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A Dog's Day

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An Everyday Hero

September 15th 2010 8:25 pm
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Today, my furiends, I was a hero. And I wasn't even trying!! We were outside on our patio, mommy was sitting on the steps that lead up to our deck, and I was laying right in front of her. My baby bruther was toddling around playing with one of his balls, when he started walking towards us. Well he just started walking about 2 and a half weeks ago, and he is getting really good at it, so now he tries to go really really fast. But sometimes, he gets going too fast for his own good, and this was one of those times. He started falling forward, and his face was heading right for the bottom step!! Mommy reached out to grab him, but before she could he caught a nice comfy cushy landing......on me!! He landed on me, and then rolled off onto the patio, but he was ok! Mommy was especially grateful since he had a terrible accident yesterday! He pretty much did the same thing, got going too fast and fell forward, but when he fell he hit his mouth on the ceramic tile. His bottom tooth went into his bottom lip, and it bled all over swelled all up and turned all purple!! So mommy was super glad he didn't have to go through all that again, and I was happy to help out!!


Finally My New Fence!

August 1st 2010 2:35 pm
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Tomorrow is the big day, we are finally getting our new fence!! I can't wait, we have not had one since June 24th! That was the day a really bad storm came through here and destroyed our old one! We have been getting different companies out to give us estimates and finally mommy and daddy decided on one, and they are coming to install tomorrow!

Now it is not as bad as it could have been, cuz for the most part we are good doggies about staying in the yard, even though we had no barricade! But mommy and daddy were too afraid to leave us out there unattended because, well, somtimes temptation is just too great! Like if I am chasing a bunny and it runs out of my backyard, you can bet your bonies I am keepin on going! Or if I happened to see the UPS man drive down the street, oh yeah I am chasing that dude!! And if I see a mailtruck I am definitely going to run over and see if it's my best furiend Kim! If it is, I will get treats and loves. If not, then I have to bark like crazy at this imposter mail person and let them know that I do not appreciate seeing them instead of my Kim!

So tomorrow should be a good day of me gettin in trouble, cuz if there is one thing I hate it is strangers at my house. And I am sure there will be strangers here all day, all over my backyard to put up my fence. I will definitely be barking as much as possible!


What An Afternoon!

June 19th 2010 1:48 pm
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You pups won't believe what happened here last Thursday!! Ok, so on Thursdays mommom comes over and watches Cole while mommy and daddy are working. Last week, she decided to take him grocery shopping. So they go and come back! Me, Macy, and Dixie are super excited to see them!! Mommom comes in and puts down her purse and keys and a bag or two, then goes out to get Cole. Well, when she went back out, a school bus pulled up accross the street! Well, I was so excited about mommom and Cole being home, and I got so excited about the school bus, that I was "hoppin around like a nitwit", as mommom put it! Too bad my hoppin ended with me knockin into the front door and accidentally bangin it closed. Well, of course, as my luck would have it, the door was locked!!!! Mommom and Cole were locked out of the house!! And mommom's purse, keys, and cell phone were in here with us! UH OH!!
So to make a long story short, mommom had to take Cole to our neighbors' house to call our Uncle Chris to come bring a spare key. When she was done calling she thanked our neighbor and her and Cole went out back to sit on our deck to wait for Uncle Chris. Well, the deck is off of our kitchen, so mommom could see in. She looked in just in time to see Dixie come wanderin in the kitchen and dump the trash can! Well, Macy and me couldn't pass up an opportunity like this!! Trash everywhere, and no way for anyone to stop us!! So we all tore up the trash! Needless to say, by the time everyone got back inside we were in some deep trouble and mommy and daddy got a bad report when they got home!!


Spring Woes

April 23rd 2010 1:36 pm
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Well, I guess you could say that Spring is officially here now! Even though we still have some chilly days, it is stayin light later and warming up nicely!! This brings about a whole new element that sometimes gets me into trouble, especially now that my baby bruther is here!
Now that the weather is nice, the windows are open. Neighbors are out and about, and, well, I love to bark!! I will bark at anything and anyone! A kid rides his bike up the street- bark at it. A lady or man walks a baby coach past- bark at it. The mailman or lady- bark at it. A car or truck that is too noisy for my liking- bark at it. Kids walking past, dogs walking past, bunnies in the yard, a stray cat wanders by, UPS, Fed-Ex, someone drives too slow down the name it, I will bark at it!!! Mommy and daddy have never been too fond of my behavior in the bark department, but they especially are not fond of it when Cole is trying to take a nap. He usually isn't too bothered by a few barks here and there, but I love to really get into it!! I tear up and down the stairs, jump at the windows, and bark and bark and bark until at least a minute after I can't see what I was barking at anymore. That will usually wake him up if I go the whole nine yards. But I say, so what, sometimes Cole is pretty inconsiderate of me and my naps, he likes to scream a lot and yell, and babble, and sometimes he cries. He bangs his toys, shakes his maraccas, and has lots of toys that make loud sounds. And he doesn't seem to care whether or not I am napping!!
Spring this year has also brought about something that I have NEVER been cool with-strangers in my house! We had a skylight in our living room. It was here when we moved in. Mommy and daddy never really cared for it, especially in the Summer when it would bake that room, and of course, the thermostat is in there!! A few weeks ago, while mommy was tryin to get Macy to come up to bed, she heard a drip,drip,drip. When she went to see what it was, sure enough, the skylight was leakin!! So her and daddy decided to have it removed. The man came to do that a few days ago. Luckily, mommy had to go to grandmas to feed mean old Oliver the cat (grandma and grandpa are on vacation) so she took me and Cole with her so we didn't have to be here. But now today daddy talked to a man who is gonna come and redo the whole ceiling in that room!! What am I gonna do that day or days?!? Daddy says probably spend it outside or in the laundry room if it is raining. NO FAIR!
And also, now the landscapers are back again!! I am better with them now that they have been coming for a few years, but it still takes me a couple visits to get used to them coming every week. And I overheard today that mommy and daddy are gonna have them come to clean up the whole front of the house and mulch it and everything. Now those beds are right under my windows that I look out all day, and you can rest assured that I will not be happy about the fact that strangers will be right outside my windows! Guess that means another trip to the backyard for me! Maybe I can talk mommy into taking me out that day too!!


Happy Happy Birthday To Me!!

February 5th 2010 4:26 pm
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Yesterday was my birthday!! Yup, I turned 7 years old!! BOL! I do believe I have entered the "Senior" Category!! Now I am eating Purina One Senior Vitality with Dixie!

My Day was pretty uneventful until the evening time. The night before my birthday mommy, daddy and my baby bruther gave me my pawresents, cause they knew we weren't going to be home too much on my actual birthday. I got a stuffed beaver toy, and a new leash and collar set!!!!!! It is so cool, it is black with red and orange flames on it!! I look super bad in it!! Mommy told me my baby bruther picked it out for me!! He sure has good taste!! Since we still have chewies and snacks galore left over from Christmas, I didn't get any of those, but mommy did get us a special doggy brownie mix that we are gonna make tomorrow.

Speakin of tomorrow, it will sure be a good day to bake cause we are havin a blizzard!! Yup, and it is gonna be an actual text book definition of a blizzard too!! We are expecting 18-24 inches of snow, pawsibly more!!! Today mommy and daddy ran around and got everything we need, cause it doesn't look like we will be goin anywhere for a couple days!!

So now that I think about it, I have had a pretty super birthday week! On Monday, mommy got an unexpected day off cause her boss was sick! On Tuesday I got to see my bestest furiend Kim, and then instead of grandma pickin up Cole and takin him to her house for mommy to go get after work (like usual), grandma stayed here with him and us!! Wednesday me and Macy got a walk, and then I had my birthday pawresents that night! And then on my actual birthday I got to go to our Aunt Kelly's house for her birthday pawty last night!! We share the same birthday!! We had pizza and cake!! And we played with our human cousin Bailey with a toy lazer gun!! He would shine the lazer and Macy and me chased it all over the house! Then today, I got to go see my other best furiend, Mary!! I got a bath and a grooming, so now I am stylin! And now, me and my family are all snuggled in for a snowy weekend together, which is great for me cause I LOVE snow!! I am gonna play and dive and roll in the snow, lick my baby bruther, and eat mommy's bakin!! Then we are gonna watch the big game on Sunday! I am tellin ya furiends, it doesn't get any better than this!!


My Kim

October 31st 2009 12:37 pm
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Most of you probably know that I have a best furiend named Kim. She is a mail carrier, and that is how we met! She was our mail carrier for a few years, but then the stinky post office changed everyone's route around, and now Kim is not our mail carrier anymore:( I don't like the new mailman, he seems grumpy and I just don't like anyone but Kim!
Luckily, mommy still keeps in touch with Kim, so she can p-mail her pictures of us. And Kim still works for the post office in our town, so sometimes she does do our route! We just love those days, when we can run out the front door, and hop all over, and get lovins and a few snacks as well!
My Kim is so nice and wonderful, a few weeks ago, she stopped over with a great big gift basket for my new bruther, and also a gift bag for us pups! We got some cool toys, (I have a picture of me with one on my page) some yummy bully sticks, cookies, and these really cool bandanas!! Mine is blue and says "Big Brother" and has my name on the bottom!!! Macy and Dixie got some too, but theirs are pink!! So cool!
My bruther got REALLY cool stuff too, Kim stocked him up good for the World Series with Phillies stuff!! He got a phanatic doll, and lots of Phillies shirts to wear!! I love all his Phillies stuff!!
Speaking of the Phillies, game 3 of the World Series is tonight!! Right now I am sulking with Macy out in the laundry room. We have to be out here during trick-or-treat hours, cause, quite frankly, we hate it! Neither one of us like strangers coming anywhere near our house, and I am scared of costumes! So we have our beds and some munchy sticks out here. Thank goodness, trick-or-treat is over when the game starts, so I can come out, relax and watch the Phillies hopefully wipe the floor with the Yankees!! GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Get Out Of Bed Game

October 27th 2009 12:24 pm
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This morning I played one of my favorite games with daddy. I call it the get out of bed game. Basically I hop on mommy and daddys' bed and climb on daddy and lick him til he wakes up. Then he wakes up and pets me, but then we start to play a little rough! Daddy pushes me across the bed, and I crawl back to him and he pushes me, and I crawl back, and then roll over onto my back and kick my legs in the air while daddy rubs my belly and then pushes me again!! It is great fun! The game usually ends by daddy throwing the blankets over my head! But don't worry, he gets them off so I don't hurt myself!

I think my bruther wanted to play this morning, mommy was holdin him and he was watchin. But I told him I can't teach him this game til he is a little more grown up like me! He would just get hurt now, he is still just a little baby! This is a grown-up big man game!


The Role Of Big Bruther!

October 16th 2009 9:33 pm
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I am a very busy dog nowadays! It sure isn't easy being a big bruther and cousin!

For those who don't know, my mommy had a baby not too long ago! It sure was an exciting couple of days! Mommy woke up not feeling too great one morning, and her and daddy kept talkin about these things called contraptions or something like that. It looked like these contraptions didn't feel too good to mommy, cause sometimes she had to bend over when she had them, and couldn't really talk or anything. She had a dokturs appointment that afternoon, so her and daddy left. Well, hours later, uncle Chris came in and gave us our supper, mom-mom ran in, grabbed some stuff for mommy and ran out, and then later, like at our bedtime, aunt Connie came over and let us to the potty. She stayed to keep us company for awhile, and at one point her phone rang. When she hung up, she told us all that we officially had a new baby bruther!! We were all pretty psyched!! Then daddy came home really really late, we went potty, grabbed some shut-eye, and then he was up, we ate breakfast, and he left. But this time he brought a little hat when he came home!!! And it sure did smell good! Daddy said what we were smelling was our bruther, and that him and our mommy would be home in a few days! When daddy left to go back to the hospital, he left the little hat on the floor for us. Macy adopted it, and carried it around like one of her babies for days!

So, like I said, that was some weeks ago! Now he is home, and we are all starting to get into a sort of routine! But we will be getting into a stricter one in a few weeks when mommy goes back to work. Now, truth be told, my bruther is kinda boring! He eats, sleeps, and does weewees and poos a lot, but that is about all he does. He sometimes makes funny little sounds, and sometimes makes REALLY LOUD sounds! But as far as playing and stuff, he really doesn't know how yet. Mommy and daddy say just we wait, cuz pretty soon, we will probably be wishin he would go back to being boring. I guess she means cause he will be rolling around by himself on the floor and grabbin our ears when we get close enough, like our cousin Maddie! She is much funner than our bruther, she babbles, and shrieks, and laughs, and rolls around on the floor, and plays with toys. And if you get too close, like when I try to lick her from head to toe, she sometimes grabs my ears!

It is safe to say that I am in pink wiggly Heaven!



August 30th 2009 6:55 am
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Yesterday mommy took me and only me to Woofstock! Woofstock is a doggy festival thrown by a local animal shelter, the one we got Dixie from! There are all kinds of tables set up where you can by doggy treats, leashes, collars, magnets for your car, toys, you name it! Then there are ones to get information from about things like invisible fences, vets, doggy day camps, etc. Me and mommy went all by ourselves, daddy was workin, and no one else was available. We left Dixie home cause she doesn't like to walk to far, and it was pretty hot, and Macy stayed home cause sometimes she has trouble behavin herself when other doggies are around. She got her own walk later!

So we poked around, I made some new furiends. We got information on a new vet we might try, and bought some doggie muffins to take home! They are super yummy! Then last night, we baby sat our cousin Maddie. It was a great day!


What A Night!

August 21st 2009 7:30 pm
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This past Tuesday night was sure a harrowing one here at my house! It started out ok, Aunt Connie and our new cousin Baby Madison came over. They had to come a little later than we planned, cause grandma and grandpas' A/C broke, and Connie had to bring them an extra window unit they had. Mommy was making dinner, and Connie was trying to feed Madison her cereal. She didn't seem to want it, she kept moving her head, and then she started fussing. After a few more attempts at the cereal, she really started crying. So Aunt Connie took her up to the bath tub to give her her bath and get on her jammies. Usually Maddie loves her bath, but this night it sure didn't make her feel better!! Our tub wasn't stopping to keep the water in, and as soon as Maddie got in, she really started crying again. We washed her up really quick, and then Connie took her down to put on her diaper and jammies. Then she really started screaming! I was already excited that she was here, and I couldn't understand why she was so upset, so I kept trying to climb on her and lick her, but this did not seem to help matters at all! Macy got all nervous about all the crying, she kept going to mommy and looking at her all worried! So once Maddie got dressed, Connie got her night-night bottle ready. But guess what? She didn't want that either! She would drink a little then fuss and move her head, and cry.

At this point mommy and Connie were wondering what was wrong with her, but Aunt Connie mentioned that she is gettin her teeth, and that can make babies miserable. She went into Maddies bag to get her some tylenol, but it wasn't in there! So mommy went upstairs and got out the bottle that we have for when my baby bruther comes and gave some to Maddie. Well, like 2 seconds later, Maddie threw up all over herself and Connie. Oh what a mess, Maddie was screaming and covered in throw up, Connie was covered in throw up, Macy and Dixie were nervously pacing, I was trying to climb on Maddie still to see what was wrong with her. It was complete chaos!!!!!!!

So mommy and Connie got Maddie all cleaned up, then mommy noticed that the sky was getting awefully dark outside. We were watchin the Phillies game and all of a sudden it started pouring there in Philly, which is only 20 minutes from here. So mommy said "let's go!" to us and we all went out to potty. That was a good move, cause it got us out for a minute, we all did our business, and it gave Maddie a chance to calm down.

We got back inside, Maddie wasn't crying anymore, and mommy took her and brought her up to my baby bruther's room. She walked her around in there, showin her all his stuff. She seemed to like it in there and settled down a bit more. Then Aunt Connie said lets take her out on the deck for a bit, she really likes to go outside. So we did. It did seem to help, Maddie relaxed and looked around at all our flowers. It was getting a bit windy, but then all of a sudden, a huge streak of lightening came down not too far away! Mommy turned right around and we all went right inside! Connie sat down with Maddie and a fresh bottle, and she was eating that one no problem. But now we had a new problem! A horrible thunderstorm was just starting! Lightening streaked all over and thunder shook the house!! Macy dove for cover behind the chair, Dixie sat on the floor and shivered and shook, and I ran from window to window barking. Maddie was starting to fall asleep, but of course when I would bark she would startle and then cry. And then, all of a sudden, we were in the dark.

The power was out!! Mommy lit some candles, and brought me up on the couch with her so she could keep me quiet while poor Maddie tried to go to sleep! We sat there for almost 3 hours with no lights! At first it wasn't too bad, but then it started getting hot and stuffy in here. Us dogs were still nervous nellies cause it was still lightening and thundering. And because the power was out, our alarm system kept chirping, which is also the noise it makes when someone comes in the door, so we were getting nervous about that too! Our water filter in the fridge wouldn't work, so no water! Maddie had fallen asleep, so she was content, but we were all hot and mommy and Connie were hungry cause the had never gotten to eat! Mommy was also doing her best to try to keep us 3 quiet so we wouldn't upset Maddie. After awhile, her daddy came over to get her, and Connie decided to stay with us til the lights came back on, mostly cause mommy is VERY pregnant now!

Thankfully, about a half hour later the lights came back on! Mommy and Connie finally got to eat their supper! Just as they were cleaning up, the power went out again!!!!!!! Luckily, this time it only lasted about a minute and then came back on!

Needless to say, we all slept good after that stressful evening!

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