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My Diary


February 26th 2007 7:21 am
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A little dogster pup, Angel is having seizures and sure got mom thinking about me today. You can see Angel at

Any how She posted this in one of the groups:

Our Hobo Poop had seizures too. the Phenobarb worked for a bit but one day he went into seizures and mom and the vet just weren't able to get them to stop. Hobo's spirit went to the bridge and mom buried him and planted a minuture cherry tree to mark his special spot. Every time mom sees that tree blooming she just knows Hobo is waiting for the birds to come eat those cherries so he can bark at 'em.

And ya know what she's right ...I loves yipping and yapping at the birdies!!


My Job with the TOWN

September 26th 2006 12:47 pm
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It was early one morning and mom let me out to do my duty and I just couldnt resist the open door on the Town's Pick Up Truck. The two city workers that were futzing with the sewer lines didn't even see me climb in and look around. When I got in first thing I noticed was that it was a nice truck and it came equipped with free doughnuts...YUMMMM. When the workers started to get back in the truck they seemed surprised to see me. Asked me what I was doing here and Told me to get out! The very nerve of them...well I wasn't leaving those doughnuts so I grabbed one and hunkered down. Guess they got the message because they got in and we went for a ride down to the city yard...and I didn't get out there either.

MEANWHILE at home mom was going bullistic..searching for me. Calling for me. Driving around the neighborhood looking for me.

I meanwhile went on a parts run with the two city guys ...they stopped at MickyD's and bought me a hamburger! YUMMMMMMMMMMM

Meanwhile mom was asking everyone she met if they had seen me. About 4PM that afternoon she spotted a neighbor and told him she was looking for HOBO. the neighbor asked if Hobo was that little dog she had. Yep she said Have you seen him???? The neighbor said he was pretty sure the city workers had him in thier truck. OH NO THOUGHT MOM! Picked up by the city could mean only one thing...I was over by a car or I was being toted off to the pound. She thanked the neighbor and jumped in the truck and raced off to the city yard.

I was snoozing when mom pulled up so I didn't even hear her asking the city workers if they had me. Didn't even hear them laughing and tell her how I had been the EMPLOYEE of the DAY for the city. How they had tried to get me to come out of the truck and I wouldn't I growled at them if they tried to pick me up when the doors were open and sat happily in thier lap when the doors were closed and the truck was rolling. but I DID HEAR HER WHEN SHE OPENED UP THE TRUCK DOOR AND SAID "HOBO WHAT ARE YOU DOING??" "Well I was enjoying a nice nap till ya woke me up" I said as I stretched and wandered over to her open arms.

I got to admit I liked working for the city but it was nice to go home and relax after such a hard day!


My Tail of Devotion for Hobo

September 26th 2006 12:30 pm
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Hobo was 6 or 7 years old when we found him on the side of a four lane highway. We had never had a chihuahua family member...actually neither my husband nor I were too thrilled with chihuahuas ...they always seemed to yappy nasty little dogs and here we were with one that we didn't know what to do with. We ran an ad in the local newspaper of the closest town to where we found him. No replies. We re ran the ad for 8 replies and by now HOBO had stolen our hearts.

He lived with us for about 8 years before developing siezures. We tried drugs to calm his seizures ..they worked for a bit but soon there was no stopping them and we had to send our HOBO off to Rainbow Bridge! He was such a hobo I'm sure he was thrilled to be on the road again.

We love ya HOBO and thanks for showing us just how BIG a LITTLE DOG IS!

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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