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Nellie a Dog's Tail

The Passing of Nellie Ann

June 2nd 2009 8:35 pm
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This just to let everone known that best friend passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Nellie was dianosed with Cancer back in Dec 2008 but God let stay with me until March. I was with right up until the end and she did not suffer a bit. She was my best friend and campanion I will miss her a lot but is in a place now were there no end to playing and happiness. God Love you Nellie.

Dave Castle



June 1st 2007 2:33 pm
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I got to go camping this last weekend. It is about time that tok out the motorhome. We went to an KOA campground in New Market, Virginia about 1 1/2 drive. We got there and Dad and Pat got everything set up for the night and we just hung out. The next Dad finished getting everything set and tried to relax and I would not let him. Dad and Pat took me for a walk down to the pet area and let me play in the creek. We also went to the fishing pond and they would let me swim there but I did try i was in up to ankles and Dad pulled me out. Darn I almost made it. I was also trying to go into the swiming pool and Dad told that dogs were not allowed I jusy don't understand that because I am just a kid with four paws. We got back to the motorhome and I was still bugging Dad and Pat and just would not behave myself. Dad finally figured out what I wanted and it was my bed to be ouside with us so that I did have to lay on the hard matt. Way to go Dad even if you are a little slow at getting the ideal. The next was really great. I got to meet some of my neighbors and bark at them what fun. I also barked at a squeriel which I never do at home. I let Jessie my parter in crime take care of that at home. Dad bought me a scarf that said what park of biscuit don't you understand and bought Jessie one that says talk biscuit to me. Boy I really like mind that is me all over I live to get a biscuit or a pigs ear. when we got home I was really tired and went to bed and didn't move until the next morning. I can't wait until the next camping trip.



February 6th 2007 3:19 pm
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It has really been cold here in Virginia the last couple of days. I go outside and get I need to get done and right back in. Dad has been taking me for walks around the lake and it is really fun. I get to bark at the Geese and make the them fly what fun. There also ice on the lake but Dad will not let go out on it bummer. But I do like to set on the edge and listen to it pop and crack. I just don't know how it does it. I have been getting to go on a lot of rides with Dad and that is really fun. I see those big dogs called deer and just bark at them and have fun. I sure do wish that camping season would get here again. I follow Dad everytime that he goes to the motorhome and all he does is start it up and look at the inside man I want to camping. But camping season is only a couple of months away and I am ready to go.


Catching Up

December 10th 2006 5:43 am
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Well have not written anything lately so I had better catch up. After the vacation everything was pretty quiet. Dad did buy me a laser pointer that I really love to chase. I will wait by the sand were he keeps and guard for hours or he comes and gets it out for me to case it is realy goo excerise for and I just love to run after it. This month has really been excting as Christmas is coming and I know that I am going to get new toys. Dad has also taken for a lot rides and boy were they fun. I got to run and play just about all I wanted to. Have not seen much of Pat this month as Dad's work schedule seems like it changes from week to week. Dad and Brother put up a ton of Christmas lights and was right there along Jessie Paul's Dog to make sure that everything was done just right and we also made sure that everything just in the right place. You know how you have to keep an eye on those Humans.


October 21, 2006

October 28th 2006 4:11 am
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Just got bsck from my vacatiion. We really had a good time myself, Dad and Pat. We got there on 14 Oct 06 and really got a pretty good campground all except for the 4 freight that ran by the campgrounf each day. I didn't really get to go Colonial Williamsburg But Dad and Pat told me about each and left for no more than about 6 hrs aday which I just laid around the motorhome and ate, drank water and relaxed until they got back. than I got to got for lots of walks and me other people and their dogs. The only thing than I did not like was the black cat that belonged to the campground. He kept comong around laying on a picnic table right next to our camp site. boy did I tell him a thing or two. I got my pigs ear every nite and got some people food mixed into my regular food just about every day. While traveling in the motorhome Dad always made sure that I got plenty pit stops if you know what I mean. My favor thing to do was try and lay on the step of motorhome or just set on it. The only time that it was not to much fun was the one day that it rained and we had to stay in the motorhome most of the except for my walks. What a great trip.


October 10, 2006

October 10th 2006 1:43 pm
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Just found out today that Dad is taking me camping for 9 days. Will keep a daily diary and let you what happens.


October 01, 2006

October 1st 2006 7:57 am
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Well Dads up again at 4AM getting ready to go to work and I just hate the way he works he works thre different shifts in month and I really miss him when he is gone. Well time to go upstairs and get my food from my Aunt Virginia and back to bed until Dad gets home. I sure would like it if he didn't have to work. But someone has to bring home the dog bones. Well has just gotten after being at work all day it is about 7PM. Boy did I let him know glad I was to see him. I paced the whole evening and just would not let him be. I was really after a pigs ear but my Aunt Jenny had already given me my two for the day. Dad was really tired after his 12 hour day. I hate it when he has to work those hours. So I put him to bed early and got just as close to him as I could because he will have to do the same thing tomrrow. I really miss him when he is not home.

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