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Sasha Marie

Puppies are here!

January 5th 2005 7:36 am
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I deliverd them on Sunday. It was hard and long, I gave birth to 3 healthy pups. I have 2 females, one fawn and one black, and the other one I have is a black male. WEll I will keep you all more informed, I have to go and tend to the pups. Bye for now.


Counting the days

December 28th 2004 11:23 am
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I am counting the days that I will be giving birth. Mommy says that the vet said that I was going on the 5th of January. But mommy hopes that I go news day the the 2nd. That is her birthday. She is off on the 3rd and wants to spend time with me and the new pups. I am getting soo rolly polly and its hard for me to go up and down stairs. Along with the not being able to jump on the bed. I hate that. Mommy was disinfecting everything for the pups. Daddy is going today and buy some puppy formula just in case that I don't have enough milk, and they are going to feed it to me so that I have more nutriants and help make more milk. Well I am tired, i need to go sleepy for a while. Take care to all.


I think that I might be pregnant!

December 5th 2004 4:09 pm
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I have been funny about eatting food for the last 2 weeks. But today I finally didn't feel sick and I ate ALOT!!! My boobs are getting bigger now. My mom says that its to soon to tell. I would have the pups in the begining of January. I know last time I grew fat fast! I don't know what is going on with me right now. I guess that I have to wait and see. Wish me luck!!


Went to the doctor today

November 8th 2004 3:13 pm
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Daddy took me to the vet today. I have been having this cough all weekend. So first think this morning daddy called and made a appointment for me. When I got there I was shaking and scared. The vet violated me and put a themoater in my rear. I didn't like that, but he said that I had a fever. He looked over me more and said that I have Canine Broncitis. So he gave me Anti-botics and some pills to control my cough. The pills are help my cough. Well I need to get some sleep to feel better. Bye for now.


Bath TIME!

October 9th 2004 10:32 am
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It was about 8:00 am. When mommy woke up to feed us. I had breakfast and them I saw that mommy was giving the boys a bath. I don't like baths, even though I am a girl. I don't like being wet! Oh well. When it came to be my time to get a bath I ran, I play this game with mommy and the grandparents when they want to put me away into my kennel, its called "You can't catch me". I run one way and as soon as I they are coming that way, I turn around and run the other way. Its nice that there is table down there, it makes hiding and running around easier, I can hide into places quicker becuase its in the way for the humans!! I ran up the stairs, mommy tired to bribe me with a treat, HUH! that don't work! I am smarter then that!! She let the 2 wet boys outside and I followed, there was NO way that she could have caught me outside!! She took that treat outside again and tried to lure me in. I didn't let her. I could see that Mommy was getting upset. She said my name in sturn voice and told me to stay, so I barked at her. She didn't like that at all. Then she yelled my name and I knew she ment business. I stopped and let her pick me up. Yes I got my bath, and after she gave me that treat. I guess it wasn't that bad, I do smell nicer and my fur is softer and I am not itching no more. So I guess there was a reason for my bath. Well its time to take a nap now. Bye for now

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