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I ws tagged

January 22nd 2009 3:44 pm
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My great friend ♥Frodo ♥ tagged me for a game of football.

All right Pal! You made it here. I see you caught my football pass. Here is what you should do next! Hurry and pass the ball to 5 of your team mates so they can make a touchdown. You are also supposed to write down 5 things about yourself that are funny. Also please leave me a bone and ask all those who visit your diary to leave you a bone so you will know they have been there! Okā€¦Here goes the play!

1. I am a bed hog and I love spreading out so I take up most of the bed. I often squeeze mommy out of her bed.

2. I love to counter surf and I often make a big mess on the floor when I try to get some goodies.

3. I love to shred things so mommy has to keep a closed door between the trash and me. If she forgets, I will destroy everything that is in the trashcan and closet.

4. I have selective hearing and I love to ignore mommy when she calls me except when it comes to food.

5. I love to beg for food, but I often get in trouble for it, so I will wait until mommy is not looking and I will try to snatch her plate of food right of hands or right off the table.

I will pass the football to:

I am going to have look, all my pals have been tag multiple times, I need to try to find one that has not been tagged recently.




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