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My Tail of Devotion for Preshus (4/29/1988-11/26/2001)

September 24th 2006 5:53 pm
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You were born to a litter of puppies between Breezy and Bear in the Spring of 1988. There were 5 of you, all girls. We went to visit my grandfather, who was terminally ill and found this beautiful litter of puppies at my mom's. She had strategically placed your box where I would have to walk by each and every time I went to the shower. Each time I headed for the shower, I found myself lying on the floor with all of you hopping all over me. Whenever I went in to watch TV, she would walk in with you and place you in my lap. She was determined I would fall in love with you while I was there.

Snowball did not seem to mind you as he was my greatest concern. He was already 12 and accustomed to being the only dog. My goal was to make his final years as wonderful as he had made all that I had known him. Since he didn't seem to mind you, I decided it would be nice to have you around. You were the cutest little ball of fluff. Your dad was not as easily convinced, but I had already determined that I was taking you with me, even if I had to hide you in the van and pray you didn't whine for the first 6 hours of our ride home. He relented at the last minute.

Amazingly, you were already house broken when we got you. What you were not, was demon broken. You were such a little devil. You tormented poor Snowball with your razor sharp teeth. You also got our ankles, heels, wrists, noses and whatever else you could get. We were so glad when you got your big girl teeth. We had begun to call you Monster to the point that you had started to respond to it. We knew we could not continue to do that, unless we wanted that to be your name.

You would dig little holes in the back yard with your teeth that went as far down as your nose. Amazingly, you never used your paws. This was just a phase that eventually ended. In the interim, we were filling those holes to keep from turning ankles and killing ourselves.

As you grew, you could not wait to be the boss. It rocked your world when Breezy came here to live prior to Snowball's death and you weren't able to be the Queen Bee immediately. I am not sure you quite got over that. You certainly seemed to carry that grudge. We had so much fun playing tag. I would chase you through the house and then you would chase me. You would sit at the top of the stairs and we would throw you the tennis ball and you would bat it back with your nose. Once you were tired of this game, you would catch the ball in your mouth and lie down.

First and foremost, you were a daddy's girl. For all of my begging and pleading for you, it is never us that choose our canine friends. That has never been more obvious than with you. You came here and immediately decided you loved Daddy. Maybe it is because you are both cantankerous and ornery. (smile) The one thing I knew for sure. If you were lying on my chest, I better check you for a fever. You always came to mommy when you were sick.

You were always extremely healthy. You didn't suffer the arthritis like Breezy and Snowball. You were still extremely muscle bound and healthy the day you died. Your death came as quite a shock to us. I never knew dogs died from COLLAPSED TRACHEA (scroll to the bottom and click on the left of the page) when they had never been abused or mistreated or injured. The vet told us it was common in the smaller breeds, but I couldn't help feeling as if I had somehow let you down. Your collar was for your tags only, because you pulled too hard on your leash. This prompted me to buy you a harness. I could not understand how this could happen to you. I have since researched this and have learned it is more common in the Chihuahua breed, in which you had ~25%. I have no idea if this is why this happened to you, but I do know there was no human reason for it. You were very pampered, very well cared for and very loved. We feel very cheated to have lost you in this way. It seems you were only with us for a moment and then you were gone. I am not sure there was a better way to have lost you; as we are never ready to let our special friends go. There just are some ways that seem to make more sense than others. I now understand this had more to do with the heart disease you suffered than with abuse. I guess I did not understand or realize the heart disease was worse. The murmur had never been upgraded like it had with Breezy and Snowball, but you always had a tendency toward respiratory infections every Spring and Fall. I see the connection now.

The house was so quiet when you left us that we adopted 2 dogs. For such a little girl, you made quite an impact. Terra didn't eat for 2 weeks after you left, because she was so depressed. Rocky came here starved for affection, food and love. You would have liked him as long as he stayed out of your chair. He has stayed out of your chair, since there wasn't room for him and your dad. Sidney came about 6 months later. He's bossy and a talker like you.

We Love You And Miss You Presh-girl

We'll meet you at the bridge......................

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Preshus (4/29/1988-11/26/2001)


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