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DNA Test

July 9th 2011 1:24 pm
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Hawkeye unfortuntaly had to be put to sleep June 18, 2011 due to a heart murmur.

Before we put him down we had gotten a blood test to determine what type of dog he was (something that had only been guessed at in the 13 years he was a member of our family)

Results: English Springer 50%
Border Collie 25%
Mixed Breed 25% - 30% German Shepherd


What's my breed again?

September 14th 2010 12:18 am
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My sis works at a Boarding kennel and her and her coworkers and boss were talking about what kind of dog I might be. Some of the breeds being mentioned were Springer Spaniel, Dalmation, Golden Retriever, English Setter, Borde Collie and Labrador. I find this all very confusing, I'm obviously just an Awesome. My sis is thinking of getting a DNA test for me the next time I go to the vet. I think that would be so much easier then standing around guessing all day.


They're back

September 3rd 2009 8:41 pm
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I almost had the house to myself for a whole day. Annie woke up on the 1st and was really sick, they didn't know if she would make it, and then the next day Kado had to be taken to the vet for a "bladder crystal" or something like that. My house almost lost 2 animals. I wouldn't complain except that would leave me alone with Oddiot, and that wouldn't be fun. Now Annie and Kado are home. Kado's all better. Annie they're not even sure what's wrong.


Worried about Ace

June 18th 2009 2:56 am
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Not sure if I mentioned this but my neighbour is a pitbull and recently in town talk has been going around about banning the breed and other like breeds (ex. staffies) I think it's so dumb. All dogs can bite. I've never met a pitbull that was mean to me. I've only ever been "attacked" by labs and chihuahuas....It just doesn't make sense. Ace deserves to be able to stay in his home. I really hope they don't ban pitbulls.


I've made a friend!

May 15th 2009 10:27 pm
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My sis told me that our neighbours rent out a part of there house and that the people who moved in have a dog. I hadn't seen it until today. My neighbour is a pitbull. We had a who's the boss contest and then he jumped right over the fence. My sis was worried because Ace (the neighbour dog) is an unneutered male and he can jump really high, but whenb he jumped the fence me and him had a grand old time! It was so fun!


Going to the Groomers

March 17th 2009 5:26 pm
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I'm going to the groomers this weekend...I'm not sure if I should be happy about it. My sis finely got tired of brushing me. She's been trying to brush me at least twice a week because of shedding season. My fur knots really easily and it holds on to dirt. Annie is going too, but she's only getting her nails done. I'm not going to my usual groomers either, I'm going to a new place that's closer to home to save my family money (the old place is on the other side of town)


Still here

February 10th 2009 6:42 pm
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My family recently got me a dog bed. I started jumping on the couch cause I was tired of laying on the floor. The only thing that sucks is that Annie lays in it sometimes. My sis tried to stop this by brining Annie's bed out but she has no interest in laying on her bed. Grrr. Now all I need is a bed for my kennel so that's softer. I have a couple blankets but they get all bunched up.

I got to bark at a raccoon today. He was in mean mans yard. My sis got up and let me and Annie out and after I went to the bathroom I looked up and the raccoon was climbing the pole for mean mans laundry line. I enjoyed barking at him but then my sis came out and made me go back inside.

I was downstairs yesterday and I smelled something. I think my sis got another cat, cause it smells like a cat and sounds like a cat. Annie's allowed in the room but I'm not cause the new cat doesn't like dogs yet and I like to chase cats that run or hiss. :D

Well I'm off to nap. I'll talk to ya all later


Still getting old

November 14th 2008 3:42 pm
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....My family's worried about me. I don't really know why I'm only...just a sec...77, I think that's 11 in human years. I keep trying to tell them I'm young by barking and running around but they seem to think that it means I'm losing my Canda. But my sis is helping me alittle she's put me on a diet to bring my weight down a bit (not that I need to lose any) and she brushed me more so I look very handsome. The only thing keeping me from looking really young are all the white hairs in my eyebrow...I wonder if they make hair dye for dogs. I should get sis to look into that. Any way I need to go check the parimeter of my yard. See you later


Getting old

June 1st 2008 6:12 pm
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My sis took me for a walk yesterday. Nice one where I was allowed off leash. But I realized I'm not as agile as I used to be.....My sis is bring home all kinds of smells from her new job. And she keeps telling about all the dogs she gets to meet. Annie isn't as annoying anymore but I still like to voice every last complaint I can muster. My sis also gave me a hair cut when she brushed me today because I had alot of hidden matts. Now I look like an idiot.....>.


More puppies

July 1st 2007 7:19 pm
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Toby and Jada the dogs that were here over that winter tree holiday thingy are here again with more puppies! They smell funny to me and they make Jada lung at me when I get to close. I can't wait till they're gone even though one of my sisters loves them.

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