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A day in the Life of the Velcro Wonder Dog

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My letters

April 1st 2009 4:24 pm
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I got letters from my family today. I was very excited to get them.

Dear Happy,
I really miss you Happy but your in heaven now and I haven't seen you for a while. You were a great dog. I wonder when you will come back.

From your sister Taylor

Dear Happy,
I miss you Happy. I wish you would come home and wasn't invisible. I liked it when you played with me, licked me and let me pick you up.

From your brother Gary

My angel Pappi,
Its been a rough time with out you. This is your second Rainbow Bridge Day since you passed. I miss you most days especially when times are rough which right now they are. You were my teddy bear when I needed someone to hold, my shadow wherever I went, and my comic relief when I needed a good laugh. I hope you are having fun at the bridge. I know you've met some great pups and kittys up there. I'm glad you have friends to play with even though I wish you were here with me instead of them.

Your brother and sister sent you very short letters this year. They still don't understand why you aren't here. Gary thinks you are a fairy that is invisible and Taylor doesn't understand why you go to heaven and can't come home. I haven't really tried to explain it recently because they are both still young.

Your sister Casey is having allergies and has to go back to the vet to try to determain the cause. She hasn't jumped the fence in over a year so we are hoping she has grown out of it. She doesn't play with Mickey as much as she used to play with you but she does like to play "tag" with him.

Mickey still likes to try to pee in the house. He does it alot more than you used to and has to be put in his room while we are gone so he doesn't pee all over. He is so different from you in so many ways. I'm glad to have him but he will never be you or a replacement for you.

I hope you enjoyed getting your letters and know we all still love you and hold you in our hearts.

P.S. your flowers are beautiful. Paw-Paw planted some pretty red tulips to add to your pink ones. Your daffidils came up pretty this year too.



I'm a fairy

March 14th 2009 4:41 pm
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Today momma and daddy were talking about another papillon and said it was blk and white like mickey and wasn't like Pappi. My human brother plain as day told daddy and momma that "Pappi flew away because him became a fairy" Momma of course started to cry. My little brother told her its ok "you just cant see fairys cause they are invisible".

He is only 5 1/2 but seems so wise for his age huh.


Have a Heart

March 4th 2009 12:15 pm
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Please visit the Have a Heart group page we have a lot of neat things going on. Also visit my pal Casper's Page He needs lots of love and support right now.

He is currently waiting to have his second heart operation. We really hoping he gets his surgery soon and makes a quick recovery.


Someday my angel Pappi

March 3rd 2009 6:39 pm
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Someday well be together
Say, say, say it again
Someday well be together
Oh, yeah, oh yeah

Youre far away
From me my love
And just as sure my, my baby
As there are stars above
I wanna say, I wanna say, I wanna say

Someday well be together
Yes we will, yes we will
Say, someday (some sweet day) well be together
I know, I know, I know, I know

My love is yours, baby
Oh, right from the stars
You, you, you posses my soul now honey
And I know, I know you own my heart
And I wanna say:

Someday well be together
Some sweet day well be together
Yes we will, yes we will
Someday (tell everybody) well be together
Yes we will, yes we will

Long time ago
My, my sweet thing
I made a big mistake, honey
I said, I said goodbye
Oh, oh baby
Ever, ever, ever since that day
Now, now all I wanna do is cry, cry

Hey, hey, hey
I long for you every night
Just to kiss your sweet, sweet lips
Hold you ever, ever so tight
And I wanna say

Someday well be together
Yes we will, yes we will

Oh what a sweet day that will be. When I can hold you in my arms and you can attack me with your kisses.


My sister

March 1st 2009 5:10 pm
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My sister is doing a lot better and the dr said with proper rest and fluids she should be ok. She is a little anemic (to be expected since she hasn't been eating anything) but her splean is doing ok. She will need to stay out of PE and moving and jumping for a while to ensure her splean doesn't rupture. Its hard to do that because she is only 7 and is gonna want to run around at recess.

She hasn't had a fever since Saturday and other than a severly sore throat, and being very tired she is doing a lot better. She should be able to return to school later this wk as long as she isn't too tired.

We are getting alot of snow (for us an inch or more is a lot) and its still falling so school maybe closed tomorrow. Its a very pretty snow with giant snowflakes so we hope to get some pictures of it.

Thanks again to my dogster angel for helping us. We will work on paying you back soon. Mommas just thankful to have her baby well again.

Angel kisses


My sisters going to the dr.

February 28th 2009 8:10 am
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As soon as Daddy gets home from work my sister is going to the dr! A dogster Angel who I love every much sent momma the money to take her. She is very happy. Taylors not happy since they are doing blood work but it has to be done. She has to get better

Momma had called many low income and no insurence clinics who all wanted either an with an appointment wks in advance or told her Taylor was too sick for them to treat because they dont have the labs to do blood work, or said that daddy made too much because he wasn't 200% below the poverty level. The ER told her to go see a reg dr. The reg dr wanted $70 for the visit not including the fee for an emergancy visit and lab work.

I'm so thankful for having such a caring friend to do something like this. To have her seen and hopefully have her well is the best gift in the world.

My sister is still running fevers and has now been running them for a wk. She is very tired and sleeping alot and not eating or drinking much at all. Her throat is almost completely swollen and has pus on it. Moms not sure about mono but her tonsils look horrible so we don't know whats cause it. The blood work will confirm for sure if its mono or if her tonsils are infected or what it is. She has missed a wk of school and is not getting any better at all.

Mom didn't sleep last night worrying about Taylor. She went to bed at 3 am and got back up at 7 am. She kept checking on Taylors fever because it had spiked up to 102.7 and she was worried that it would go even higher in the middle of the night if she didn't keep checking on her and giving her her tylenol/motrin every 4 hrs. It had finally came down around 2 am so momma tried to get some sleep but didn't make it to sleep until around 3 am.

Thanks again to my dogster angel at the bridge with me for helping my momma and sister. We will keep everyone posted on what the dr says when we get back although I think the blood work may take 2 days to get back.


My sister is very sick!!!

February 25th 2009 4:42 pm
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I wish so much to be with her right now. Casey has been pacing the floor not sure what to do right now. My furless sister who is 7 has mono. It is very bad. She has been running fevers since Friday between 101.5 to 103.8 and sleeping most of the day and night. She hasn't been eating at all and drinking very little. The hospital told momma they wouldn't admit her because she wasn't dehydrated or jaundice enough but wants her to go to her reg dr tomorrow. Mom can't take her to the dr for the same reason she took her to the er insurence and no money. So I'm not sure what moms gonna do.

Mickey had to go to his room because he keeps jumping on her and kissing her while she is trying to sleep. I know that he is just trying to help make her better but he needs to be more calm about it like I would be if I was there with her right now. I would just lay beside her snuggling and no move at all.

My poor poor sister. I miss her and I know right now she misses me.



Moms having a horrible time

February 24th 2009 10:39 am
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Moms been having a horrible run of luck lately. Daddy's truck broke down again, Taylor is very very sick and needs to see a dr but we have no insurence, there is no work so daddy has had to get a lower paying job to do on the side, and on top of all that mom had to write the kids a check for their lunch 1.75 each but it bounced and they not only charged her once per check but 4 times!!!! Then they took the 1.75 each out after mom paid the fees and then they withdrew an additional 50.00 per check for a fee from the school and bounced her account 2 more times. They are telling momma since they didn't get there money they are gonna submit the 50.00 per check again and keep doing it until they get their money even if it bounces mommas account each time.

We sure could use some good luck over this way if anyone has any to spare. At least to get Taylor better. She is awful little and momma said she will take her to the ER to get her seen if she has to. She took her to the CVS Minute Clinic and they refused to see her. The kids in taylors class have had strept and mom thinks taylor has it too. The clinic said they can test for it with the rapid test but the lady refused. She was very rude and told momma that if shes that concerned to just take her to the ER.

Well I better go watch over them cause it looks like they definately need an angel right now.



Football Tag

January 24th 2009 7:47 pm
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Hut one..hut two...I got the pigskin handed off to us by our goodpals Bear and Bambi. Here are the rules: we are gett'n our "team" together and we're gonna cross that line and make us a touchdown! Before the ref raises his boney little arms to signal the 6 points we gotta spill the beans (pffht..excuse me!) about ourselves and then pass the ball to 5 of our furiends who will each do the same. Don't forget to leave us a bone to let us know you got our hand signals and you're in the "game.

Are you ready...I'm going out for a long pass.........

1) I loved to kiss mommy in her ear to make her laugh and the more she'd laugh the more I'd do it

2) I loved to play with my big sister Casey and would play box with her as she'd lay on her back

3)I loved to be close to mommy and would jump in the shower with her even though I hated water

4) If momma was on the phone I would sneeze to get her attention.

5)I would never bark in the house (although none of mommas dogs ever bark in the house so I'm not the only one)

Okay, who is gonna run it in for a about:

Rhiannon's Ragdoll


Hard Times

January 14th 2009 7:49 am
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Momma and Daddy have been having a really tough time right now. Momma is very upset that she may have to give up my horse brother Rhett. That is her baby but she doesn't have the money and his vet and trainer bills are getting bigger and bigger. Adding to that momma had to take my sister Casey to the vet last wk.

I have been visiting them alot lately keeping an eye on things. Momma has Mickey and Casey but she still likes to talk to me when shes having a rough time. She will tell me about her day and tell me she wishes I was there for her to cry in my fur. Mickey isn't calm enough of fluffy enough to give her the snuggles like i did.

I'm glad my sister is feeling better now. The medicine is upsetting her stomach though and she has had a few accidents but other than that shes doing a lot better.

Well I better get back to being the gaurdian angel I am

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