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Awesome Weekend!

May 19th 2008 11:18 am
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OMD! Mom took Ashleigh and I to our annual outing over Mother's Day weekend to an Obedience/Rally trial. We had a fantastic time! There were lots of pups and their people that we knew - including my 2nd favorite person on the planet, trainer lady Lori. We also met lots of new pups and people too. Mom entered me in Open A obedience and we were trying for the 2 legs that I needed to qualify for my CDX title. We both did really well; one of the judges even complimented Mom on what a pleasure it was to see a dog who so obviously loved to work.

Well the 1st day wasn't so great - I layed down on my long sit and I could tell that Mom was disappointed. None of us pups in the class that day qualified but fear not; Friday was a MUCH better day and I qualified with a 189.5! Then on Saturday we tried for the 3rd leg and WE DID IT! I can't believe I'm a CDX now (I don't think Mom believes it either) BOL! We have it all on video and maybe if Mom ever figures out how to get the video off the tape and on to the computer she'll post it on my page! C'mon Mom - get with it! BOL!


What an Honor!

August 15th 2007 11:40 am
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Mom & I started a new session of obedience classes last night and Lori always starts by telling brags on everyone's accomplishment. Little did mom and I know what was in store for us! Here's what happened - Front & Finish magazine ranks competing dogs by breed, group and class and the Novice A rankings were last month's issue. Several of Lori's students were mentioned and then she says, "and Hayey was the #1 Collie". This was for ALL of 2006 from dogs all over the country! Mom's mouth dropped open and she said "are you "kidding" me"? (well, that's not really what she said but I'm not allowed to type those words! BOL!) She was in total shock! Still is! I'm so excited! I knew we did good in Novice competition but I had no idea!

I should explain the "Colllie" thing so mom and I don't confuse everypup - I'm an ILP dog and both of my parents are Shelties. There must be Collie in background because the AKC approved my ILP application - but as a Collie! I guess between my size and my head they think I'm a Collie..... :0))


Trial Season Starts!

April 11th 2007 11:18 am
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Yay! Mom told me that she entered me in a 4 day trial next month so we can try for our CDX! We are gonna have to practice, practice, practice so we can be a really great team out in the ring! Woo Hoo! I've been working really hard on my heeling (I have a habit of forging :( ) so we can get a great score. I like making Mom smile when we do really good and I get lots of love, scratches and hugs; although I still don't understand why she cried when I got my CD title last fall. Mom's are pretty silly sometimes.....


Sumthin's Up

December 1st 2006 6:29 pm
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I haven't quite figured out what Mom is up to but I think it has sumthin to do with HER LEAVING WITHOUT ME! She pulled out a suitcase for her to use but she hasn't gotten out the one she uses for me and Ashleigh. I'm pretty sure she's going to go someplace - I even over-heard Aunt Laura tell Ashleigh that she'd better get used to her because she was going to be around a whole bunch next week.

I'm getting really, really worried, the last time Aunt Laura stayed with us- she brought the LION!!! If she brings Murphy I don't know what I'm going to do - I'm really pretty scared of him. Maybe Mom will bring me with her.....

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