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A Dog's Day

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Hi Everyone!

August 9th 2013 6:45 pm
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Woof, wow it has been a really long time since I have written! I hope all my furiends are doing well! We are all good here, trying to keep cool in the dog days of Summer. I have really been bothered a lot by the heat this year. We had a few days that were dangerously hot, so when mommy, daddy, and my bruther were in the pool they made me and Macy get in just for a minute. Neither one of us like to get in the pool, but mommy said if we wanted to stay outside we had to get in and get wet.
Today we went to the groomer. Just as Mary was finishin us up, it started to thunder. Macy and I were in our crate, and Mary told mommy that as soon as it thundered I started barking, and both of us were bangin the door to get out. Mary let us out, and I was so nervous that I ran around the shop and crashed into a table and knocked everything that was on it flying! It was at that point that Mary called Mommy and told her we were ready! She wasn't mad at me, I think she just felt bad cuz I was so upset! I really do not like thunder, Macy doesn't either. So mommy and Cole were there shortly after to pick us up! I was happy to get home!



January 5th 2013 5:34 pm
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Tonight the best thing happened!! My little bruther talked our parents into eating dinner in the living room on tray tables! So daddy got the tables, and Cole went to pick up his plate to bring it out there and he dropped it!!! Chicken, rice, and cucumbers dumped all over the floor!! Once mommy got a good look and realized there wax no way to save the supper she let me and Macy clean it up!!! We got every morsel!! (Except for the cucumbers!).
What a great night!


How to spend New Year's Eve!

December 31st 2012 8:29 pm
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With just 45 minutes to go til 2013 I am spending this night the best way I know how........curled up in a homemade quilt (from grandma) on my mommy's lap snoozin away!! Home safe and sound and nice and warm! Mommy, daddy and my brother went to a party earlier tonight at the aquarium!!! Cole had lots of fun, he danced, saw fireworks over the Delaware River, petted sting rays, saw sharks, and had a big dish of ice cream!!!! But everyone is home now, safe and sound, cuddled on the couch!! Happy New Year's everyone!!!!!!!!!



October 31st 2012 10:42 pm
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Yup, you pups heard me right ......Halloween was actually completely cancelled for the whole state of New Jersey!! Our governor announced it right on the news at noon today....due to the massive damage from hurricane Sandy the state moved all trick or treating to this coming Monday. I guess its for the best with areas still flooded, tree branches still falling and power still out and lines down. But it still stinks for all the kids who were super excited about tricks and treats tonight!!


Here We Go Again!

October 29th 2012 10:11 am
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OMD, we are about to get a MONSTER storm here!! Basically we have a huge Hurricane thats gonna join forces with a nor'easter. We are going to have winds that are 90-100 mph, and at least 8 inches of rain!! Our state and the surrounding ones are under a state of emergency, roads are shut down, transportation halted. Basically now, we are just all hanging out at home, trying to stay safe!! I wanted to bark my entry now while we still have power, cuz that is likely to change soon! They are saying we could be out for weeks!

Thankfully my family is all here with me. Say a little pawrayer for us!! And over us, we need ya!!!!!


A Wrench In The Plan

September 3rd 2012 8:57 pm
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So Saturday was my human bruthers birthday. Mommy and daddy had lots of plans for the day, but I threw in something extra!! When he was opening his pawresents, I was laying behind mommy on the floor. Mommy noticed I was licking my leg, but at first didn't think anything of it. But as the morning wore on, she noticed me keeping at that one spot on my leg. So when she finally took a look she noticed that I had a big sore on my leg that was bleeding. So daddy took me to the vet, mommy and my bruther went to pick up his cake and balloons. Turns out I have an abcess on my leg!! I had to get it shaved and cleaned out, I got a shot of antibiotic at the vet and then I got to take home an antibiotic and some Rymadyl. The really cool thing is that at the party later everyone felt sorry for me, and I got lots of loves and treats! Then our whole family left and all went to a baseball game to finish out the party! And it ended with a bang too, cuz after the game there were fireworks! At that point Macy and I got all comfy on our couch and took a big rest! Actually, it really wasn't a bad day at all!


Baby Ducks

April 15th 2012 8:49 pm
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Today me and my family went to mommoms house so we could see her baby duckies she has in her backyard! Mommom and Poppy just moved to a new house and the backyard is right on a lake. So all up and down this lake is all kinds of interesting critters! Ducks, frogs, turtles, herons just to name a few. Well, all the duckies have eggs that are hatching and that means lots of babies!! There was one mommy duck that we kept seeing all day, she had 4 little fuzzy babies trotting along after her! We also saw a huge frog at the edge of the lake. It was a beautiful day outside, so we were out there a lot, and my bruther threw lots of rocks in the lake, he thought that was cool! Then uncle Chris was teaching him how to climb trees! It was a fun day!


Happy 9th Birthday to me!!!

February 4th 2012 9:52 pm
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Today is my 9th birthday and so far it has been pawesome!!! My bruther gave me a new collar that is blue with bones on it and a matching blue leash. I also got a humongous green loofah dog!! Then we all went for a car ride to the animal shelter to drop off some donations. Then we went to the ice cream store and got a puppy cup with a bone on top. Then we went to the park and when we got out of the car what was right there in the parking lot just for me??? A whole entire chicken finger!! Before anyone could stop me I had that yummy chicken in my mouth! It was delicious! Then I had my ice cream, ran all over the park , went down the slide with my bruther and now I am taking a nappy on my warm coy bed! What a super day!


Cryin At The Groomers

October 26th 2011 1:29 pm
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The other day mommy and Cole dropped me and Macy off at the groomers. Cole has come to pick us up a few times, but has never dropped us off. Well he walked right in and my super nice groomer Mary told Cole he could come back and see the doggies for a minute. So he said hi to a cute little doggie named Fergus who was on the table getting combed, and loved and petted another doggie named Eli who was there (he was one of the other groomer's dog) and then Mary said ok time to get in the crate to me and Macy. So we went in and she shut the crate door and latched it. Well, Cole didn't understand what was happening and he FREAKED!!!! He started bawling and ran to our crate and was trying to unlatch it so that we could get out!! He must have been so afraid that we were never gonna see him again or that something bad was gonna happen to us!!! It was sad that he got so upset but kind of sweet that he was so worried about us!!
Mommy knelt down and explained to him that we just had to stay there for a minute and then we were gonna get baths and haircuts just like Fergus, and then him and her would come back to get us later. And the one girl was so nice she gave Cole a little orange teddy and said "you can take him with you, and when you come back you bring back my teddy and you can take Richter and Macy home with you again!". Well he liked that idea, and he was ok after that!!
And sure enough, he brought the bear right back some hours later, and he sure was so happy to see us!! Now he keeps runnin up to us and pettin us and sayin "oh Macy feels nice, oh Richter feels nice". He certainly is a funny little kid!!


A Fall Day At The Park

October 16th 2011 1:02 pm
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My family has discovered something fun to do now that it is not raining every day and 100 degrees!! There is a nice park not far from our house that has lots of trails, big grassy fields and cool playground stuff for Cole to play on. So last Sunday and today, we all took a ride to this park!! Us pups and Cole run and race in the nice soft grass (mommy and daddy let our leashes go so we can run as much and as fast as we want!), then either mommy or daddy walks us around while the other stays with Cole while he plays on the playground, and if there is not a lot of other kids, mommy and daddy let me and Macy run up on the stuff with Cole and I slide down the slides with him! It is so much fun!!!! Last week it was a little warm, but today was nice and cool and breezy, perfect weather for the park!!

Oh, on a side note, mommy was a little cross with me last week, cuz I found some strange animal poopy and decided to roll in it. To top it off, we had no doggie shampoo so when we got home mommy had to run out and get some, then we got a bath on the deck. Macy was super mad at me cuz even though she did not roll in the poopy, mommy and daddy figured that since I was gettin a bath they might as well do her too......

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