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All in a Day's Work


November 13th 2007 4:29 am
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Here are the rules of this "tag"!!. When you are tagged, you post 7 random facts about yourself, in a "new DIARY entry" along with the rules of the game. Then you pick 7 furs (kitties or doggies), listing them in your entry and say something interesting about who you are tagging and make sure you tell them... a simple p-mail will do fine, or a rosette to tell them, but you must let them know that they have been tagged.

So, here are 7 random facts about me...

1. Other than Sage my favorite playmate is Shadow
2. I like to sit in mommy's lap or try to when shes on the love seat
3. my favorite treat, is Luthers Ridiculously Delicious Natural Wellness Nuggets that mommy has to order online now.
4. One of my favorite things to do is give lots of kisses
5. Another favorite thing of mine to do is to try to drink all mommy's bathwater...while she's still in the tub! **Hey Ollie I share this in common with you and here Mommy thought it was just me and Sage that liked bath water lol**
6. I love to go for a ride.
7. I like to chase squirels

I am tagging:

1) Polydeuces
2) Apollo
3) Mitja
5) T-Bone
6) Marmaduke


Vote fo rme in the "Costume" Coolest Dog Show

October 29th 2007 3:58 am
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Please vote for Dutchess Jade in the World's Coolest!


oh What Fun I had....Until Mommy caught me.

June 18th 2007 4:35 am
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Oh, Sage and I have had so much fun. We made this nice little bed by the back door in the clay, I fit in it just perfect. Mommy and Daddy keep putting more dirt on our bed and we have to keep adjusting it. I just dont understand....

It rained today and turned my cool bed into a nice little self made
"pool". Boy to I love playing in my little "pool". I have included a picture of my "pool". Mom let us out to go the bathroom, she only left us about 5 minutes. When mom looked out the Window guess she wasn't too happy.

I was ORANGE, I liked my new color. Mom had to go buy whiting shampoo to help get the Orange out of my pretty white/black fur.

Did I forget to mention I like my pool so much mommy went and bought my very own but I had to take a bath in it, which was not and fun because I couldn't splash around.

Ever had a mud bath, if not you should try it...


This Morning.

October 25th 2006 9:18 am
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Boy, I had a ruff night. I tossed and turned in my crate. I don't know, maybe it was Sage with all his tags on his coller every time he moves I wake up. I am sure I got on mommy and daddy's nerves last night. Daddy put me outside for a while and let me back in my crate. When he was out of the room I started to whine and mommy got up and let me out again, and put me in the bed with her (Daddy wasn't too happy) . I fell right to sleep then next to Mommy and then Sage had to get on the bed too. So it was Me, Sage, Mommy and then Daddy on their Queen size bed. (I think mommy and daddy need a bigger bed). I sure did sleep better after I got in the bed with them about 3 this morning though. I got up when Mommy did at 5 and went outside, then came back in and ate some deer sausage (Yummy) and my reg puppy food, drank some water and played for a little while. By 7 it was back outside and then in my crate so Mommy and Daddy could go to work and take my human siblings to school.

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