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Fur Child Travel:)

June 13th 2007 7:22 am
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Friday, June 1 - 6 We stayed over at Grandma’s and took her with us to Elkford, B.C., where she stayed with my furless uncle and his wife (who brought her home) and, on Sunday we drove to Polson, Montana.

We had no trouble crossing the border (all they wanted to know was if we had any dog food). NOPE… we’d already learned, in the Forums, not to take dog food across .

We did stop shortly after crossing the border and got me some food (very important:) and some look-a-like dresses for us Girls… and a new toy for Fergus.

Montana has some gorgeous scenery (OK… I slept a LOT, but I did look out the window sometimes!). From Kalispell to Polson (where we stayed) we followed the Flathead River and it was spectacular.

I liked walking out on the balcony at our resort/hotel and looking at the people, boats and birds that I could see…. we had a mixture of sun and rain those days.

Thursday, June 7 Daddy left his conference a bit early and we headed off to Yellowstone. We got to the hotel at just about the same time as Lucy and Isabelle… they are the sweetest things… then they came into our room and we visited and played until they had to go and get unpacked.

Issy and Lucy are well loved and cared for little girls… I’m a little bigger (fluffier; bol) and I was surprised that Issy was the feisty girl and Lucy REALLY unsure about why she should play with me when she already had Isabelle… it was OK… they are adorable and I love them just the way they are.

I think I need to work on my ‘rents, though, for a few more goodies… the car seats, halters and stroller they had were totally Sweet!

Friday, Mommy wished she had taken me in the car with them …. Boy oh boy… I don’t know what she was thinking! It was cool enough I could have stayed in the car while they walked on the ‘no dogs allowed’ boardwalks. Oh well… it sounds like they had a good time.

They saw Old Faithful spout a couple of times. And, Issy and Lucy got to see it too… they all met at the Geyser… the girls were able to ride around in their gorgeous pink stroller and look adorable.

Then Mommy and Daddy went and saw the Midway Geyser Basin, Firehole Lake Drive, Great Fontain Geyser, and Fountain Paint pots. They have the most incredible pictures.

Mommy says: “We were met with columns of steam along the horizon as we entered the park. The various drives we took were all amazing in their own way. The ‘artists palette’ colours went from clear and colourful pools of blues and emeralds to milky white pools that looked like the glass the artist cleaned her brushes in. They were almost mesmerizing. Some of the ‘pots’ looked like thick paint gently burbling while others hissed and gurgled and made me think of Macbeth’s witches ‘boiling their brew’.” (Mommy can get kinda' dramatic with her language; hehehe).

On their way back to the hotel they got delayed because about 400 bison were being herded (by helicopter) to a different area….. Oh how I wish I’d been there to help bark them along their way!!!!

Mommy was worried that I had been left alone too long… and, I must say, when they got back to the hotel room and took me across to the doggie doo doo park… I didn’t hesitate (like I often do do:).

But, the best part was I got to stay at Lucy and Issy’s, while all the ‘rents went out to the theatre to see something called Run For Your Life…. bol… their Daddy put a chair down to block the door (so Issy couldn’t scratch at it)…. But it was moved out of the way when they came back…. and we all ran out to meet them…. Jumping, and licking and jumping….. they wanted to know what we’d done all evening, but we weren’t telling~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Saturday I ran out the door, in the morning,… to make sure I got to go in the car.

We started off at the Artist Paintpot and the Porcelain Basin walk, then Norris Geyser Basin… they walked a lot there… but it was cool, so I didn’t mind staying in the car.

Then we went to the Mammoth Hot Springs Upper Terrace area… “the bacteria make the most amazing golds and yellows and greens and orange colours… and the hot water runs down the terrace’s, keeping the bacteria alive, which causes all of the wonderful colours”.

When they parked at the Mammoth Springs park headquarters, and former outpost area, they found a nice shady area to park the car… because it was a glorious day… but, Mommy came back and walked me around on the lovely green grass while Daddy checked out the museum.

We headed out on the Tower Roosevelt road and stopped in and saw the petrified tree…(it was surrounded by this huge gate so peeps couldn’t take chunks I guess – and maybe so pups couldn’t mark it either… bol).

We were early in the season and the water was rushing from the many waterfalls we saw around the park (Daddy says the time to go is early (or late) because the traffic was already horrific… and some people would simply stop in the middle of the road to take pictures of bison, sheep, wolves, elk… whatever wildlife caught their eye!). Yellowstone gets 3 million visitors a year… and they have a relatively short season once the snow is gone. Tower Falls are a big and beautiful waterfall.

Artist Point … “we were never disappointed with any side-trip we took”… The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River is very impressive. The Yellowstone River carves a massive canyon through the park (Paul Bunyan; bol) and flows over high cliffs to form a beautiful waterfall with upper and lower sections. Grand View Lookout Point (Mommy carried me in the hip hugger and the Ranger that was answering questions didn’t say anything about it;).

We stopped at the Norris Basin, and realized we had already been there in the morning… bol…. It was time to head back to the hotel. I was SO tired… I thought they were crazy…. Stopping and getting out and taking pictures and going again… just to do it all over again…. I was totally tired and zonked out… but, once we got back to the hotel room I perked up.

We went over to Lucy and Issy’s room and I got to play again… The girls really play so well together…and I just can’t figure out how to get them to play with me… and they like me, but don’t quite know what to do with the extra pup in the mix… Mommy thinks I’m too used to playing with bigger pups (when we got home I had a good play with a shepherd/husky pup cross that was wandering around the street early in the morning!!!!).

I know any of you would just love ‘The Girls’; Lucy has the cutest little ‘attitude’ face and is forever looking around and trying to see everything that is going on. I knew she had ‘accepted’ me when she snapped at me, just like she does to Issy.

Issy just looks at you with her sweet face and your heart melts. She is not afraid to check things out (& bark back at me… hehehehe) and I think she actually ‘protects’ her little sister. They play very, very well together…. And she demonstrated her little fake yip (that I’d already heard about)… when I chased her. What a girl.

Gosh… the cameras were out and pictures taken again…

We all went over to the park… and, once again I thought that meant PLAY TIME… I think their Mommy felt kinda’ bad that the girls wouldn’t play with me much… but, I’m really glad I met them…. and ate with them… and shared their toys… and sniffed each others everythings… bol… They’re Sweeties! I left them with a very good zoom though…. Everybody watched as I zoomed and zoomed in circles all around them… and they laughed and tried to catch me… but, I just zoomed some more. Daddy finally picked me up and said he was afraid I was going to have a heart attack because I was breathing so hard…. hehehehe…. That felt good (the zooming that is).

Yellowstone is not a dog friendly place to visit, though (and with reason). There are so many tourists, and dangerous places, that I understand why they don’t want doggies wandering around as well… it really is for our own good… and we knew that before we went. But, I am very, very happy I got to go along and see the wonderful sights and meet my Dogster Pals and their Mommy and Daddy.

June 10 -13 We leftYellowstone (and our friends) to start back home about 7:00 am. We got to the border about 1:00, and it was a good thing Mommy had brought my vet papers, proving I was up to date with my vaccinations… because they asked (whew... I sure didn’t want to have to stay in any ol' pound).

We spent the night at a gorgeous little bed and breakfast (our own little cabin) at East End, Saskatchewan. Mommy and Daddy went to the T-Rex museum while I waited outside (ho hum) in the shade.

It was their anniversary on the 11th and we saw a beautiful sunrise with a rainbow going right over our little cabin, when I went for my early (5:00 am; bol) walk. Then it started to rain and we went back to bed.

We were in the vicinity so took a trip over to see the Great Sand Hills and then got to Grandma’s about 5:30 pm… Mommy says her butt was sore??? We got home yesterday about 6:00… and I’ve been for my morning walk this morning (and heard Fergus barking inside his house – sorry – I bet we woke his parents up:~ Our yard looks super… we have the best neighbours – although, Mommy still says we have to work outside today… humph.


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