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Life is like a a tennis ball....Chase it!

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i always miss it

November 30th 2006 6:10 pm
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i do i always miss having woof mas day with my people and they miss having it with me to!
But i still watch over them and i have pretty good x-mas's with rosie & emma up at da bridge well giving you all bridge luck and prayers!!
~Nelson xoxoxoxoxo


Calling All Bridge Doggys!

December 28th 2006 1:55 pm
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Hello pups!
Well i was woundering if you were a bridge pup could you join in some fun??
Well me and a bunch of my bridge buddys started ( actaully champ started it)
a post in meet & greet forums were bridge pups could meet each other thier at that spot at da bridge!
It is so much fun you make bunches of new pals, you have parties, you get advise and just have a good old time!
So if you are interested in joing the fun just go to meet up and playdates forum or you could use the link at the bottom of this entry!
Thanks pups i now everyone at the bridge would love it if you could join us!

play dates & meet ups forum:

p.s it is the post called * rainbow bridge* (bol)


Sprinkler Dog

January 27th 2007 5:41 pm
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Sprinkler Dog
A big fluffy dog ran through a group of sprinklers, jumping while the water soaked his fur. He had no collar, no tags, and no owner. That is how my parents found my first dog Nelson, and that was how Nelson dug his way into my parents hearts and stuck there forever. A few weeks after being found the fluffy dog was part of the family, but he had no name. So my dad thought and thought when something hit him, he decided to name the dog after the sprinkler system he was romping in. That was how Nelson became Nelson. After settling into his new home Nelson became to favor many things including people, but on the top of his list were tennis balls, and lettuce. He almost always had one of those yellow furry balls in his mouth, and when he did his tail would wag like crazy! Knocking over everything that dare come in his way. There was only one thing that Nelson loved more then food and tennis balls and that was babies. Since my twin brother and I were born only a few years after Nelson arrived, it was paradise to that fluffy dog. Nelson would watch over us with his big dark brown eyes, ready to give us a big sloppy kiss at any moment. When Nelson wasn’t on kiss alert he was on strict babysitting duty. He would let us rest our heads on his soft curly fur while he scanned the area for baby nappers. If my brother and I ever broke out crying Nelson would be an automatic baby monitor and lift up his big head and let out a strong howl, alerting my parents to the problem. Over the years as my brother and I grew older, and Nelson grew wiser, our family acquired two new members. First came Evan, and a few years later Grace joined the clan, which made Nelson a very happy dog. At the age of 16 Nelson was a very old and wise pup, while I was a energetic second grader but he put up with me…..most of the time. Nelson lived out his last few years snuggling with babies, eating lettuce, and playing with tennis balls, his specialties. He did this until one faithful day in late 2000. On that sorrow filled day I knew Nelson was not okay and my mother wasn’t either, because the night before Nelson could hardly walk to his own bed. So my mother slept with him on the carpet covered floor, while their minds relived all the good memories they shared together. Though no one in my family wanted to say goodbye to our beloved Sprinkler dog we all knew it was his time to go. He was almost 17, he had started to get cancer, and he would hardly eat any food. So on that miserable weekend morning my mother and father broke the bad news to Evan, Carter, and me. They told us that Nelson was very old and very sick, and that he would be happier in heaven playing with all the babies and tennis balls he wanted. So The three of us watched as my father loaded Nelson into the back of the car, and Nelson who normally hated car rides just laid there like the good old boy he was. All four of us even little Grace gave our personal babysitter one last kiss, and he gave us one back. After saying our goodbyes Evan, Carter, and me walked over to our neighbor Carol’s house. Once inside we ran to her living room window and watched as our mom, dad, and tiny Grace pulled out of the drive way and drove to the animal hospital. I know that I will never forget that dayand I will never forget Nelson.
Nelson always watched over me, now I know he is looking down on me from heaven. Waiting for the day I join him in heaven. Waiting for the day I can play ball with him once again.

This story was written by my my girl Abby she had to write a essay about some one special for her creative writing class and she picked me! i feel so special! (sorry it is so long)


Just call me cupid!

February 14th 2007 5:18 pm
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Yes! I have to tell you this was the best valentiness day every!
DOGSTER HQ! picked old old me to be the dog of the day for valentines day!!!
How sweet is he?
Well the very sweet border collie dottie agreed to be my valentine! :D
how lucky am i?? VERY LUCKY!
And some very,very cute, kind, and darling pups gave me stars and rosettes! i also got many pmails saying congrats! how sweet!!!
And i also got about 20 pup pal requests!
well this is the best love day ever!
-Nelson the cupid!


My newest pal Dutchess (gods newest angle)

March 17th 2007 5:01 pm
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A note to my beauitful pal dutchess:

i have always watched down on you beauitful but now i am so lucky to spend time with you....i have been counting the seconds until you were all the wasy up thje bridge with me.........lets go chase some birds pertty girl!!!!!!


Tagged! :D

June 2nd 2007 3:27 pm
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WOW! I was tagged by Bobbie, Caffrey, & my good pal Shilo!
Thank you guys you pups are pawsome!
here are da rules-
The Rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged need to write down in there own diary about 7 random facts and the rules! You need to choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment saying they have been tagged and to read your dairy!
Here be facts about me~

1) I loved tennis balls! YES YES YES! mom had boxes full because they would find them in the lawns of people they work for, and of course the ones i took home that i found everywere hehehe!.

2) BABIES BABIES BABIES BABES! I loved babies! Everytime i herd a baby cry wether it bbe one of my human babies or a baby cry on TV i would lift up my head and howl! AROOOOOOO!

3)I loved water! I loved to go swimming and everytime mum got out the hose to water the plants i would jump after the water well i did that until i got older and just followed the water! :D

4) I loved my kitty cats. I would snuggle with them and play with them and somtimes we would go outside together and i would protect them and eat grass with them!

5) FOOD! Eating was my special talent, i eat almost anything that hit the floor or that i could get to! But my favorite was lettuce i even had a squeaky lettuce toy!

6) I started the doggy wings program, which means i started the program here on dogster that helps all the doggy angels here get thier well deserved angel wings i am very very proud of what i do.

7)I was a snuggle bump. I snuggled with rosie, snuggled with moo & emma, mom & dad and all my human children!

I twag these pawsome pups~

My gal -Dottie~ 414871

Hobo- 391063

Penny Lane- 504464

coby- 301130

boogie- 523812

Little Bit- 140076

Sammy Essig- 333673

Angel Kisses


9/11 & Katrina search dog Dies of Cancer at the age of 12.

July 28th 2007 6:30 pm
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9/11 search dog Jake
NEW YORK - A black Labrador that burrowed through smoking debris after Sept. 11 and flooded rubble after Hurricane Katrina in search of survivors has died of cancer.

Owner Mary Flood had 12-year-old Jake put to sleep Wednesday after a last stroll through the fields and a dip in the creek near their home in Oakley, Utah. Flood said Jake had been in pain, shaking with a 105-degree fever as he lay on the lawn.

No one can say whether the dog would have gotten sick if he hadn’t been exposed to the toxic air at the World Trade Center, but cancer in dogs Jake’s age is common.

Some owners of rescue dogs who worked at ground zero claim their animals have died because of their work there. But scientists who have spent years studying the health of Sept. 11 search-and-rescue dogs have found no sign of major illness in the animals.

Many human ground zero workers have complained of health problems they attribute to their time at the site: the largest study conducted of about 20,000 ground zero workers reported last year that 70 percent of patients suffer respiratory disease years after the cleanup.

The city earlier this year added to its Sept. 11 death toll a woman who died in 2002 of lung disease, five months after she was caught in the dust cloud of the collapsing twin towers.

The results of an autopsy on Jake’s body will be part of a medical study on the Sept. 11 dogs that was started by the University of Pennsylvania more than 5 years ago.

‘A world-class rescue dog’
Flood adopted Jake as a 10-month-old puppy. He had been abandoned on a street with a broken leg and a dislocated hip.

“But against all odds he became a world-class rescue dog,” said Flood, a member of Utah Task Force 1, a federal search-and-rescue team that looked for human remains at ground zero.

On the evening of the team’s arrival in New York, Jake walked into a fancy Manhattan restaurant wearing his search-and-rescue vest and was treated to a free steak dinner under a table.

Flood eventually trained Jake to become one of fewer than 200 U.S. government-certified rescue dogs — an animal on 24-hour call to tackle disasters such as building collapses, earthquakes, hurricanes and avalanches.

After Katrina, Flood and Jake drove from Utah to Mississippi, where they searched for survivors in flooded homes.

‘He was always ready to work’
In recent years, Jake helped train younger dogs across the country. He showed them how to track scents, even in the snow, and how to look up if the scent was in a tree.

He also did therapy work with children at a Utah camp for burn victims and at senior homes and hospitals.

“He was a great morale booster wherever he went,” Flood said. “He was always ready to work, eager to play — and a master at helping himself to any unattended food items.”

She said Jake’s ashes would be scattered “in places that were important to him,” such as his Utah training grounds and the rivers and hills near his home where he swam and roamed.


Goodbye may seem forever.........

August 5th 2007 6:08 pm
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A poem from my girl to me-

We met, it seems, such a short time ago
You looked at me - needing me so
Yet from your sadness
Our happiness grew
And I found out I needed you too
I remember how we used to play
I recall those rainy days
The fire's glow
That kept us warm
And now I find - we're both alone
Goodbye may seem forever
Farewell is like the end
But in my heart is a memory
And there you'll always be

Goodbye may seem forever
Farewell is like the end
But in my heart is a memory
And there you'll always be


The Things They Have These Days.

August 15th 2007 4:16 pm
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Well a couple days ago My girl Abby was looking through a pet supply magazine when she spotted somthing.It was a couple pictures of tennis balls that they were selling but they were no normal tennis balls they were flavored! They had Peanut Butter,Vanilla,Chocolate, and i think another flavor! Oh how i would have loved to have somthing like that when i was earth bound. I LOVED food and I LOVED tennis balls! But of course not as much as i loved babies! But maybe i can look around here at the bridge to see if they have somthing like that up here. Wowza they are coming up with some pawsome things these days.


Archie is at the rainbow bridge.

August 26th 2007 1:53 pm
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Our pal Archie went to the rainbow bridge yesterday :(( after living a long and wounderful life. He was very very loved and adored by so many including many pups on dogster. He will be very missed please send support his way.
And tag your photos in his honor-

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