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Tales of a Terrier

Goodbye Poochie

August 4th 2008 12:36 pm
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Pooch passed away this morning. He was diagnosed with probable metastatized lung cancer after many tests and vet visits and medications... My vet thinks he probably had a pulmonary embolism this morning and that he didn't suffer.


Obedience Class Graduation!

April 27th 2006 10:08 pm
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Monday was the last day of my obedience class at "Anything is PAWSible."
Since I recently lost a lot of my hearing, my mom had taken the class with me both as a "brush up" and to train me for more hand signals, since I didn't know hand signals for every cue word she'd taught me (a lot of them I did...)

The graduation day was so much fun! First we went through a lot of the obedience we had learned in class, and I did very well at that.
Then, we played "My Dog Can Do That." (a dog board game where you, the dog, have to do different things to get points.) My mom was a little disappointed at first because our instructor Rendy only had the obedience-related cards... The other times we've played that game, I always do really well at the trick-type cards but there were none in class (it makes sense since it was an obedience class...)
Anyway, I still did really well despite it only being obedience-related. The way we played was whichever dog had the most points at the end of the game would get to pick the first prize from a pile of toys! I did great, I did not miss any of the cards that were for me or any "steal" cards... "Steal" cards are if another dog did not do what the card said, all the other dogs got a chance to do it for 1 point each. In some cases after a dog did the thing on the card, the instructor asked everyone else to try it (just to see if we could do it) and I did miss 1-2 of those, but those were not for any points.
When the game was over, there was a three-way tie for first! I was one of the tie dogs! The tie-breaker was going to be a long down-stay. Whichever dog could stay the longest would win. My mom didn't think I would win because I am a terrier and the concept"stay" is very difficult for us terriers, so I am not usually that good at it... I surprised her though-- I won!! I did the longest down-stay out of the three dogs, and so I got to pick the first toy. I was very happy because I LOVE TOYS! I chose this cool lizard bungee plush thing and I started carrying it around and playing with it right away in class. Maybe I'll take a photo of me with it and post it up here...
After the game, we all got a piece of cake. I didn't like to too much because it was not really cake but actually canned dog food shaped into a dog-bone shape with a biscuit on top, but I ate it anyway.
I got a neat certificate of completion for going through the class, and the instructor said I would be perfect for the advanced class...
This class was a lot of fun, and not just because of the graduation day! I am hoping to go back for the next advanced class. Unfortunately that won't be until mid-June...


Doggie Easter Egg Hunt!

April 15th 2006 9:57 pm
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This morning I went to a doggie Easter egg hunt at a local park (Horner Park, for all you Chicago doggies!)
They have a couple of things to do. They had vendors giving away free treats, and photos with the Easter bunny, and some dog contests like pet and owner look alike and also a dog easter bonnet parade (I missed that because we got there a little late...) Then the egg hunt is a fenced off area where they have plastic eggs allll over the place with treats in them.
It was sooo much fun!
When I went last year for the first time, and after I "found" a few plastic easter eggs and mom broke them opened and gave me the treats inside, I figured out how to open the eggs myself! I carefully pop them open with my teeth without cracking the plasitc! Last year they had some eggs with candy and some with dog treats and I even knew to leave the human candy and only eat it if it contained a dog treat...

This year we got there after it had already started so a lot of the eggs were already opened, and some had been opened and the treats had been taken out and then they were closed back up. Not only did I pop open the eggs myself, but I could tell by sniffing which eggs had treats in them and which eggs the treats had been removed from, and I only opened the ones with a treat inside. Mom says I have such a good nose I shoulda been a search dog...

Anyway I had lots of fun today... My sister Ginger had fun too, although she waited for mom to open the eggs up for her, she also got a lot of treats.

Tomorrow is gonna be so much fun too, because it's easter and my mom's sister and her husband are comin over for dinner. Mmmm, ham...

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Pooch ~ I miss you ~


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