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Princess Heidie: My Life with that rascal Starbuck

Chocolate Easter Bunnies

March 23rd 2007 6:50 am
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MeMe had to have a serious talk with us today. She said she wanted to sit us down and prepare us for the hard cold truth.
It seems that human folks in ancient Egypt saw rabbits as a sign of fertility because naturally those darned things are always having so many babies in Spring. Over the years, in the early 1700s, when that belief travelled to Europe, it was combined with another thought that eggs are also a symbol of fertility because they are the beginning of new life and bring birth. The German folks who were Christians started a tradition at Easter time of children setting out their caps or bonnets, filled with straw to collect colored hard cooked eggs left in them on Easter morning. It was meant to show that Jesus Christ was reborn with the resurrection on that day. In the 1800s Germany naturally being a big maker of chocolate soon added chocolate candies in the shape of bunnies to that early "Easter Basket" and before you know it, In the 1930s, we in America joined in on that tradition, even including Jelly Beans in our baskets because they resemble the shape of an egg.
So here is where the dreaded truth comes in. Doggie people cannot have chocolate easter bunnies! Now why on earth would they go and create a holiday that we cannot even have the best part of?? ShEEsh! Ya see chocolate is not a good thing for us doggies because if we get even a taste, it starts us craving it... If we eat a little we become determined to eat more and in some cases it can cause seizures or even kill us! Meme said chocolate is kind of like mushrooms for human folks. Some are worse than others. White chocolate is the least dangerous because it doesn't have so much of what can poison us, but baking chocolate chips like she uses sometimes to make fudge and cookies has a whole lot and it wouldn't take much to harm a small dog and still wasn't good for the big ones either.
MeMe said not to fear though... She said she can guarantee that when the Easter Bunny comes April 8th this year, we will find some extra special treats tucked inside our baskets. This will be that pesky Starbuck's first Easter with us, but I remember how MeMe gave me some tasty hard boiled eggs out of the basket last year. OOhhh YummY! I just love eggs any way I can get them, but those hardboiled ones are a treat, something to really sink your teeth into... nummy-nummy! So remember doggies, leave the chocolate bunnies for your human kiddies to enjoy, wouldn't want any of my friends gettin' sick!


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