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Midnight Sky

February 3rd 2008 1:11 am
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Deuce & I went out for a midnight run with mommy. Man, the sky was gorgeous with all the stars. The sky was pitch black with tiny white lights all over it, just as pretty as ever. Mommy said that is her favorite time of day (night). Of course, we're night owls since mommy works fulltime nights. That's our favorite time to go out for runs, on the weekends. The neighborhood is sleeping, a distant dog barks, sometimes a coyote or an owl is talking to the night sky. It's peaceful. Mommy was looking for a stick to throw for me, but with the snow cover all she found was a piece of tree bark. Fine with me, so ensued a game of "Chase"! It's not really "Fetch" (though I will bring it back if commanded) I love to run after my *Catch* then make you chase me. I live for it, it's a blast! So under the starlit sky at 1 am in the morning we ran and played, with mommy in her pj's and boots (with no socks), one glove (who knows where the other one is...don't look at me!) and a psu cap. Real Cute, Mom! BOL!! She took a few new photos once we got back to the house, mostly of those pesky cats, though..."Silly cats, cameras are for me!"
One of these nights, get outside and check out the beautiful sky!!


♥ Gunner R.I.P.♥


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