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A Dog's Day

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August 24th 2011 12:13 pm
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You pups really aren't going to believe me now, but we had an earthquake here yesterday afternoon!

Mommy was at work, Daddy and Cole were home with me and Macy. Cole had just gone down for his nap, and daddy had just let us out so we could wait for him to get the trash to take out. Me and Macy were doing our biz when all the sudden we felt a little rumble.....then the whole ground shook for about a minute! We didn't know what to do so we just tried to run around in circles and bark til daddy came out!! Daddy said all of a sudden the plates and glasses were clinkin and clankin in the cabinets, and everything shook! When he looked out at us he saw the pool water was sloshing everywhere!! When he went to check on Cole he was sittin up in his pac-n-play and said "Daddy?", like he was askin what the heck was that!?!? But daddy told him it was ok and he laid right back down. By that time mommy was callin to see if we had felt it, cuz they had at her work, but they couldn't really talk long cuz all the cell towers were jammed up and they got disconnected!!

Luckily the damage was only minor, and we haven't heard of anyone bein hurt. But it was such a shock for us cuz earthquakes happen maybe once a century here on the East coast!!!! I'm tellin ya, it's always somethin round here!! BOL!


Ode To Snow

July 20th 2011 12:11 pm
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Oh white pretty snow, where are you???

I long to see your little flakes dancing through the air, as I happily hop up to catch you without a care. To feel the crunch of you under my paws, and your yummy taste as I catch snowballs in my jaws!! You smell fresh and crisp as you land on my nose, and feel cool, soft and fluffy underneath my toes. I wish I could feel your chilliness as I lay on my back and roll back and forth...... instead of dry grass that the heat has made course. I am sick of this heat in the 100 degrees, give me snow any day, bring on Winter please!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Horrible Horendous Terrible Tremendous Virus!

July 6th 2011 9:01 pm
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Too Much! That is the only way to describe the past few weeks here at my house!! It all started with the horrible, horendous, terrible, tremendous stomach virus that struck!! My baby bruther kicked it off the day before Father's Day, then daddy got it the Tuesday after Father's day, and mommy started with it that following Saturday. For Cole it was one night of the unpleasantries that usually accompany a stomach virus (which by the way he actually slept through-mommy and daddy are still baffled by that one!). For mommy and daddy it was 3-4 days! Luckily they got it about 5 days apart so mommy took care of Cole while daddy had it, then the first day daddy felt good, mommy started with it so daddy took over Cole duty! Then the following week grandma and grandpa got it, then Aunt Connie and Maddie got it over 4th of Juloy weekend!! Ugh!! What a mess!

In the midst of all that, the morning of the day mommy got sick she went and got a new car! She went and test drove it and did all the paper work on it that Saturday afternoon, and was gonna pick it up that following Monday after work. Well that Saturday night mommy started with the virus, she was in bed all day Sunday and Monday. She got up Monday, showered, went and picked up her new car, drove right home, parked it and went right back in and laid down! But daddy and Cole had fun checking it all out! As for me, I like the new car very much! Since I usually ride on the floor of the backseat, I am happy to report that there is no "hump" like there was in the last car, so I can stretch out all nice and comfy! There is also an optional 3rd row seat so I can sit there too! Me and Cole feel like VIP's too cause we have tinted privacy windows!

Then this past weekend we had a lovely holiday! Friday night Cole had a pool party! We had some guests over, and mommy and daddy were both very impressed by my good behavior! Sometimes with guests I get a little too wound up and bark a lot. But I was a very very good boy! Then Saturday we went to mom-mom and poppy's house for a BBQ. Sunday we went to Aunt Kelly's for a pool party. Monday was not too good a day for me and Macy. We were pretty much stuck home all day cuz mommy, daddy and Cole all went to the 4th of July parade in the morning, then we all went in the pool, then they all went back out for fireworks that night! Me and Macy don't do well with fireworks so we stayed right here but we could still hear them so we were all nervous and upset!
And pups right now I am trying really hard to be brave and a good boy, but it is thundering and lightening here, and that really makes me nervous so I want to run in circles and bark, but Cole is napping. So mommy has me gated in with her. I hate thunderstormns!! Wish me luck cuz they are supposed to go on the rest of the afternoon and into tonight!


Daddy's Day

June 19th 2011 7:18 pm
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My weekend was super pawesome!! Let's see, first of all, I finally got into my pool!! On Friday mommy got in there and vacuumed it, and tested the water and added all the stuff she needed to add. Then yesterday afternoon mommy, Cole and Aunt Connie got it! I was so excited that I ran to the side and pawed at it. Mommy just laughed and said "Oh Richter". Obviously she was not taking my request seriously, so I decided to climb the ladder myself! I got to the last step and peeked my head over the top. Then everyone laughed and Aunt Connie helped me in! So I paddled around for a bit, but I got tired pretty quick, so aunt Connie helped me out. But guess what??? A few minutes later, there was my head peeking over the edge of the ladder again! So I got in and paddled around some more, but then I was trying to climb up on the dragon float that Cole was on, so Aunt Connie helped me out again! Then everyone got out shortly after cuz Cole pooed his swimmy diaper!
Today Cole, mommy and daddy went to a little zoo not too far from here! Cole saw lots of monkeys and giraffes and he even got to feed the giraffes!! Then we all took a nap, had supper, then all went for ice cream!! Me and Macy shared a puppy cup with dog bones on top! What a great daddy's Day!


Will It Ever End????

June 14th 2011 9:21 pm
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OMD you guys just won't believe what is going on here now! And this time it's personal! Today my entire back patio was ripped out, and I was not even allowed to go in my backyard!
Some men came here with some trucks and a somethin that looked like a mini bulldozer. They went out in my back yard, and then proceeded to destroy my patio!! The patio that had mine and Macy's pawprints in it, and Cole's awesome chalk art work. Gone. It's all gone!
Why do pawrents do all this stuff to us?? I just don't understand!!! I loved my patio just the way it was! Now the spot is all covered in this stuff that looks like a mix of black sand and tiny black rocks. I think I heard that these men will be back tomorrow to put a paver on. What is a paver???? Does any dog know?? All I know is that mommy keeps sayin Cole is not allowed to draw on it with his chalk, which is gonna make him super mad!

Mommy and daddy say this whole project was necessary because the old patio was actually sloped towards the house (one of the MANY displays of genius from the people who lived here before us). When it rained, we would have a mini lake out there, and all the water would lay right against the house, and during one of our last "home projects" daddy realized that the water was actually seeping into our crawlspace. Apparently that is not good, so the whole thing had to come out and the ground had to be re-leveled and sloped away from the house. Whatever. I liked my lake, it rinsed the mud off my toes before I came inside!

Oh, late breaking news......the cat found Fishy. Luckily grandma saved him today!! She came to babysit Cole when daddy left for work today, and Cole wanted to show fishy to her. But when they got upstairs, grandma said the cat came bolting out of Cole's room with his tail all puffed! Then he snuck back in and was sitting on the floor in front of Cole's dresser, eyeballin up fishy. So grandma locked the cat out of the room. Later mommy and Cole went to feed fishy, and sure enough, a few minutes later, there was a crash, and some of the Cole's stuff that was on his dresser was all over the floor and the cat was caught tearing from the room again. So now Fishy is locked in the bathroom, and tomorrow Mommy has to take Cole to see about a "cat proof" house for Fishy!


A New Addition

June 13th 2011 9:08 pm
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Everyone I would like to introduce the newest member of our family!! Dum da da dum!!!!!! Fishy!

Yes my baby bruther got a fishy yesterday, and that is what he calls him. Him, mommy and daddy all went to mom-mom and poppy's house to celebrate poppy's birthday and Father's Day (a little early). Mom-mom had been at a bridal shower and she got home right around the time mommy, daddy and Cole got there. As they were all gettin out of the cars, mom-mom said come here I have something to show you!!! So Cole ran over and mom-mom took fishy out of the car and showed him. He was all going "Oooooh, oooooooh, Fishy!!!". Then mom-mom told him he could have fishy! Fishy was one of the center pieces for the shower, so mom-mom took him home especially for Cole! He is gold with black-tipped fins! Now fishy lives on Cole's dresser, and all Cole wants to do is feed him! Mommy has to hide his food, so Cole doesn't see it!! If it was up to him, fishy would be on his way to weighing 100 lbs!

In other news, our pool is officailly up, filled and ready to go!! Now here is a good example of how things just never go our way!! Daddy and Uncle Chris put the pool up on Monday, last week. The water wasn't supposed to come til today. So the pool sat empty all last week, when it was horribly hot, last Thursday the actual temp was over 100 degrees!! The water place called Friday morning to see if they could deliver early, so they came Saturday morning just in time to fill the pool as a cool air mass came down and wiped out the heat and humidity. So since the pool has been filled it has been in the high 70's, too chilly to go swimming!! And there are really no hot days predicted for this whole week!! BOL, it just figures doesn't it!!

Me personally I can't wait to hop in that pool!! It looks so nice and refreshing! And you should have seen the truck that came here to deliver the water!! It was like a huge tanker!! They parked at the end of the driveway, and ran a big hose all the way to the pool out back. Then the truck pumped the pool full of water!! Cole made daddy blow up his floaty shark, so the shark is the only thing that has been in the pool, cuz like I said, it has been too chilly!

I will let you guys know when I finally get to hop in!!


The Bubble Mower

April 16th 2011 12:40 pm
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My baby bruther Cole got the coolest thing!!! It is a lawn mower that he can push around the yard!! It makes a sound like a real lawn mower, and has little switches and levers. But that is so not the coolest thing about Cole's mower. You pups won't believe it!! Much to my absolute delight.......his mower blows BUBBLES!!!

Has anyone ever seen the movie "Finding Nemo"??? You know the part where all the fish are in the tank at the dentist office, and the little clam shell opens and the bubbles come out and the one fish gets ridiculously excited and shouts BUBBLES!! BUBBLES!! and then gets all sad when they go away? Well, I am that fish!! I am super in love with bubbles! So as you can imagine I go into excitement overload when Cole gets out his mower. It usually goes something like this:

Cole pushes mower

I slam my face into the side where the bubbles come out to try to get them, all while trying to run at the same time to keep up with Cole pushing.

Cole thinks this is funny for awhile but then gets mad cuz he really can't push too good while I am slamming myself into the side of his mower.

All mommy's distractions to try to get me to leave Cole alone fail.

I go inside for a few minutes so Cole can play, or Cole takes his mower out front and I stay out back.

Bubble mowers rock!!


Why Me?

March 9th 2011 1:16 pm
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Today is a horrible day. There is stranger danger all over my house!!!!!!! Mommy and daddy for whatever reason decided that we needed new floors in the house. See 8 years ago, when we bought our house, we got new carpet in it. At that time there was only me, so they picked a light beige for downstairs, and a light gray for the living room and bedrooms. Then daddy decided it would be a great idea to try to lay ceramic tile himself in our laundry/mud room, and foyer. Let's just say that did not go well, and fast forward 8 years, 3 dogs (one who was a senior) and a toddler later, and you can imagine that the carpets are as mommy puts it "disgusting" and the tile that was never right to begin with is all cracked and the grout is coming out. So here we are, me and Macy carelessly locked out of our own home, while strangers tear apart my nice smelly carpet that smelled super good like me and are replacing it (with a much darker color). Friday will be the worst, cause all my ceramic tile that I love to slop my muddy feet all over will be torn out and replaced with heavy duty carpet in my mud room (ideal for muddy dogs and toddlers, says mommy!!!) and laminate on the rest. Oh well, I am gonna chew my chews right in the middle of the floor tonight!! At least it will probably be cushy!!


Snow And Bubble Ooodles

February 21st 2011 8:43 pm
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I am so so super excited right now!!!! First of all, it is snowing outside as I bark my entry!! In a few minutes we are gonna go out for goodnight potties so I can roll around in it!!I am so happy cuz it was so warm here last week it melted the mounds of snow that had been laying around for awhile! I think we are gonna get 4-6 inches!
The next thing that I am super seriously excited about is my bruther is going to go to a class on Friday at a place called gymboree. And if he signs up at this class he will recieve a free BUBBLE OOODLES!!! Now from what we understand these bubble ooodles blow millions of bubbles that don't pop right away and are safe to catch on your tongue!!!!! Well, I don't know about Cole, but this is just perfect for me!! I love bubbles and hopping in the air to catch them on my tongue!! I will have super serious system overload if we take the bubble ooodles out and blow them in the snow!! I might think I died and went to Heaven!!!


Happy Happy Birthday To Me!

February 4th 2011 11:18 am
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I am 8 years old today! Wowee! I have already gotten lots of treats! First my bruther and mommy went shopping. When they came home my baby bruther carried in a stuffed squeaky raccoon toy!! He gave it to me and I got right to work teraing him open and removing all his stuffing! They also got me a big bag of chicken flavored chewies! Thank goodness! We ran out of chewies a few weeks ago. Usually we have tons laying around but I guess we finally chewed them all, cuz Macy and I had to resort to chewin our bruther's wooden building blocks which was not makin mommy and daddy too happy! Oh, and then when mommy was makin Cole lunch she dropped a big bowl of pastas on the floor, so me and Macy gobbled them up! Then Cole was generous enough to share his turkey sandwich with us! Yummy!
What a great day so far!

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