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Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas......

December 12th 2008 10:23 am
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Well, mommie put the furfamily Christmas pictures on my page and some also my fursister Kallie's page!! ....Boy was that fun having the pictures taken..LOL Sure had some good treats...ummmmm! Mommie made some bacon because we all love bacon and you can smell it for miles.... :) So, I was doing good most of the time then I wanted to go play ball and my Auntie got a picture of me jumping out of the sleigh!! Our Uncle Cody was Santa he looked pretty darn good we knew it was him.. he couldn't fool us!! So in the picture is Kallie and me as Elfs, Spencer (4 mo Great Dane) as Santa mini me, Kayden (she's a Great Dane) and Brody (R. Ridgeback) as Reindeer!! We all did good and the pictures were taken in our front yard..our Aunt bought the sleigh for pictures...!!!! Looks like we're going to have some fun come Christmas day I can see everyone getting in the sleigh for pictures...
Hope there's bacon.....LOL


Tis The Season... Ho! Ho! Ho!

December 6th 2008 3:44 pm
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Well, today was the day!!! Last week my Aunt had a big 8' long sleigh (made out of wood) delivered to our house. Needless to say it's out front :) My Aunt had all of us out there for pictures..knew that one was coming LOL Well my Uncle Cody dressed up as Santa he really looks like the real one! Wow... his belly kept slipping BOL Now my fursister and I are the Elfs and Kayden (Great Dane)& Brody(RR) are Reindeer with the antlers and tails and everything and then baby Spencer (yeah right she's bigger then me now!) she just turned 4 months (Great Dane) is Santa with the hat and beard!! Oh, mommie fried allot of bacon so yu know we're going to sit pretty :) I'll do just about anything for bacon but then I got to hyper... so I had to get out of the sleigh and come in because I knew my ball was out there I'm in here now and they're still taking pictures!!! We'll put some on the page maybe tomorrow... Glad this is once a year.. but boy was that bacon good...


It Was A Long Day!!!!!

June 2nd 2008 11:42 am
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So, yesterday was the Nutts for Mutts-New Leash On Life Dof Show and Festival!!! First we had qualifying rounds and that's when they see what what your going to do and if your a Mutt (like me mixed hehehe), if you pass all that then you get to compete!! Well, my Auntie told mommie they had cones around and I was so crazy with my ball the cones went flying all over!! BOL Well, they said "Ball Crazy" and no one had to coach me either I like that normally that's why they have to hide it in the closet! For my health (to calm down) and their sanity... :o) So, it got time to compete and there I went pulling my Aunt into the ring... everyone was laughing and snapping pictures!! So every pup got there turn..when it came to mine my Aunt hung on for dear life as I was not letting go...I was in my "shark frenzing frame of mind" she did what every good Aunt would do? What you ask she swung me around and around I loved it....I was flying..BOL!!! People were clapping and laughing, my poor Aunt really got a good workout...I was pretty tired after all that too! So, later they announced the winners and the said the 1st, then the 2nd and then the 3rd and nope I didn't even place! My Aunt felt bad for me but heck I didn't care I had fun and still got to carry my ball around :)
But, about 10 different humans came up to my Aunt and told her they thought I should of placed so that was nice of them...! There's always next year..I'm up for that hope my Aunts arms and shoulders will be ok by then? LOL Then when we got home I was so tired oh and people were coming up to us and asking if Kayden and I were litter mates?? Huh? Or if I was her pup? What were they things she a Great Dane and big, and then me Amer Staffie I can walk under her....!! Mommie told us when we got home I was one of the winners in DPP "Go Fetch It" Photo Contest!! Wow I was really surprised and I got a star too!! So it was a really fun day Thank you Auntie Dawn, Liv, Cheryl and little Drew also my fur cousin Kayden for taking me!! Also a big Thank You to DPP for liking my picture and congrats to the other winners and all the pups who entered really we're all winners look at our lives!! Bark at ya later!!


Nutts For Mutts!!! Yipee...............!

May 29th 2008 10:28 pm
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Well it's that time of year again the Nutts For Mutts-New Leash On Life Dog Show and Fair!!! I'm so excited...yipeee!!! My Aunt is going to take me and she entered me in Ball they make fun of me because I am totally crazy when it comes to chasing and playing ball!! Last year she took me and we had my big blue ball with the rope that goes through it!! She threw it and I never gave it back..BOL She was pulling on the rope and I held on..everyone was laughing and clapping. Then she went around and around and I was in the air! One of the Judges came over and asked if he could try (LOL) so my Aunt gave him the rope and away we went!! He couldn't even believe how strong I was I guess that's the pit in me!! But, boy that was fun so this Sunday we're going and some of my pals are going to come out and see me!! I'll let ya know how I did.....

Bark At Ya Later........

Harley aka The Ball Hog :o)


It's A Bird? Nope It's me!!

March 1st 2008 1:46 am
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Well, you won't believe what I did again!!! My Auntie took all of us on a hike and we were all running around having a great time!! We were chasing each other and having so much fun just being free to run!! Well, all of a sudden she looked and didn't see me.... All my buddies ran over to the tree and she saw me way up there! She said she was afraid I wasn't going to be able to get down but she called me and down I ran!! Then guess what I got to run back up again it was so much fun!!! I don't understand none of my buddies wanted to come up and join me!! :( Oh well, this time they got pictures of me!! LOL So, if there's ever a big tree around watch out you might see me up there with the birdies!!! I 'll be the one barking..!!! You can see the pictures you have to look close!!

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