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Piccadilly Circus

October 3rd 2007 9:28 am
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OMDawgness... Mommy thought I needed a fur sibling, in case she get's called back to work!

The deed is done:( I'll never be alone again - I'm not convinced that is such a great thing!

- two puppies came to visit yesterday (that's OK)
- it was a beautiful afternoon; full of sunshine and fallen leaves and those two little munchkins were totally cute; truthfully, I wasn't exactly sure what I should do with them.. the little girl just wouldn't leave me alone (I think she had me mixed up with her mother!)
- so, we had a fun play... and, Aunty Joan was here and took me over to see Fergus (thank Dawgness... him I know how to handle... bol)
- but, I got a bit anxious and had to go back home to see if the munchkins were gone yet - NO!
- more play time... the little girl really followed me around (Mommy says we chose each other - hmmmmmmmmmm - I didn't know there was any choosing going on 'thank you very much'.
- you guessed it... the boy went back home and that girl stayed (AND, slept in my old, small kennel... and played with my 'luv ya' squeaky toy... and my icecream squeaky toy, and tugged on my black bear squeaky rug:((((( Now, I don't mind sharing (well... with friends... I'm not so sure about siblings)
- up and down all night long - for goodness sake - if she whimpered Mommy took her outside! Of course I had to follow!
- Do we really need the Piccadilly poop report, MOM??? I guess so. Mommy was worried 'cause she hadn't 'gone' since we got her... even after our night time walk (which, I must say she did very well 'sidering the shortness of her legs - she makes me seem huge... hehehe)
---- so, Mommy did a butt check (which she should have done before, really) and noticed some swelling.... then the worry really started........ but, finally Piccadilly did her business on our mornin' walk (although she sure has a funny way of doing 'it'... she laid her head right on the ground with her butt stuck right up in the air???? I shouldn't make fun - maybe it was hurting her... she did kinda' whimper.
---- so - a vet appt. first thing this morning... and, yes indeedy, there is swelling ... and the anal glands needed expressing... and they shaved all around her butt (tee hee) and put topical cream all around it; and sent a syringe full home with Mommy for her; but, I guess it's nothing very serious... she is overall a healthy little girl; born Aug. 14 and weighing in at a whopping 3.2 lbs...

- don't tell Mommy, but I was a bit concerned too... and I'm glad she's going to be OK.... BUT, what am I supposed to DO with her????? Every single day from now on %|


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