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Life is great in my new home! by Teddy....

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The people run.

May 12th 2007 8:19 pm
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Today grandpa came over early in the morning and he and daddy started to set up the sidewalk stones for the people run. The people will be in a fenced off area and Jake and me get the rest of the yard. That's what we figure anyway. They worked on it all day and Jake and me had a great time because we got to stay outside and play all day. I ate all the grass and dirt as it was all being dug up. I liked being outside all day today. I noticed something fun that I never noticed before. Bees!
Boy are they fun to chase around the yard! I stalk them and if I am lucky enough to catch one I try to eat it.
I don't think the humans like me chasing bees too much. They don't know what they are missing. But mommy kept yelling at me and said something about not wanting to take me to the vet today thank you very much.
Why would I go to the vet? That little bee can't hurt me! How can a bee beat me up? Anyway, I hear that tomorrow is Mothers Day! Happy Mothers Day Mommy!!!!!
And Grandpa will be back again in the morning to do some more of the backyard people run.
How fun!
Tomorrow we will be outside all day again!
Maybe I will get to eat one soon and see what it tastes like!



A Dog Owners Prayer

May 5th 2007 4:08 pm
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I got this from my last obedience class today! I won 2 competitions! Today was graduation!

Oh Lord don't let me once forget
How I love my trusty pet

Help me learn to disregard
canine craters in the yard

Show me how to be a buddy
even when my sofa's muddy,

Don't allow my pooch to munch
postal carriers for lunch.

Sheild my neighbour's cat from view,
guide my steps around the doo.

Train me not to curse and scowl
when it's puppy's night to howl.

Grant I shan't awake in fear
with a cold nose in my ear.

Give me patience without end,
Help me be "A Dog's Best Friend"

~Authour Unknown~

Yesterday it was 6 months since I came to live with Jake!
And I am still here!


what a good day I had....I am sleepy....ZZZZZ

April 29th 2007 9:11 pm
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Early this morning, I went with Daddy in the big truck!
We got up early this morning and went to Grandma and Grandpas house to get these great big side walk stones to put in our yard.
Daddy says me and Jake will have them in our run.
We are gonna have a dog run put in because the yard is all icky and the grass is gone because we killed it! So, we went there and daddy and grandpa put the big stones in the truck and I stayed in the car port and got pets from Grandma!

I also got to meet Timmy, Grandmas Shi-poo. He is almost 1. He is lots of fun!

We all brought the stones back home. And I woke up Jake. "Get up! the stones are here" and he is going on about some guys named Mick and Keith...I think he was still kind of dreaming.

The RUN will probably be put together next week and on, until it is finished.

Today was a good day because I got to go somewhere cool in the big truck, we got to go to the doggy park, and also, for the first time ever, mom went shopping and found FROSTY PAWS!
We have had our first ever Frosty Paws binge!

yummy good!

Frosty Paws = the signs of summer says Jake!

Who cares about summer? Gimme some more Frosty PAWS!!!!!




Jakes Birthday!

April 25th 2007 9:37 pm
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So today, my brother Jake turned 2!!!!!!
What a great day we had....we went to the doggy park ,
and we had cookies!
OH the cookies we had!


mommy got them from a doggy baker type guy, they are posted on Jakes 'page. The cookies we so good, and so fancy and I have never had cookes like that before in my life.....

yummy yummerz!

we also got stuffed kongs and a bully stick!
Birthdays are really great, dont u think?




I went through the tunnel today!

April 21st 2007 7:13 pm
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I had obedience class today and guess what?

I have heard that Jake was terribly afraid of the tunnels at obedience class when he went there and refused to go in, so I just have to brag!

I have bragging rights.


Tunnels are cool, tunnels rule!!!

ha ha ha ha

I am the brave one Jake.
I'll bet he will beat me up now - gulp.



The plug

April 17th 2007 6:26 pm
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Today I played with the rubber plug that goes into the bathtub.
It was fun. It bounced around.
I like to steal things from the bathroom all the time.
sometimes toilet paper.
sometimes garbage from the garbage can.
but today I stole the bathtub plug.
It was something to do.
and I hid it under moms treadmill.
Daddy looked and looked for it all morning
he he he



I told on Jake today.

April 10th 2007 7:36 pm
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Tonight Jake jumped in mommy's bath before the tub was being filled up and he soaked the floor and left the tub all muddy.
I told on him.
I ran downstairs and jumped around and mom wondered why I was a little wet, and why I was running around acting silly.
Then I just stared at her and told her come and see what Jake is doing! Then she caught him red handed prancing in the "still filling up" bathtub.
The boy cleaned up the mess because he wanted a bath because he had to go to bed early. So mom had to wait for her bath.....She told daddy I was a good boy because I didn't boogie in the tub.
Jake is mad because I told on him. I only told on him because he took all my toys last weekend. Stole them all off me!
Mom helps me out when see can, but tonight I took matters into my own paws.
If Jake does not share with me, there will be more snitching!




April Snow!!!!!

April 4th 2007 8:38 pm
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Tonight mommy and me went for a walk and it began to SNOW!!!!
It was real weird snow and it hurt! Mommy called it hail. It started out being a cool walk. Because we got a few houses down the street and a nice man came out and asked if I was friendly and mom said yes. So he called his doggy out to the driveway to meet me! Fiona, her name is and she is a chocolate Lab! Jake has met her lots of times but this was my first time meeting her! What a cutie she is! she said "Hi, little cutie wanna play?" I was on my leash so it was kinda hard to play like that. Then she jumped in her van. And her daddy told her to get outta there. Then, as we left she said "I'll see YOU later"
I said "OK BYE!!!!" I had chipmunks to see. and trees to pee on.

when we got around the block the weather started to change. I was not sure what was happening until I heard my mommy say " stupid, bleeping snow"
Snow was back!!!
I was SOOO excited I dragged mommy around the block! (She left my gentle leader at home) I had hail/snow stuck in my fur! Jake had been going for his walk with the boy at the same time.
When he got home we were so excited!!! Mom just let us play outside in the mud/snow/god knows what else is out there......yard.
the humans watched us act all weird.
Dogs love snow! I wish I could make a snow man!
Jake says this will be the last time it snows now.
That is kind of sad
dont you think



My Tail of Devotion for Teddy

April 3rd 2007 9:17 pm
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Oh, little Teddy, where shall I begin?
We had Jake already and one day I was looking at Dogster and there you were. Looking for a home. you had a pic of reindeer antlers on your head and I was in love! Mini's mommy really knew how to get to a dog lovers' heart! LOL! We told mini's mom wen were interested in you but we almost didn't get you. Because you were going to another family, an older family in NY. But they, at the last minute had health problems and told Mini's mom that they may not be able to keep their own dogs through their lifetimes. Keeping a dog its whole life was important to Mini's mom, as it should be, So we were next in line and we were a little surprised to get you! I remember that I worried and fretted. (Do we have enough room? Will Jake get jealous? How much will food cost? Holy jeez ,what have we done?) I am not embarassed to say....that I freaked. Because I had NEVER HAD 2 DOGGIES BEFORE.
Then the day came to get you and all I can say is, oh my dog, were you cute. you looked soooo scared! and you jumped in our truck so obediently...i mean WE WERE STRANGERS! And I called you Teddy Bear and you licked me to death!!! I'll never forget that. I found out later that your first momma used to call you Teddy Bear.

OH TEDDY...we are so glad we got you. You are so sweet and we are very, very lucky to have you in our lives. I am in love again (A third time, thank you) with a dog.......
There had better not be any more cute dogs with reindeer antlers on their heads posted on Dogster anytime soon. Our lawn will not be able to handle it!
all this babbling, I will get to the point. Teddy, when we got you, you had been through 4 homes and you were only 7 months old. So I vow to give you what you had been looking for all those months....A PERMANENT HOME. Teddy, my tail of devotion to you is to give you your forever HOME. Our house is home and this is where you will live for the rest of you life.....And know THIS.....nobody will take you away from us. They will have to cut off my left hand first...and I am left handed!
Welcome to the family Teddy Bear.
We love you!

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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I got to see Dads work!

March 27th 2007 6:08 pm
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So mom is home from her trip, but Jake already told you about that. That was Friday, but on Saturday I got to go to my second obedience class! I love it there. Just like Jake said, it is the best!
We learned off (which Jake taught me but I still dont really get it) and stay (which I am very good at) and the cookies! oh the cookies! mmmmmmmm
rollovers they are called.
yummy good!
After obedience Daddy had to go to his work for a minute and mommy was told she could take me inside too! I finally got to see why daddy smells like trucks. There were great big trucks all over. Then we went in a big building and he sat on the computer for abit and some machines made noises and he talked to people on the phone. It was not very long but Mommy saw that I was getting bored and took me for a walk around the office and the parking lot. All those trucks! Mommy thought it was interesting that I was so fascinated by the trucks.
When we got home, I told Jake all about it and he got jealous and wrestled with me and slobbered all over me. He said he had not gone to dad's work since he was a baby when he pooped and peed on the floor in the office!
Wonder if Jake will be mad that i told you that part?


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