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Ivita's Tale

Back Again

December 29th 2006 1:48 pm
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It have been along time since the last entry. Let's see, at the beggining of November Mom, TAZ and myself flew from Maryland to Iowa. Oh it was so excited! Look at my new dress in the pictures. Also look at me seating in the airplane seats. I had a seat all by self. Mom went back to Maryland and we stayed with Dad atHollie's mother. They have a big yard and we all have fun. It is great to bark at the door and the humans come to open it. They think that we are to take care of our needs, but most of the time we jsut go outthere to play. I saw and play in the snow for the first time. Dad been making changes to the new house. Mom returned by the middle of december.
We moved into the house this past week. It is grreat to have a house. Taz and me love to be outside. More to come later. Mom still have a lot to do , I just make her take some time off to update the diary and the pictures.


It is Official

October 25th 2006 9:57 am
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Well, it is official. Iowa here we come. Mom and Dad found a house and we can move in Nov 14. We are going to have a large yard to run and play. I can't wait.



October 19th 2006 4:58 am
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Well, Dad and Mom sold the house. On November Taz, Dad and I will be moving to Iowa. Mom is to follow in Dec. We are finally going to meet our cousin Hollie and her Mom and Dad. This is going to be our forever home. Taz and I are sad because we will be leaving Kosmo. But at the same time, we are glad because we will have a large yard to play, and we will make new doggie friends.



October 8th 2006 10:28 am
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My friend Veronica asked to have some pictures of me. Mami been with the camera at the ready but I am not helping much. Let see if I can do better this week.



September 27th 2006 10:21 am
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Like my brother Taz mention the other day, something strange is going on in the house. Humans visited us the other day and walked all over the house and talked with Dad and Mom for a along time. Dad and Mom are planning to move to another state. Of course we are going with them, this is the only house that my brother and I ever live in. Moving means making new friends and finding new grounds to sniff and so on. I may be fun, but right now I am little bit reluctant. Paws, Ivita


Ivita's Tale

September 19th 2006 7:35 am
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As you can see I am a Shit Zu and proud of it. I am super spoil. I love to play with my brother Taz. Between you and me I like to tease him and them go hide under the cabitnets where he can not reach me, there is only room for me and he can't get in there. I like when we go outside and Mom take us out of the leach. Taz start running and I tried to catch him. He is really fast, so I stop and wait for him to come to me and then try to get him. Sometimes I do. Them we play in the lawn and have a lot of fun. Wuff do I get tired. I like leaving with Dad and Mom and of course Taz. Talk to you later Ivita

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