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A Dog's Day

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March 13th 2008 6:49 pm
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Tonight mommy opened Dixie's box that her joint juice came in. The big bottle was buried under all these weird lookin little things. When mommy was emptying the little things into the trash, one fell on the floor! I grabbed it right up cause I thought maybe it would be a yummy snack or somethin, but EEEWWW!!! Gross!!! Blec!!! It was all soft and chewy and didn't taste like anything but terrible to me!! As soon as I bit down on it, it squished on my teeth and made a disturbing squeakin noise. Then when I tried to spit it out, it stuck to my tongue!! Mommy looked down and saw my distress, and of course immediately started laughin at me!!! She did get the rotten thing off my tongue and said "you don't like styrofoam peanuts Richter??". Well no I don't!!! They don't taste nothin like the yummy peanuts that you make peanut butter out of!!


Pink Wiggly Fever!

March 11th 2008 5:58 pm
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I am really really happy for my pal Milo, cause he just wrote a diary entry about how his mommy is having a pink wiggly!!!!!!!!!!!!! Milo calls it a baybee, and at first I had to ask my mommy, what is Milo barking about?!? What is a baybee?? Then mommy told me Milo's mommy is having a pink wiggly, and I got it!!! That is what I call people baybees. So I just wanted to say CON-GRAT-YOU- LAY-SHONS to Milo and his mommy and daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of baybees, everyone around here has pink wiggly fever for mommy and daddy to have one. Mommy says she is asked that question about 3-4 times a week by different people, " So when are you gonna have a baybee?". Co-workers, patients, friends, relatives you name it!!!

I personally am with the majority around here!!! I think it is time that mommy got preg-nint. Thats when you start to grow your own pink wiggles!!! At first I said it can't be that hard mommy, you do a pretty good job growin flowers out back!! I would help you remember to water it and everything!! But then I read Milo's diary and he says that pink wigglys actually grow inside mommy's tummy!!!!! Whoa!!! Weird!!! Still, it can't be that hard, mommy! You wouldn't even have to remember to water it! Only thing is how would I sit her lap when her belly got all big?? Oh well, I can figure that out later!

And I am with Milo, I would rather have a boy, so I could teach him to burp and do barneys, and bark out the window, squeak toys and chew chewies, do pottys outside, and all kinds of stuff like I learned while I was pup!! A girl would be ok too, but I need another boy around here!! Me, daddy and Sirius are overrun with girls!!

Mommy says not to get my hopes up right now!!! Her and daddy have some things that they need to get settled before they start thinkin about a pink wiggly. What the heck could be so important that they can't grow me a pink wiggly now?!?! Sheesh!!!


Daddy, Rangers, And Other News

February 29th 2008 2:35 pm
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My daddy is coming home tonight! I am so happy, I can't wait to see him! He has been gone all week for work. I am watching out the window for him as I bark this to mommy to type!!

I am also all wet. Mommy just gave all 3 of us baths. She got us this special shampoo for dry skin, cause we have all been really itchy lately. She is also gonna try putting some oil in our food tonight. We eat mostly dry food, not too much wet. Our groomer said that a few drops in our food might help moy-stir-eyes our skin and fur.

The Rangers have been doing pretty good! They are currantly teetering between 6th and 7th seed in the playoff race for the Eastern Conference. They just got 2 new players before the trade deadline. Both played last night and looked pretty good, except for the one kept taking penalties. But hopefully it was just him adjusting in to the line-up! Mommy says that every game should be played as though it were the Stabley Cup Finals right now, cause our conference is REALLY tight, and a few losses could equal a seat at home for the playoffs!!

Well, guess that is all for now!


My Special Little Valentine

February 14th 2008 6:23 pm
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I would like to tell you all about my special little Valentine! Her name is Lily and she is my bestest furiend! Lily lives in Czech Republic. She likes the Rangers just like me! She is a cute little black and tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We met here on dogster.
Me and Lily send each other p-mails and gifts! We know all about each other's families! We share stories and secrets, like best furiends should!
Lily has a super nice family, she has a mommy and a daddy, and 3 furless kids!
Everyday I look forward to getting on dogster to see what my little pal is up to!! Thanks dogster for helping me find my Valentine and best buddy!!
Happy Valentine's Day to all dogster pups! And especially to my Lily!


The Silly Things I Do

February 12th 2008 10:01 am
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Mommy says that I do lots of silly things. Today, she said I may have done one of my silliest!!

Mommy took us out to the potty before she left for work this morning. All of a sudden she realized that me and Macy were sniffing at some fuzzy thing on the ground. At first she thought we had broken one of the house rules and snuck a stuffed toy outside. But we seemed a little too interested in this thing, so she finally came over to investigate.

When she got over, she realized it wasn't a stuffed toy, it was clumps of fur out of a squirrels tail!!!!! We don't know how it got there, but it was there!!! Mommy said, "Ew, come on Richter and Macy". She was gonna go get out pooper scooper to pick up the clumps. But I had a better idea. I figured I would just save mommy the trouble, so I ate the squirrel fur. Yup, ate it right up. Mommy seemed very disturbed by this, yelling, "EW!! No, Richter, put it down!!!". But by that time it was too late! That squirrely fur was in my belly!

You pups don't think thats weird, right??


Hooray It's My Birthday!!!!!

February 4th 2008 4:07 pm
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Today is my 5th birthday!!!! I had a very exciting day both yesterday and today!!

Yesterday mommy and daddy went to brunch for Aunt Kelly's birthday, which is today like mine!! Then they came home and we went for a walk, and then mommy made me some home-made doggy peanut butter cookies!! They are in the shapes of teddy bears and stars!! So far, I don't seem to like them, can you pups believe it?? But Macy and Dixie sure seem to be enjoying them!! Mommy says tonight she might try spreading a thin layer of peanut butter on mine!!

Anyways, while mommy was makin my BD treats, we had on the Ranger's game!! Now pretty much since the begining of the year, the Ranger's have played pretty stinky. But last Thursday they had a really good game and they have won 3 in a row, including yesterdays win over the Canadiens!! The best part was that the Ranger's were down 3-0 at one point, and they came back and scored 5 unanswered goals to win the game!!!!! What a great BD gift from the Blueshirts!!!

Later that night, mommy and daddy went to a Super Bowl party, and when they got home I opened my presents!!! They looked so neat, mommy wrapped them in Transformers paper!!!! SO COOL!!! I got 3 Bully Sticks to share with Macy and Dixie, a big squeaky football with little arms and legs, and a squeaky toy that looks like a box of popcorn from the movies!! On the front it says "Hot Buttered Pup Corn"! I couldn't decide what to play with first!! So I went back and forth from chewin my bully stick, to squeakin my toys!!

Today mommy and daddy took me to lunch all by myself to the chicken place I love!!! I got to have 3 nuggets, YUMMY!!!!

When mommy got home from work, I chewed my bully stick, squeaked my football, ate my supper, wiped my face on mommy and daddy's bed, and then took turns squeakin my football and pupcorn!!!

What a day!!!!! Being 5 is PAWESOME!!!


My Human Job

February 2nd 2008 5:54 am
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My furiend Jelly posed a very good question in her diary. What would your job be if you were a person?? I would have to say that I would own a daycare center for kids. Cause I sure do LOVE kids, especially little babies and toddlers!! They are just so so so much fun, I would follow them around all day, and play toys with them, and lick them, and wag my tail. Oh wait, if I was a person I wouldn't have a tail would I??


The Itchies!!

January 30th 2008 3:27 pm
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I am getting a bath tonight when my daddy gets home. Mommy went and got me some Oatmeal shampoo cause I have had a REALLY bad case of the itchies lately!!!! My skin is really dry. It has been pretty cold and dry here, so we think that is why. I usually protest baths in every way shape and form, but tonight, I might actually welcome one!! This new shampoo better work though, I certainly don't want a bath for nothing!


My New Cousin Cody

January 26th 2008 10:07 pm
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Hey pups, guess what?? I got a new cousin this week!! His name is Cody and he is a cocker spaniel just like us!

The begining of the story is very sad and disgusting. On Tuesday night, our Aunt Connie found Cody tied up to a pole on the side of a highway with an extension cord. Yes, unfortunatly I barked that right pups, an extension cord. It was raining and very cold out! She called mommy right away to see what she should do!! Mommy was asking her all kinds of questions about him, and finally Aunt Connie just took him and brought him over so mommy could see him for herself!! As soon as she hung up, mommy jumped into action!! She went to our spare leash cabinet, and took out one of my old red leashes and one of Macy's old collars. She then went to the car and got out a bag of toys that we never play with that she was gonna take to the shelter. She also gathered up a few old bowls of ours!

Since we knew nothing about Cody yet, mommy didn't let us meet him right away. But she said that this poor little doggy was a dreadful horrible mess!! He was completely matted from ears to tail. The mats on the bottoms of his ears were so huge that mommy said it looked like he had tennis balls hanging from his ears. He also had a ton of long gross mats on his legs and on his belly. His one eye looked like there was something wrong with it, and (we didn't see this til later when Aunt Connie and Uncle Scott cut some of the mats off of his legs) he had a cyst hanging off of his belly! This poor little pup was in pretty bad shape!!

But there was a good side too!! First of all, Cody was all smiles, tail wags and as sweet as could be while mommy and Aunt Connie looked him over! He was very friendly! He let mommy lift his ears to try to look all the way inside to check out how dirty they were, and he also let mommy stick her fingers in his mouth to look at his teeth! Those 2 things looked pretty good, it was really just all the stuff we said before! So Aunt Connie decided to take him to her house, and see how he did! The next day she got Cody an appointment with a vet. Yesterday, poor little Cody had the works, he got (GULP!) neutered, had his cyst removed, and had the giant horrible mats cut out of his ears! At first they thought they might have to cut a little of Cody's ears to get the mats off, that is how bad they were. But thankfully, they didn't have to do that! Now he is home with aunt Connie and Uncle Scott, and doing excellent!! Mommy went to visit him today, and she said he was playin and hoppin all over! Looks like yet another stream of cocker luck in our family!!

I am so so so glad that Cody is a boy! The only other dogs I have to play with are girls, and I get a little tired of playing their girly froo-froo games! I need a boy to romp and run with! I can't wait til Cody gets all healed up and we can go to doggy parks together and stuff!! I am already planning all the fun boy things we can do together!!

Aunt Connie said she is gonna make him a page! We will let you know when it is up!


Wow, A Valentine's Tag!!

January 20th 2008 6:38 pm
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I was tagged by my pal Champ!! How fun!! Macy and Dixie always get to play these games, but never me!! Yes!!! Thanks Champ!

Okay, here's the rules:

First list 5 of your most special Valentine Wishes!! Then chose 5 special pups, and p-mail or send them a rosette to let them know that they have been tagged!

Okay, here goes!!

1) I wish for my daddy to get all the way better!

2) I wish to see my Kim every day, she is my favorite!!

3) I wish mommy and daddy keep the couch by the windows so I can do my sentry job properly!

4) I wish for more walks!

5) I wish for a new monkey toy, just like the one I have that the sqeaker broke in!

Now, here are my 5 tags!

1) Milo
2) Gimli
3) Odysseus
4) Ollie
5) Kuzco

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