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Feb. news

February 5th 2008 3:02 pm
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Hi everyone!

It's been a long cold winter so far and we've got more to come. It's snowed a couple times but doesn't stick around long. My feet don't like to walk in that white stuff!

Yesterday was very traumatic for me! Dad took me really early in the morning to the vet. Now usually they just check me over and maybe give me a shot, but not yesterday! They knocked me out and pulled 6 of my teeth out! I really wanted to keep my teeth and no one asked my permission to pull them! Anyway, Dad brought me home in the afternoon and I was still very woozy. Got lots of cuddles from Mom which was good, and I slept by her all evening. They said I looked a little goofy all evening, which I think was a little rude after what I'd been through! But now I get to eat some really good soft food for a while. I like being spoiled!! I feel pretty normal today but still think I'll just sleep a lot.

Well, bark atch' later,
Maggie ;)



June 12th 2007 12:08 pm
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Hey All!

Mom just gave me a bath, which I hate, but after I got a treat and lots of
snuggles! She know I won't stay this way long so I don't know why she bothers!
I think Gracie needs one more than me anyway.

Nothing too much happening around our pen lately. Just playing with Charity
and Gracie a lot. Got new pals recently and we want to welcome them! There
is even one from Holland! That's where Mom's birth father is supposed to be
from, so she got excited about that. The pal's Mom even helped my Mom with
her search for him! That's so neat!

Well, like I said not much news, so until next time,

Barks later,


April 29th, 2007

April 29th 2007 3:59 pm
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OMG, my sis Gracie got a haircut like mine! Of course, she's not nearly as pretty
as me, but she looks lots cooler. Mom caved to Dad and everyone else who wanted
it done. She loved the long hair but it was sooooo hard to comb her and she was always
dirty. So I guess we'll look more or less the same for at least the summer.

It's up to 90 degrees every day and Mom says that's way too early in the year! Maybe
the monsoons will start early too then it will cool down. Mom is trying not to turn
the air conditioner on yet, but it 80 in the house. We have windows open and that
helps a little. We can hear the birds on the porch now and they are driving my cat
sister Charity crazy! She lays up in the window and meows at them.

Yaps later,


Feb. 8th, 2007

February 8th 2007 3:24 pm
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Hey friends!

Dad took me yesterday to get a haircut. Went to my usual nice lady just down the road. When he picked me up, he was shocked to find I had been skinned!! I mean she took all my body hair off! And it's winter! Our days are pretty nice but after dark it gets really cold! I need to wear a coat, which I detest! I'm usually a little fluffy, which is just right. Oh well, it will only take a couple weeks to get some fluff back. Gracie went with me but only got her nails trimmed. I never seen her with short hair. Bet it would be scary!

Barks later,
Maggie Ann



January 14th 2007 4:13 pm
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Mom was just telling me that maybe no one gives me any treats since I didn't have a diary. Well, here goes.

All our water was frozen for most of the day today. OK with me 'cause I heard Mom saying I needed a bath. Gracie and I have to go out no matter what the weather is like! I really don't think that's fair since the dumb cat just stays in and watches us from the window. I'm sure I saw her sticking her tongue out! During really cold days like this I wouldn't mind having a box to do my business in (or the floor would be just fine if Mom and Dad didn't get so upset!).

Guess Mom hasn't been feeling real good. She doesn't want to play as much and only lets us lay on her lap in the evenings. I think it's the cold! No one wants to do much. But Dad had to be out all day working on the pump, etc., for the well. Seems that not only was everything frozen, the big pack rats had taken over the little pump shed. I like to chase most of the wild life here, but they are big and scary!

Mom also said that I need new pix on my page. But I'm not really very photogenic! So we'll see what she can come up with soon.

Barks later,
Maggie Ann

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