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My Wonderful Diary- written by me!

Well I guess Roxy told you her part of the story! LOL!

February 25th 2007 11:26 am
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Hi everypup! I am Dana, Roxy's mommy! I figured that you should hear the whole story...not just Roxy's part! LOL! Well Snicky was my Grandmother's dog. My grandmother is 84 and her health is declining rapidly. She fed Snicky just as much as she ate and gave her no excercize so snicky became very overweight. So overweight that she couldn't fit throught the doggy door to go outside to go potty. My grandmother couldn't take her outside as often as snicky needed to go so we brought her here. Now she has lots of fun with Roxy and is losing wieght rapidly. We go on daily walks and have cut her food intake down by a lot! We are proud of her success and believe that she will be with us for quite a while! So now you have the whole story! It was nice talking to you!


Snicky has been here for a little over a week...

February 25th 2007 11:19 am
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Well I can't say that I hate her being here...but it is kind of hard to share toys and food and leashes and blankets and MOMMY! Especially mommy! Snicky doesn't understand that she is MY mommy! We also have to take slower walks because snicky is so fat! Not like I am trying to be mean but.... Well mommy says that I need to look on the bright side. That is kind of hard...Hmmmm...Well we do go on more walks and I always have somepup to play with now! I also get to show snicky how it works in MY house! But she has become like a sister to me and I am really started to like her being here!

Hugs until next time,


The day after Christmas!

December 26th 2006 2:32 pm
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Yesterday was Christmas and I got a new bone to chew on and I got lots of hugs and kisses! BOL! I ♥ Christmas! Today was a blast though! Mommy let me come on Dogster to say Hi to everybody and She took me for a WALK! I ♥ walks even more than Christmas! And even better, she didn't make me wear a silly hat either! Ohhhh! What a great day! BOL!

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