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Ain't ready to make nice

February 12th 2007 4:57 pm
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I am layin' low for a while. Mommy is upset at me for being sneaky. I knows I am not suppose to take Mom's shoes out through the doggy door and chew em in da yard cuz it makes her upset so I stopped when she got down to a pair cuz I like to go places and Mom won't go out without shoes. Not sure why, I like bein bare footed. I knows I am not suppose to sneak Otis's or my toys out that doggie door either so I don't when they are watchin'. And I really knows not to take stuff off the tables cuz Mommy will give me a time out in my crate but I just couldn't stop myself. Mommy set her glasses on the table when she was paintin the living room and when she started lookin they was gone. I felt real bad when I watched Mom tear stuff out of the trash, look under everything movable 3 times and run around all blind wonderin what SHE did with them glasses. Well, after lookin 3 days she made Daddy drive her to the eye doctor and get new glasses. I thunk about it a couple days and felt so bad I went out to my hidey place and got her glasses and brung em back in the house and gived em to Mom. OH BOY! Was she upset. She said I had a $350 time out in my immediate future to learn about taking things off the table. I just chewed the ear pieces off and made some engravings on the lenes where I was tryin to write "luv you mom", but I can't spell so she missed that part. Mom said she is going to call me Sneaky Pete from now on. That really made me upset too. So for now, I’m a grounded pooch, sittin in the corner singing my favorite tune, “I’m not ready to make nice”.
Well that’s all for now, I’ll write more when I get ungrounded and Mom gives in (which she always does. Dad says she will fold like an accordian, what ever that means).


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