were one lucky family to have been found because they would not have made it through the night in the chilling temperatures.

The dogs were taken to Animal Friends Humane Society and placed in a kennel. The next morning, mama Valentine — named by shelter workers because her rescue was near the holiday — gave birth to another puppy. Two ultimately died, leaving her with five little ones.

Now Valentine and her pups are under the care of volunteer Gay Covell, who's been fostering dogs with her husband Bill for about five years. “We specialize in puppies and pregnant dogs," she says. "So we were excited to bring this family into our home and are proud to say they are all doing well.”

The shelter staff discovered right away that Valentine was a great mom. "She never left her babies' side," Stephenson says. "The Covells took the family when the puppies were only two or three days old and gave them a loving foster home."

The man responsible for abandoning Valentine came forward after the births made local news. Darryl Lawson, 45, claimed that he had given the dog to a friend and didn’t know she was pregnant — and he wanted her back. Stephenson refused.

An investigation later showed that Lawson had dumped the dog. "We charged him with cruelty to animals and abandonment," Stephenson says. Lawson pleaded guilty, and will serve five days in jail in addition to a $500 fine and 400 hours of community service at the Animal Friends Humane Society. He also received two years' probation, during which he cannot live in a residence with animals.

Although Valentine had a hard time learning to trust again, foster mom Covell — who has five dogs of her own — says she is much improved. "Valentine still looks thin, but in seven weeks [she] is up to 28 pounds and now comes out of her crate to be with us," Covell says. "She used to walk with her head and tail down. But they are both up, and she feels so much better. Soon the puppies will be spayed or neutered, and the family will be ready for adoption.

"It is so rewarding to watch Valentine get healthy and learn to love again," says Covell. "And she is the best mom, so caring. This has been a wonderful experience."


That's it for now, pups. I hope you enjoyed today's news. Have a furtastic day! This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.


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