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February 20th 2012 3:02 am
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2/16/2012 Marielle update/ Valentine Gifts and Cards !

February 16th 2012 3:08 pm
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Hi everyone .. Sorry we are behind on updating .. but i have had the flu and am just bouncing back .. thank god it was the 24 hour type !After going through this ,it really makes you realize what HEROS all cancer survivors are ! How in gods name do they get through it ?? Its through prayers, and support from folks just like yourselves ! Marielle and Hudson received so many special Valentine Days cards and gifts .. we can't thank you all enough ! The day we delivered the gifts and cards, Marielle was having a very grumpy day and not feeling well at all .. we covered her gently with the most beautiful hand made quilt and left a precious stuffed bunny that was sent from some very dear dogster furiends ... and left the stuffed doggies for her and Hudson to decide which one was whos ....the stuffed dragon Hudson loved .. the cards we left for them to open together when Marielle was feeling better . I just know that they all cheered her up .. how could it not !!! Honestly we are over whelmed with the out pouring of love and support from our dogster pals and you all know who you are !! WE are forever grateful ! Poor Marielles mommy had the flu also .. (had i known i would have waited to deliver the presents and cards ...(so i didn't stay long probably where i got the flu from ..)

Marielle had her second spinal tap with chemo treatment today ,she needed to get a blood transfusion but no stay over this time .. yippeeeee.. so they are home resting !!

Did you hear on the news that the manufacture of the drug .. methotrexate... ( Marielle and many other childrens cancer fighting drug) that there is a shortage.. like 2 weeks left across the nation. They have actually closed one manufacturing plant and reports say since it is a generic drug and the drug company isn't making any money .. they want to stop production !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can you believe that they would put many lives at risk all for the sake of MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this just un nerves me !!! It always boils down to the living dollar ! Well.. they will have to up the production ... no way can they just stop making it .. this is one of the drugs of choice for fighting child hood leukemia's !

Again we thank each and everyone of you .. and again Thank CoCo Rose for getting the card exchange together !! You pals are the best !

Hugs & Kisses,
Pat & Buttercup


2/8/2010 A Funny song from Marielle !

February 8th 2012 2:56 am
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so Marielle sang this song last night to her mommy .. her best friend taught it to her .. it will bring a smile to your face to if you can imagine 2 young girls sitting and singing as fast as they can .. LOLLOLLOLLOL !!!

Hi all,
O.K. So Marielle just sang a song or jingle to me and I told her I wanted to post it here, her friend Kylee taught it to her in one sitting!

Here goes...

Coca Cola went to town
Diet Pepsi knocked him down
Dr. Pepper helped him up
Now we're drinking 7-up
7-up caught the flu
Now we're drinking Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew fell off the mountain
Now we're drinking from the fountain
Fountain broke now we're drinking Cherry Coke
Cherry Coke lost it's cherry
Now we're drinking Loco Berry
Loco berry lost it's loco
Now we're drinking hot cocoa
Hot cocoa lost it's hot
Now we're drinking from a pot
Pot broke now we're drinking
Plain old Coke.

How funny was that! She's laughing all the while since I am a slow typist!! She said you have to say it real fast and it makes it even funnier.


2/7/12 Not in Remission yet

February 7th 2012 3:54 pm
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Marielles mommy posted this today in her caring bridge journal ..

Not yet.....

Hi All,
Well we're not in remission yet, the results came back this morning and since we are already here we will move on to the next phase of treatment. As I mentioned in an earlier post there was going to be an overnight visit this week regardless of the bone arrow results, so that will be tonight.
Tomorrow morning she will have a spinal tap done with the new chemo treatment, she will also start the 1st day of a 4 straight day treatment (with 4 intervals over the next 29 days) this is an IV push over 15-30 minute time span. This treatment will be much tougher on her little body, the rest of her hair will come out, she will likely experience a lot of nausea and vomiting and likely loss of appetite. We are thankful these haven't been side-effects so far but they're coming. This treatment plan is 56 days then the bone marrow test again at the end. This has been tough so far but will be getting tougher no doubt.
I have been talking to God since we got the news this morning and he assures me we're going to get through this and she will beat this damn cancer! Yup He doesn't care if I say damn!!!! Damn, damn, damn!!!! I crawled up on her bed with her and she just rubbed my arms and said, "I like keeping my eyes closed when they're in here talking, so they don't want me to talk." She is so strong and really amazes me more than words can describe!!! After the doctor left the room we talked and I told her I was sorry that she has to endure more of this and she said, "it's o.k. Mom, I'll be alright" what an angel!!!!!
So I went to get a cup of coffee when she went back to sleep, a parent who was also in the coffee shop overheard me on the phone in Au Bon Pain (the coffee shop downstairs). After I got back to the room, our nurse came in and said a parent on our wing heard me telling of the update of our daughter's condition and he gave a nurse a gift card to
Au Bon Pain to give to me. I started crying and hugged both of the nurses in our room and Marielle said, "why are you crying Mommy" and I answered (with a little help) "because God just talked to me and it made me cry tears of gratitude."
Well that's it for now, I am going to cuddle up on her bed with her for the afternoon. Please keep the prayers coming, not just for Marielle but for everyone affected by cancer, including the families. Will post again tonight. Love you all!!!

Thank you all for all the support !

pat & Buttercup


2/6/12 Back in the hospital

February 6th 2012 2:24 am
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Hi everyone .. just a quick update on Marielle.. she had to go back to the hospital to get her sodium level checked yesterday , which was fine .. but she had spiked a fever again .. so she has been readmitted. They started antibiotics and she will have to stay another 48 hours...looks like another UTI infection or maybe the previous one never cleared up , she does have a kidney condition since birth .. we are wondering if all the chemo is just hard for her kidneys to process... don't know if she will be getting that baby tooth pulled this week or not .. poor child is so tired .. and is supposed to be starting physical therapy this week also !

We haven't forgotten to write our Thank yous here for all the wonderful cards and gifts ... but mom was to deliver them to her ..and of course will now wait until she gets home . We will make a list once she and Hudson open them and then post our Thank yous ! You all know who you are .. and honest .... we have never seen so much support and love ! AMAZING !

The Buttergirl and Pat


2/3/2012 Marielles day at the hospital update

February 3rd 2012 5:20 pm
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Hi everyone.. First let me say that you will never find as many caring folks than there are right here on dogster. The out pouring of love, support, cards, presents that have been sent to Marielle and her brother Hudson has been truly awesome ! You all know who you are and we will post an official Thank you update soon ! Marielle had a rough long day today .. as it was another bone marrow biopsy day. They will get the results on Monday or Tuesday. Heres what her mommy wrote today
Awaiting Surgery

Good morning all,
We made valentines cookies last night for the Oncology staff and brought them with us this morning, of course another one of her ideas. Then Marielle made sure we remembered to bring her bumble bee and butterfly paintings for Ms. Sandra. As soon as we got here the staff paged Ms. Sandra and Marielle gave her the paintings, they were both excited about being able to put them on display for the other kids to enjoy.
At the dentist yesterday they decided after talking to her doctor, that they wait on pulling the tooth until next week. If she got an infection or fever as a result of the tooth getting pulled they would have had to postpone this mornings bone marrow procedure. So that'll be next week.
We won't get today's test results until Monday or Tuesday and all we know so far is that there will be an overnight stay next week that is in the protocol for the next step of treatment. Not sure yet what night that will be, but it will be a busy week. She'll likely get that baby tooth pulled Tuesday around noon then her 1st physical therapy appointment is on Tuesday as well.
That's so far her least favorite topic; exercise. She is very tired from all of the treatments and meds, but she is more than a trooper as you all have already witnessed thus far!
We will update again later today after we're home. Thanks for the continued prayers, we are grateful for each and every one! Have a great Friday!

Post surgery

O.K. So we are in recovery and the bone marrow surgery went great. We were waiting with her in recovery and as soon as the nurse was about to deactivate her port the nurse from Oncology called down & said to draw a tube of blood first to check her electrolytes. Not sure but something in her numbers was "off" and now we are waiting for those results. Talk about putting the brakes on! She had just ate a bagel and cream cheese, we're planning our lunch for Denny's restaurant for breakfast and then they say "wait, you can't leave yet." It should be a short while to get those results then either some transfusion, medicine or release to leave. Of course we hope for the latter. Will post again soon, I sent a bunch of texts out that we were leaving then they came in with this.....oh well at least the chairs in recovery are semi-recliners and Dad can take a nap ;

Home alas

We made it home after a brief stop at Denny's for a yummy breakfast! Got back just after 5pm, what a long day! We will go back to the pediatric ER Sunday at 9am for a check of her sodium levels, typically they run low while in treatment we were told. Then a trip back Monday morning at 9am to check other levels, these are usually affected when coming off of steroids, which she took the last of this morning until the next round.
She cheered up as the day went on, but just because she knew that she was that much closer to bacon, eggs, pancakes, toast.....oh yeah hash browns....that's it I think and a full belly! ;0)
The doctors said the puffiness will disappear within about a month and she will get her little 8 year old figure back, she could's all just a part of her process. There's no doubt this little girl is amazing and I'm not just saying that, I think most of us would have crumbled if going through this but she trusts God and has that child faith that everything is going to be o.k.
Have a restful night all, we will!! After Dad & Hudson go to their Boy Scout meeting that is.....

Truly .. it must be hell to have to watch your baby go through this .. it is hard enough as adults, ... what a trooper .. as we call her * FORD STRONG*

Thank You all for the continued prayers love and support ! We will keep you posted on next weeks treatment.. lets pray this cancer has gone into remission ...

Pat & Buttercup


Moms visit with Marielle

January 26th 2012 2:13 am
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Mom visited Marielle and poor baby is so puffy from all the steroids ... her legs are very week and hurt her to walk .. but her appetite is good and her love for crafts are keeping her very busy . She has her home tutor now and is already ahead in her school work. She has 3 more chemo treatments , than she must undergo another bone marrow biopsy to see if the cancer has gone into remission yet. The biopsies are painful , but she is a real trooper. We will keep you posted !

The Buttergirl and her mommy


1/22/2012 Update on Marielle

January 22nd 2012 2:34 am
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Hi everyone ... with all the prayers Marielle is to come home sometime this morning. She not only had a UTI infection but also a kidney infection and a wee bit of pneumonia. She had to be on IV antibiotics for 24 hours with no reaction which has been the case.Her fever is gone . They did continue her treatment in the hospital adding a new chemo drug , so all those hats and wigs will be used asap ! She will be back at the hospital Tuesday for her next treatment . She is what we call * FORD STRONG* .. you see her daddy owns a auto repair business and you know how those Ford trucks are built .. hence * FORD STRONG* !!
Thank you all once again .. and we will continue to update !

Pat & The Buttergirl !


1/20/2012 Marielle update

January 20th 2012 5:34 pm
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Looks like Marielle has a UTI infection .. she will be in the hospital over the week-end. Still not sure if she received treatment today as scheduled .. as long as she is running a fever they don't normally give treatment .. Mom sent a text message for an update this evening .. but we haven't heard back so we are sure they are very busy and just not able to answer yet .. we will keep you all posted !

You all are the best support team ever !,
Pat & Buttercup


1/20/2012 MARIELLE UPDATE .. Test results

January 20th 2012 2:01 am
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The test results came back and things weren't what we expected. The cancer cells were reduced .. but not enough to but her in remission so they have extended what they call the induction period another two weeks, which means in 2 weeks she will have to have another bone marrow biopsy to check the results..Her hair is really falling out now , but she remains upbeat. Her tutor for home teaching was finally approved by the state ( she got her favorite teacher Miss Trish) and they had a one on one at home yesterday to lay out the plan of study ! .. but last night around 5:00 Marielle spiked a fever and had to be admitted to the hospital for observation. Looks like she will be there for at least 48 hours. She was supposed to get treatment today .. but not sure now. We will keep you posted .. keep those prayers a coming !

Pat & Buttercup

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