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"60 Seconds" - Dogster News (4-5-10)

April 5th 2010 12:21 am
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Hello... I'm Peanutty Crankite reporting on Monday, the 5th of April. This is your 60 seconds of news on Dogster.


Happy Monday! Today is "National Deep Dish Pizza Day" and "White House Easter Egg Roll."


And now, it's time for a very important message from Bonzer....

After nearly a year of planning, it's almost time for the D/C MAGIC meet and greet potluck picnic and visit to HQ!

It is being held at the Petaluma, California KOA campground (approx 37 miles north of San Francisco)

On Saturday, from 11:00-12:00 we will have registration for prizes (pick up your lotto tickets etc) - give out D/C MAGIC buttons and doggie doo bags

1:00 potluck picnic (please bring a dish to share)
After the picnic the prize drawings will start

2:00 first contest - Best Dressed- so be sure to bring your fancy (or not) duds, put on your bestest smile and strut your stuff

2:30- Fetch Lotto- watch dogs pick the winners!

3:00- 4:00 Talent Show- wow the audience with your best trick or act

After talent show- cake, more prize giveaways and a toy swap (bring a new toy to exchange)

Game times will be approx and may take a little longer but we'll have several cattle dogs standing by to herd everyone up and will try to keep as close as we can to the schedule

On Sunday, April 24th at 11:00 is the visit to HQ and Lori (the lovely Lucy's mom) will be our guide

If you're not already a member of the D/C MAGIC group please join-


We have created a photobucket account for the group, so that any member that attends the meet and greet will be able to upload their own pictures and videos to share and will be posting the link and password to the group account on the main page soon.

Here is your chance to not only meet some of your Dogster and Catster friends and make new ones but to also meet the Dogster Dog and the folks at HQ. I want to get the Dogster Dogs pawtograph!


60 Second's adopted dog of the day

Brodie is a one-year-old neutered male Australian Shepherd. He is good with other dogs and kids, and is adoptable within 100 miles of Brooksville, FL. This handsome pup needs a loving furever home now. Let's hope that he finds one very soon! ♥


Cute Dog Video Of The Day

Dog Shows Owner What It Really Wants


Who is this?

It's actress Jennifer Esposito and her plus-sized pups, walking through New York City.


Dog Gift Idea Of The Day

Snoggle Dog Treat Toy

Price: $18.99

Snoggle is a fully adjustable treat dispensing plush toy that is certain to keep plush loving pets entertained. It can be filled with treats or food, and works great with StarMark Every Flavor Treats.

The adjustable opening allows you to regulate the difficulty level at which treats come out and it accommodates a variety of food sizes. It's a great way to feed and exercise your dog. One size is appropriate for dogs of all sizes.

There's a squeaker inside Snoggles head for even more fun. Measures 12" long. Imported. Simply fill the toy with treats, adjust the opening with a coin (hidden behind a Velcro enclosure), and have fun..

Recommended for supervised play only. Please discard the toy should it become damaged as small pieces could be a choking hazard.


Why We Treat Our Pets Like People

Sure, some pet owners treat their dogs like dogs. But plenty of us treat our pets like furry little people (or even better than people). In fact, pets have become such important parts of our families that traditional pet names such as Fluffy and Fido have, in recent years, given way to adorable human names such as Max and Lily, "Psychology Today" reports.

What gives?

Psychology researcher Adam Waytz of Harvard University studies why people anthropomorphize, or attribute human traits to animals and objects. In a recent study, Waytz found a variety of explanations for the all-too-common behavior.

Not surprisingly, loneliness can drive anthropomorphism. In Waytz's study, people who were lonesome were more likely to describe their pets as having human qualities like thoughtfulness.

But loneliness is hardly the only reason that people treat their pets like kids, Waytz says. He found humans may have a natural tendency to anthropomorphize objects and animals because it helps them make sense of the world around them.

"People might humanize pets for any number of reasons," Waytz told Paw Nation. "I imagine that non-lonely people may already have a sense of affiliation with their pets and want to anthropomorphize them because they like them so much."

That makes sense to Lisa Hanock-Jasie of New York. "We treat Hugo, our 8-year-old Belgian shepherd/chow mix, as if he were a child because he is our baby," she says. "We celebrate his birthdays as we celebrate our own. His photos are included in our family album. [One] reason we treat him as a furry person is that he actually understands what we say, even full sentences. He's very intelligent." she tells Paw Nation.

Ruth Kiser, the owner of K9 Confections natural dog treats, takes her puppy love even farther. Her two German shepherds were rescued from a Brooklyn street and spent many months in a shelter. "Therefore I must shower them with all of the lavishness that they lacked when on the streets," she tells Paw Nation.

Kiser's pooches have their own bedroom with therapeutic beds, she says. Their room is decorated with pictures of their furry friends, and they have their own photographs taken at least once a day. "I don't have children so they get all the attention and love that human kids would get," she says.

It's easy to understand why you'd pamper an adorable pooch. But there may be a downside, says Chris Hamer, an animal behavior consultant and author of Parenting with Pets, the Magic of Raising Children with Animals."When people treat their dogs like children, they place expectations on them that the pet cannot fulfill," she tells Paw Nation. With dogs, she says, "there needs to be rules, and there can be no shades of gray."

When treating pets like people, mis-communication often occurs, she says. That can lead to confusion and behavior problems.

"Give love and affection, but do it in a way that the dog understands," she adds.

And as for dressing dogs up like little dolls? Waytz warns of another potential drawback. "Anthropomorphizing pets may seem like a nice thing to do, but it may have some ironic downsides for the pet," he says.


That'll be it for this edition of the news. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of your day! This is Peanutty Crankite, signing off. And that's the way it is.


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