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Life is great in my new home! by Teddy....

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I'm seeing STARS!!

October 14th 2006 9:52 am
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This morning I got up and I looked at Mini. He gave me that weird look like we missed out something really great! What is that that we missed? A Cookie? That would be very bad!!!

After Mini used the computer, I got a hang of it and wow, I have another star this morning and 4 more Rosettes!! I had this competition with Mini saying who will have the more STARS and guess what? I know that I will win! (Way to GO MINI!) Mini is too lucky now and so he doesn't need those lucky stars as much as do!

There are a lot of pmails and thank you pmails that I have to write today!!!!!
I hope that those doggies who gave me the nice greetings won't think that I'm forgeting them because I didn't, and I will NOT!



I'm so LUCKY and THANKFUL to all of you!

October 12th 2006 11:35 pm
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Today, I've received a lot of pup pal requests, rosettes, pmails and even a STAR. I cannot be more thankful and I really appreciate all the sweet things that the doggies and their parents say to me. Today is really a great day- it's the best day I EVER have. Never did so many doggies and humans pay so much attention to me before. I hope that good things will start happening to me from now on. You know, they say that good things will happen to good doggies, I'm starting to believe that it is true!

We came home very late today so Mommy & I are going off to bed for now. Tomorrow is my foster dad's b-day but I promise you that I'll continue to pmail the doggies that contacted me and for those who gave me Rosettes (and a Star). I haven't forgotten you guys! I'm just a little too sleepy now....

Sweet Dreams everyone.



I'm the Dog of the WEEK! YAY!!

October 12th 2006 11:05 am
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YAY! I'm the DOG OF THE WEEK!! How lucky am I! First of all I gotta thank the doggie(s) that told HQ about me!

Wow..Now I'm really hoping that this would help me to find a loving home! I really needed it!


The only good thing of meeting my 1st owner

October 11th 2006 1:54 am
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The only good thing of meeting my 1st owner is that now my foster parents and ME know my real b-day!! My Ex-Owner said that my B-day was on the 17th or 18th of March, 2006. She said that I was given to her when I was only 4 weeks old. I'm two months younger than mommy estimated my age to be!

Good news is it makes me more adoptable!


You know who I saw today? Mommy is MAD!!!

October 10th 2006 7:46 pm
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Our new neighbor moved in downstairs and guess who is living downstairs? MY 1st owner!!! She happened to move here!! My mommy & daddy were VERY SURPRIZED! My 1st owner recognized my daddy and she too was surprized that we have her dog because she thought that "her" dog was put to sleep already by our neighbor.

She asked to see me so Mom & Dad brought me downstairs to say Hi. She said that she was moving and she couldn't keep her dog hence she had to give me away. She kept on telling everybody else in the house "that is my dog, teddy! " I know that inside Mommy, she is mad at that lady because she was the one who abandoned me and now she seems to be so excited to see me. Plus, she kept on saying the word "my" in front of the word "dog".

My mommy thinks that that lady should have thought about the possiblities of moving before she got me! Mom thinks that it's not like I'm an object that can be tossed around. You know, before Mommy had Mini, she lived in a place that do not allow dogs so mommy knew that she had to find another place to stay to keep Mini, and she did! How lucky is Mini! Gosh!

Mommy said that she will not let that lady know that mommy is looking for a family for me because she will NEVER, EVER return me to that lady. She said that if she has abandoned me once before, chances are when there are difficult situations, she will abandon me again.

Mom says that that lady is the last person to have me.


There were so many dogs!!

October 8th 2006 3:46 pm
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Yesterday, Mommy and Daddy brought Me and Mini to the dog gathering! It was a nice day out and there were close to 20 doggies!! At first, Mommy & Daddy kept me on leash so that they can observe how I am with other dogs! You know, as usual, I'm GOOD. I just wagged my tail and let everybody sniff me. There was this one dog named Andrea (GSD & Husky mix) and he liked to mount on me but I was fine with it.

So later, Mom & Dad took the risk and let me run around with the leash attached on my collar. WOOF! I was so happy running around. Sometimes I may want to mount on another dog. Then later, two doggies when running in a small path and I followed them. Mom & Dad kept on calling my name but I just totally ignored them and followed them into a pond of muddy water. There I was, with half of my body INSIDE the muddy water and drinking it. YUM.....Why don't we have this water at home?

Mom & Dad was kinda mad that I went playing in the mud and got SO dirty but t you know, it's so hard for me to resist following doggies. So later, Mom & dad brought me to Petco to have a self-bath. I was such a good boy for a bath so I think Mom & Dad forgave me for getting so dirty. The bad news is that I heard that next time I'll be on leash when I go to the dog gathering.

Sigh! Why can Mini run freely but I can't?


I'm SO lost.

October 2nd 2006 4:16 am
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I got a feeling that mommy is not going to keep me for good. What should I do now? I feel so lost.

Every time I got start to have the feeling of "Okay, so this is IT!!!!", something bad always happens and everything starts to fall apart and changes. Does anybody wants me? Ever??



September 27th 2006 1:08 pm
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You know, it's really unfair that Kitty just has her profile but SO MANY kitties like to be friends with her!!! I'm cute TOO!!

You know, today I went to PetsMart with Mommy, Daddy & Mini. The Dog trainer Natasha and Ashley said that it's unbelieveable that I'm such a sweet doggie although I came from such a background.

Woof! See Mini likes to bark at other dogs and little kids and he always gets so hyper but for me, I'm really calm and just like to chill out! Not that I'm not interested in meeting new people, I am just, you know, CALM. Mommy likes this so much about me which is SO GREAT! I gotta behave well so that Mommy & Daddy would fall in love with me and would have me F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

One thing tho, Daddy, If you keep on forgeting to being me out to go potty, you can't blame me for doing business in your bathroom (floor). When I have to go, I really HAVE to go. And the bathroom is where humans go, right?! So I couldn't be TOO wrong to go over there too!


There's a Huge Water Bowl in the Bathroom! WOOF!!

September 23rd 2006 3:07 pm
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Mommy's bathroom is really cool! They have this huge water bowl and everytime mommy pushes a button, all the water will be "renew". What I don't understand is that why is mommy covering it and not letting me to drink from it. Why does that huge water bowl have a cover anyway? I don't get it..


I LOVE Playing with Mini!!

September 22nd 2006 11:51 pm
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Playing with MINI is so fun!! I haven't seen a small dog that has so much energy! At first Mommy doesn't want me to play too rough with Mini because she's afraid that we'd fight but guess what, we are good buddies now!

Have you see how the way Mini eats? He sucks the food right in without chewing them!!! WOOF!!!. I thought that Mini is older than me so he would have known how to chew. I may need to take an Obedience class but Mini should definitely take a CHEWING CLASS.

Do they offer that over in PetsMart? Does anybody know?

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