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Abbie's Diary

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Bad Birthday Girl

November 1st 2006 3:33 pm
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I was a bad girl today. I could not wait until mommy got home from work so left a mess on the floor. Today is my birthday and all I got from mommy was a bone. Maybe the mess I made had something to do with it. I think mommy is still mad at me.


Bad Charlie

November 2nd 2006 2:39 pm
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Charlie got me in trouble today. He opened the closet door and I went into the closet. I thought it would be fun to tear up all the neat paper in the trash can. I even left some of the mess in the bedroom. Boy was mommy mad when she got home and saw all that paper on the floor. I wonder how she knew it was me that did it. I guess I am the only one that tears up paper in the family. At least she scolded Charlie for getting into the closet.


I was a good girl today!

November 3rd 2006 4:52 pm
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Mommy will be proud of me today. I was a good girl. I did not make a mess on the floor and I did not tear up anything or at least not yet. The day is not over with and I might find something tempting to tear up like that newspaper that is on floor.


Belated Birthday Surprise

November 4th 2006 9:22 pm
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Mommy surprised me tonight with a belated birthday present. I love it. Mommy even took picture and posted a couple of the pictures on my page. I really thanked her my present. She told me that she had to wait until after payday to get it, because it was a little expensive. I don’t know what that means, but I am glad that I finally have one of my very own. It is the toy that I saw in the pet store the last time we were there. I even try to play with it in the store, but she would not let me. I guess it was close to my birthday and she wanted to get it for my special day.


New Toy

November 5th 2006 10:54 am
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I had so much fun with my new toy that I already tore up the fabric part of the toy. Mommy is so upset with me. At least I still have the rest of the toy to play with.


My Mud Bath

November 6th 2006 4:55 pm
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Yesterday it rained a lot. My yard always turns into a delightful mud bath when it rains. I love all that gooey mud all over my body. The more mud the better. Mommy let me go outside when she got home from work she I could do my business, but I had other plans because I just love mud baths. I could not help myself so I just had to roll and soak myself in all that glorious mud. I also just had to dig in the mud. I had to get some mud all over the paws. I just wanted every inch of my body cover with mud. You should have seen all that mud go flying while I was digging. I made a mess on the sidewalk too, ops!

As I was having a great time in the mud, mommy called me inside the house. She took one look at me and grabs me. She took me right to the bathtub. She gave me another bath. I guess that stuff she uses to wash me smells better to her then what I think smells good. The weatherman said more rain on Friday. Yippee!


I had another accident on the carpet again

November 7th 2006 6:21 pm
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I could not hold myself while mommy was at work and I made a mess on the carpet. Mommy told me that she was going to start putting me back in the crate again if I did not stop making messes while she is gone.

At least I did not get muddy again, only because mommy went with me when I went outside. She would not let me get near the mud.

Mommy joined Dogster Plus tonight. She plans on posted more pictures of me.


I Had a Doctor's Visit Today

November 8th 2006 6:20 pm
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Mommy took me to the doctor today because I was having a lot of accidents on the carpet. I have a bladder infection and I have to take these giant horse pills for two weeks. I guess the doctor also wants me on a special diet. Mommy has to cook dinner for me every night because I can only eat chicken and rice. I loved it! I ate it up in just a few minutes! I can’t wait until tomorrow night.

Charlie is jealous. He begged for some of my dinner, but mommy only gave him a spoonful.


I Have been a Trouble Maker again

November 9th 2006 11:26 am
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I have been a trouble maker and it is still morning. After all I have a reputation to maintain. Mommy was raking leaves and I kept jumping in the middle of the piles sending the leaves everywhere. I was frolicking in the leaves, until mommy sent me into the house. While she was outside trying to re-rake the leaves, I barked at her from the window to let me back outside. I guess she does not understand dog talk. Do you believe that the sad puppy eyes trick did not work either? What is a dog to do to get her way? What a morning! I can’t wait to see what I can get into this afternoon. I may have more entries later.


It has been a great day!

November 10th 2006 6:03 pm
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Today I have been a very good girl. Mommy was home from work and we got to play ball. Mommy bought some new low fat snacks at the pet store and I loved them.

Tonight while mommy was cooking my dinner I got so excited. I was dancing with delight. Dinner smell so great, that I could hardly wait for dinner to be done. Mommy made me wait until it cooled before she gave it to me. After she gave me my dinner I ate it up in a couple of minutes. I love my new diet. Home cooking is good.

Charlie does not understand that I am on a special diet. Mommy gives him just a little of my food.

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