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That's My Story and I'm Sticking To It!

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November 8th 2006 12:33 pm
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Christmas is coming!!!! Yippeeeeeee, I know I have to get through Thanksgiving, not good for me cause somebody told Mommy turkey bad for dogs!!! Must be the typtophan or something (like Chocolate).

Mommy getting my tree ready!!! I get one all of my very own that all my presents will go under. My pile is bigger than Daddys, but his is usually more expensive!!! That’s okay, as long as I get my Greenies!!! and stuffed animals with eyes, yummmmm eyes..... me loves the eyes.

Like the song say, all I want for Christmas is you!!! You know who you are!!! God Bless - my Buddys... and my Goofball...and Lil Sassy...and Beatrix....and Mommy Suzy....and Jack...and Dakota...and Snuggles...and my Cinnamon Bears...and Sadie Pearl...and Stella...and Odie the Talking Pug...and Dingo...and Grammy....and Thatcher ....and Trixie Mae.... and Kokoa Girl...and the rest of you, you know who you are.

If I’ve forgotten anyone, I’m truly sorry...I want everyone to have the most special of Christmas ever because we will here. Mommy got the best Christmas present she could get with the good news about her health. So, she says all she needs is Daddy and me.

Well the topper to the day, Mommy got laid off before Christmas!!! But that's okay too!!! Mommy will find ways to make money.

ttfn: Pooh



November 8th 2006 5:29 am
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For all my peeps who have been praying for Mommy, IT IS BENIGN!!!

Thank you to a wonderful community of animals and their families!!! Thank you for your prayers!

I'm breathing a lot easier than I have for six months now!

Love you guys -- Donna

Note from Jenna: She couldn't go anywhere, she needs to take care of moi, beside, I need her!!! and she needs me!!!! Love Jenna


Yep that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

November 7th 2006 7:51 am
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I have a bone to pick with mommy, every time there is the slightest wet spot in the house, who gets blamed for it -- poor innocent moi!!!

There are three people in the house -- do the math!!! I say it is daddy, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!

I have to stay home by myself today cause Daddy is going goofing (that's what Mommy calls it) -- it will probably be the last day Daddy can go for the year before snow flies for good -- so Mommy gave her permission (hee hee -- no really -- he asks for her permission). He goes out and chases a tiny little white ball with a stick. Let me out there, I can do it without a stick -- uh duh!!!

Well, that's okay with me, I need a little alone time -- been working hard taking care of Mommy and keeping her spirits up. I try hard not to jump on her boo boo -- but clumsy me -- she don't get mad though -- she just says oh Pooh -- be careful!!! I try, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!

Well, now that it is hunting season, the deer have camped out in our yard (not a big yard -- we have one acre of the Adirondacks, but they know where to come for protection) -- my Mommy would scare the most seasoned of hunters if they stepped foot on her property with a loaded gun or rifle.

All I can do is watch them through the side door!!! Let me at 'em, I just wanna play (tee hee -- mmmmm Venison!!! -- don't tell Mommy). Then there's the cat -- still doesn't trust anybody enough to let them near her, and Mommy usually can get just about any animal to come to her, I've seen her feed deer out of her own hand! And it wasn't our deer. What, what's that you say mommy, they ain't our deer, well that's what you say!!! They are all mine!!! mmmmmm (oops slipped)

Gotta goooo, my job is guarding the bed (good place to be on this nippy morning).

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Jenna -- zzzzzzzzz



November 6th 2006 5:23 am
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Well we got all kinds of news to shout out to my peeps!!!

Mommy is feeling sore from her surgery, but our hopes are up that everything will be okay...will know by Wednesday (fingers crossed).

We have DSL -- high speed -- OMD -- watch out dogster!!!! Mommy will be changing my page left and right!!!!

We have a stray cat in our neighborhood. It comes over and eats garbage -- but Mommy put out a treat for the kitty and hopefully we can get the thing and take it to the humane society so it won't have to live out in our bitter cold Adirondack nights!!! I know, they aren't fun!!!

We have deer in our yard eating the apples that have fallen from our trees. We had two today!!! Oh let me go and just say hi (tee hee). Well, Mommy is going to work today, so I'll behave so I can see Mommy at lunch!!! Maybe she'll bring Thatcher home with her so I can have a play date!!!

My friends here on Dogster have been really good about keeping in touch wishing Mommy well. We'll keep everyone informed of the news when Mommy gets it Wednesday.

Wish us luck -- well got to go back to bed and protect it for Mommy while she's at work (why is she shooting me a dirty look??) Well ttfn -- The Divine Miss Jenna Pooh (Pooh to my Peeps) zzzzzzzzzz



November 3rd 2006 5:18 pm
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Surgery is over!!! The little dastardly lump is gone. Now the waiting for pathology. I've been reassured that it looks benign.

So, thanks to all that have remembered me in their prayers. You know who you are and you know how much you mean to me. You are all class acts.

NOTE FROM POOH: I had to stay home today all by myself. I stayed brave cause I knew Mommy needed me when she got home. Mommy was still under the influence of the surgical drugs -- she slept on the couch, I snuggled and stayed very very still so Mommy wouldn't be woken!!! Daddy and Mommy say I had the hardest job of all and I did it so well!!! I knkow how to take care of my mommy, cause she takes care of me!

Well, Mommy is more worried about me jumping on her surgical incision, but not once today!!! They underestimate their Divine Miss Pooh!!!

Love to all our dogster friends and pals who have given mommy moral support. We will be in touch more later when Mommy is back to feeling 100% and hopefully get high speed very soon.

Love The Divine Miss Pooh!!!!


Hello -- I am the Namer and The Dog Whisperer

November 2nd 2006 10:41 am
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Thank you to all my friends who have given mommy and me moral support. Her surgery is tomorrow, and I have to stay home alone and all by myself, I can't be there to hold her hand!!! It's not fair :( They don't understand I'm mommy's crutch. She'll get home and I'll watch over her and take care of her!!! Cause she's my bestest Mommy I ever had!

Also my Mommy and I have been asked that if anyone would like to be renamed just ask us. Mommy is pretty good at picking the adjective that most suits you. She called me The Divine Miss Jenna Pooh cause I remind her of Bette Midler, I have brass "you know what" like her. Nothing holds me back, I'm like my Mommy, I step on toes sometimes, but I'm usually trying to do something nice.

So I have a friend named Beatrix her page is:
I call her The Ravishing Miss Beatrix,

her sister Suzy her page is:
she is The Magnificent Miss Suzy.
They like my star cause I am the Diva of all Divas.

So for those Divas who need a little primping of their name, let me know. They said that could be my job on Dogster.

I told my friends that I saved Mommy and Daddy's life. Last Winter, Mommy and Daddy started using an electric blanket they bought in a garage sale. Well one night I heard it making noises, but Mommy and Daddy couldn't hear it. I started barking right at the box, when Mommy lifted the bedspread, she could see the box sparking (it wasn't supposed to do that) and she quickly unplugged it from the electricity. She hugged and kissed me. Mommy knows how to listen to me. I saved them from fire!!! Mommy said people don't know how to listen with their hearts. She is an animal whisperer, all animals come to her and follow her around, I get jealous, but that's just the way it is. My Mommy has been told she has a gentle soul and animals respond to that cause they need unconditional love and attention, and Mommy gives everybody undivided attention even when there is more than one in a room.

Prayer for all animals being abused, Please God look over these animals in need, and help us understand the purpose of these actions. Amen.



Please forgive my indiscretion and inconsideration

November 1st 2006 8:16 am
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I received this in my inbox this morning:

TO: The Divine Miss Jenna Pooh REPLY
Subject: Re: Prayer Chain Sent: Tue Oct 31

Dear Miss Jenna,
Everyone in the group is free to show their support for this incident in their own way. Some join prayer chains, some sign petitions, others write letters or make phone calls etc. What we don't do is attempt to make everyone feel guilty because they didn't participate in something. Not everyone participates in prayer and you have to respect their beliefs. Others light candles in their homes. Some do not wish to have their efforts made public and prefer to act anonomously and not advertise what they do.

There are over 1000 members in this group. To assume that they have not suffered the same type of abuse and then try and make them feel guilty about it it not what this group is about. I have no problem with you encouraging members to participate, but attempting to guilt them into it with comments like that is inappropriate.

I would like to thank you for your concern about this case, and for what you have done to try and raise awareness of it. Now I ask you to please be respectful of all our members.
__________________________________________________ _________

Members of the above group and all members of Dogster and Catster, please accept my sincerest apologies. I have been chastised and corrected rightfully so (and do not wish to reveal who corrected me) it is not important who wrote the letter but why it was written.

When I expressed my disappointment on not having more members join Nellie’s (the dog who was dragged in Texas) prayer chain, I was in the wrong. Every person and animal has the right to deal with their own anger and grief as they see fit. I do not have a right to preach to anyone for not doing things my way.

I tend to be a go getter, a get things done kind of person and I take the bull by the horn (and sometimes step on other’s toes in the process). For my comments I apologize profusely and hope that all can see it in their heart to forgive me. I did not make my comments out of malice for others, but out of concern for a little dog in Texas. I do not believe that my original letter meant to make anyone feel they had not suffered as badly as Nellie, (excerpt from original message: "...we know that our abuse didn't come close to what Nellie experienced. And I'm sure SOME of this group hasn't either)." I did not intentionally want to dismiss the abuse that others have experienced, I know there are some of our members who suffered worse abuse. I pray that any and all abuse to humans and animals will stop.

So if I stepped on any toes in the process – please forgive me. I truly misdirected my anger to the those who didn’t deserve it, and now I redirect my anger (thank you for the wake up call – you know who you are) to those that committed this horrendous act.

My sincerest apologies to all. Donna

*************************************************** *****************
Message from Jenna:

My Mommy and I are only concerned for the welfare of Nellie. Any updates that anyone knows about, please advise.

I hope all can forgive my Mommy’s aggression, she loves animals so much that her heart gets in the way of her head.

Thank you from Jenna
It takes a good person to make such a lovely apology! I'm honored to be in a group with someone who can do that!

Happy barks!



Prayer chain for the healing of Nellie (the dog in Texas) -- corrected entry

October 31st 2006 9:44 am
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The above is the link to the forum where the prayer chain is located. The Divine Miss Jenna Pooh wants to thank the few that have joined in. For those that joined the chain, we thank you and Bless you for your big hearts.

Their story is that they laid the dog on the side of the road, checked her over and left to find something to wrap her in. Here's the reason I believe it is bull:

1. There were witnesses that yelled for them to stop, not one of those people would deny the boys something to wrap the dog in.

2. They were wearing shirts, my Mum would take the shirt off her back and wrap the dog to keep it from going into shock.

3. It took them 2 hours to find something to wrap the dog in? Were they laying in waiting to let something wear off????

4. They had a truck, they picked Nellie up and tossed on the side of the road, they could just as well have put Nellie in the back of the truck and rushed her to an emergency clinic.

Why did they disappear for two hours, were they trying to hide something or let something wear off? These boys are old enough to realize that the dog would have bled out within those 2 hours. Thank the Lord for the witnesses getting involved.

This dog deserves justice for what she was forced to endure. The Divine Miss Jenna Pooh just shivers when she thinks of Nellie and what Nellie felt, thought, etc.

We have started a group: "Continuous prayer chain for all animals in need".

For those that believe, you are welcome to join the circle. Love and slobbers to Nellie from The Divine Miss Jenna Pooh and her mommy.



October 30th 2006 7:41 am
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Boy did we get snow yesterday!!!! It was fun jumping in the snow!!!

Does anybody have updates on Nellie the doggy in Texas??? I'm going to search and see. Wish her luck and a speedy recovery.

We had company -- her name is Lil -- she's my vets doggy! She's a beautiful golden retriever with a very gentle aura about her. Mommy let her in the house cause outside was so cold. Our vet is opening a new office right next door to make it easier for us folks. So Lil got treats and she ate all my food in my dish and drank up all my water and still got more treats from Mommy and would sit in front of Mommy and get head pats. Well I tried to say hi to Lil in my usual way the wrong end (Note from Mommy; I hope this is politically correct to say -- The Divine Miss Pooh attempted to make love to her (sounds better doesn't it?)).

Well Lil followed Mommy every where she went, Mommy has that way with doggies. They know she loves animals. I was trying to get Lil's attention, but she would just chew 0n something and ignore me. Well humpf!! I was glad to see her go! Ignore the Divine Miss Pooh!!! Well I never!!!! (Note from Mommy: Never?? Yeah right Pooh -- Lil comes back you'll greet her in your usual crude way.)

Mommy and I mostly cuddled yesterday, we had no power, no phones. Mommy couldn't get on her computer!!! Cuddle cuddle!!!

Well got to go: Daddy's is taking me for a ride!!! Let's see where he takes me!

Ta Ta for Now: DS&PL The Divine Miss Pooh!


Friday update report on "THAT'S MY STORY AND I'M STICKING TO- IT"! by Jenna Pooh

October 27th 2006 1:34 pm
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1st Nellie we are still praying and our prayer chain has grown. You look marvelous despite the horror you went through!!! I fail to believe the boy's story. I hope it was an accident, but if it was, here's your sign! (Bill Engvel reference)

Mommy is coming home soon and I'm going to have to find a new hiding place cause she has the camcorder and she says she will learn how to use it on me!!! So get ready, it will Jennavision pretty soon!

Well Mommy came home at lunch and Daddy isn't moving around too much cause of his back -- so Mommy took me for a quick walk around the block (and I pooed in Max's yard again). I don't want Maxi to forget me! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

It is getting might cold up here in these mountains -- but the nights are warm for me cause I never have to stay outside anymore. Everyday, Mommy and Daddy come back to see me in bed and do the morning cuddle routine before Mommy goes to work and everyday they tell me I will never be left out all night again, that I will always be welcome in bed and that they will take care of me to infinity and don't get much better than that except when Mommy brings warm clothes from the dryer--yep I'm a pile of clothes diver!!! Right in the middle!!!! Can you blame a grrrl???

Well I better wait by the door cause I know it is getting closer!!! and Mommy will take me out again.

All our love and prayers to Nellie and all dogs and animals abused, neglected, etc. Watch out folks -- Kharma -- that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

DS&PL -- Jenna Pooh

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