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December 11th 2006 11:27 am
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Tristi was a pig. That's the only way it can be described. This is the second time he has given in to his greediness. The other time was at Halloween when Laura left her candy on her bedroom chair. THAT time, we didn't know what he did until later when Laura told mom that she saw Tristi eating her chocolate candy. But that night, OMD! Mom thought that Tristan was having a heart attack or heart failure of some sort because around 3 A.M., he started to pant like a prank phone caller and then he drank water like there was no tomorrow, all the while pacing around and around in circles. He just wouldn't settle down for nobody or nothin'! Just when Mom was thinking that she was going to be losing her baby of all furbabies and was getting ready to pack him into the car for the trip to the ER, Laura mentioned that he had been snarfing down her candy earlier. WELL!!!! Mom was just about to wring Laura's neck for not saying anything before! It turned out that that night, Tristi got away with just a bit of a bellyache and MAJOR sugar jitters! We all think that he gained a few pounds too! Hence the nickname, "Chunk-a-Muffin".

But last evening, the oh, so deceptively cute, little guy decided to pig out yet again! Mom found him draped over the arm of the sofa, his front feet on the end table, and his nose buried in the candy dish that was put out for Christmas! That stinker did it again! There he was surrounded by a cloud of colored foil, Reese's peanut butter cup papers, Peppermint Patty papers and Hershey Kiss papers. He had chocolate and foil glued to his tail and leg feathers. His breath smelled of Peppermint Patty and peanut butter combined! Was it our imagination, or did he look 5 pounds tubbier, too? One thing was for sure, he didn't seem to have any guilt about his crime, rather he acted quite smug. He hardly slept at all last night, mom said. She kept a close eye on him but was almost certain that he would be just fine today. Which he is! The thing with our fur-brother, Tristi, is, is that he is just so darn cute! No one, even me, (OR ZOE!) can become annoyed with him! BOL!


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