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That's My Story and I'm Sticking To It!

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My very very special thank you to a dear little friend!

December 15th 2006 1:01 pm
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Thank you thank you thank you!!!! My little friend Lil Sassy sent me (me of all the friends she could pick) a Christmas Present!!!! I can't wait, Mommy says I can't have it until Christmas Eve (family presents Christmas Day -- friends presents Christmas Eve)...grrrrrr, but thank you sooooo much -- I love my friend Lil Sassy.

Mommy wants to say a special thanks to Lil Sassy's Mommy Rhonda!!!! Without revealing what it is -- Mommy says she will treasure it forever...because of the meaning behind it! She has it on now (how come she didn't have to wait until Christmas Eve??? Oh, cause she's an adult, well what am I????) and says it is the nicest present she received from a friend for Christmas ever. She's not saying that just because, it is not only the niceness of the present, but the feeling and meaning behind it. Rhonda and Mommy are special friends in their hearts. We have made such wonderful friends on this website.

Lil Sassy and her Mommy check out the picture above with your names above it!

We hope everyone has as nice as a Christmas as we are having!!!!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The Divine One!



December 14th 2006 4:50 pm
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OMD -- We were busy busy busy today. We got a party Saturday (I get to wear my new dress and tiara) for the family Christmas party. 3 children, one daughter-in-law, 10 grandchildren, 1 greatgranddaughter, a great grandma, a grandma and two dogs (one is moi)...yep, Zoey probably will be coming. If she don't want to play with me, then pfffttttt!!!!!!!!! to her. I'll hang with Mommy or Grammy or Sammy. They love me!!!! They'll protect me.

If Buddy of Corolla was here, he'd protect me. We'd just have fun together. We'd make smells and blame it on her....

Anywho, we got Charlie and brought him home (he's in two of my pictures above) and had a playdate, although I kept bullying him, he'd come back for more. I pinned him, I growled, I licked, I sniffed, you know the usual. Well Mommy took him home and she spoke with his Mommy, and I think his Mommy knows she's being watched. He's such a nice doggy. Although he lifted his leg and squirted my face and then he pooed on the carpet. See I tried to tell Mommy it wasn't me! Mommy took Charlie home and then we cleaned, we rearranged, we cooked, we did laundry....whooooo, I'm tired, I don't know about Mommy, but she hasn't moved in the last hour. I had to type this myself!!!!

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

The Divine Miss Jenna Pooh!


Calvy Walvy

December 12th 2006 6:10 pm
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I have a special pup pal name Calvin...we just gave him a new nickname Calvy Walvy -- cause he's sooooo cuddly looking!!!!

Surprise my buddy Calvin!!!! (Buddy of Corolla won't mind -- he knows I got male friends...I flirt, but I don't cheat!) That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

The Divine Miss Jenna Pooh


What a day!!!!

December 12th 2006 4:15 pm
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Well Mommy went away for about four hours, four long angonizing hours!!!! OMD -- let me tell you, it was the longest four hours of my life!!!! I mean, that's a lot for a little doggy!!!! I didn't think she was coming home...I mean seriously, I thought I was going to be without her, I thought she got lost in the woods....I was having a heart attack...I was having vapors...then the horn honked and I knew it was her...I know her horn...I hopped, I danced, I pranced, I jumped, I barked, I yipped, Mommy said it looked like I was alone for years....well I was and that's my story and I'm sticking to it....

The Divine Miss Pooh


Pooh's Day

December 9th 2006 6:18 pm
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This is my day:

Wake up next to Mommy, get up eat breakfast with Mommy, take a walk with Mommy, follow Mommy to the bathroom (oh no she's taking a shower can't go there! she might make me take one with her!), work on puter with Mommy--check our email and pmail, do housework with Mommy, follow Mommy to bathroom (oops -- don't want to go there!), follow Mommy as she does laundry -- look for mice in garage!, follow Mommy as she make lunch, eat droppings, follow Mommy to table to eat lunch, follow Mommy to kitchen as she takes dishes back to sink, sit and wait for Mommy to finish doing dishes, walk with Mommy, take nap with Mommy, go grocery shopping, sniff in bags Mommy has left to see if there is something in there for moi, come home do more housework with Mommy, wait while Mommy makes dinner (hope she drops something!), go to table to eat dinner with Mommy and Daddy, follow Mommy to kitchen as she puts dishes in sink, sit and wait while she does dishes, wait for Mommy to give me a Greenie or snack, snack with Mommy, go in bedroom and wait while Mommy works on puter, nap, nap, nap, watch t.v. with Mommy, go to bathroom with Mommy (oops - don't want to go there), go to bed with Mommy, sleep with Mommy, growl at Daddy when he tries to get in bed with Mommy.....sleep...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Daddy says if Mommy stops short, she's going to have a tail, I don't get it, but someday he said I will!!!!

That's my life and I'm sticking to it!

The Divine Miss Pooh



December 7th 2006 1:00 pm
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I wanted to write a special diary entry for my sweet boy friend Buddy Lee stay away grrrls he's still mine -- although he is sooooo handsome I can understand why the grrrls might like him!!!

I'm waiting under the mistletoe for my Buddy Lee to give me a smooch!!! We are still praying that his Mommy continues back to good health. We are sure that he is taking care of her! You and your Mommy Kate will always have a special place in my heart!


That' s my story and I'm sticking to it!!! Love your grrrrl -- Pooh

P.S. Whoever gets tot he mistletoe first!!!!! I'm waiting for anyone to give me a smooch (other than my daddy!)


20 more days!!!

December 6th 2006 6:30 am
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It's getting closer!!!! I can't wait, I'm still waiting for my stocking to start wiggling with Buddy of Corolla!!!!! Darn that stocking! Mommy has a wrapped package for me under the tree!!!!! I wonder what it is....if anyone knows, can you give me a hint, I'm dying of curiosity. Maybe it is Buddy!!!

Mommy has been having fun editing my pictures, thanks to the drop dead gorgeous Kokoa Girl for her special assistance. As always, we love you Kokoa Girl!!!!!

Also, thanks to the sexy and lovely Dakota (my special little friend from Mexico) for my angel picture.

Thanks to my most beautiful friend Bella Daddy for making me some glamour shots to make me look beeee uuuu teeee fulllll!

And shouts out to my boyfriend Buddy of Corolla who I love with all my heart and to his brother, my knight in shining armor, Goofball and their dearly departed sister who is now my Guardian Angel Weedle.

This is my story and my life, and I'm sticking to it!

DS&PL -- Jenna


That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!!!

December 3rd 2006 4:46 pm
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I'm still waiting under the mistletoe just for Buddyof Corolla...check out my motto!!!! and I keep checking my stocking every day just to see if it starts to wiggle, then I know my Buddy is in there!!!!! I'm waiting very patiently my sweet prince!

I can't help it, I want the world to know that Buddy of Corolla is the one, he is my true love, Buddy and I belong together, OH!!!! forget the age difference, us older woman are more experienced in making a male happy!!!! Just ask Mommy, oh oh, there's the dirty look again!!!! tee hee.....

I wish Buddy and Goofball could have been to see Petie the Goat this weekend, he's getting big and he's so pretty (for a goat Buddy!!!). He looks like his Mommy -- he's white and has horns and he is such a woosshhh!!!! He don't like to get his feet wet!!!! But Mommy fed them special crackers that she gets for Daddyand her and they loved it!!!!! Wanted more!!!! Crackers, forget the bread, forget the leaves, forget the fruit, they wanted the crackers!!!!! They love my Mommy cause she always gives them something different....

Well I gots in trouble this weekend with Mommy and my hiney is a little on the stingy side!!!!

First, Daddy attached my leash to the wrong part of my collar (the key riung that was holding my tags) and when I saw that darned cat (they got like four or five cats that just are there!), I took off and literally straightened out a heavy duty key ring. I lost my tags and got loose and ran after that cat and Mommy screamed and started running (which she never does) and everyone came out and Mommy caught up to me cause I was tooooo big to get in the hole that the cat slipped into...and got a little smack on my butt!!!! and called a name I can't repeat!!!

Oh well, it stung, but I wanted that cat, oh how I wanted that cat!!!! I just wanted to play!!! Looked like a stuffed animal to me, and you know what we do with stuffed animals!!!!

Well, Mommy took me back to the trailer our friends got us so we stay in so we can have privacy and she gave me a stern talking to and made me get in bed by myself!!!! by myself I said!!!!

No cuddling, no stroking, no tummy rubs, no Mommy!!!!! Boy was she mad at Daddy...he came in and she wouldn't give a group hug!!!!

Then the next day, Mommy's hands aren't as strong as they should be ecause of nerve problems...and when I saw the other cat...I started running and Mommy couldn't hold onto the leash, well we ran and we ran (I mean, Mommy hit a dead run which God must have given her the strength to do), and I thought she was chasing the cat too, although she kept yelling my name and some other names I can't repeat....and when she caught up to me, ow, boy that smack stung. She just smacks my hiney with her hand which doesn't even get my attention, it doesn't hurt other than boy was she mad again. I just wanted a cat, any cat, the cat that was teasing me and made me run after it....yeah, that's it, it's the cat's fault, not mine...thats my story and I'm sticking to it!!!

Sweet dreams my prince Buddy of Corolla!!!! Until next time!!!! Love your grrrl 4ever--Pooh

Again, that's my story and I'm sticking to it -- it was the cats' fault, not one cat, but all of them!!!!! The Divine Miss Jenna Pooh


My day

November 28th 2006 6:04 pm
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I love my mommy is home spending every waking and sleeping moment with me. She said I had better be careful because if she stopped short, my nose would be somewhere it shouldn't (hmmmmmm????), I don't know what that means, but you ain't leaving my sight!!!

Well anywho, Mommy made me pose for more pictures. These are under the mistletoe...I love the mistletoe cause I get kisses. Daddy said he was proud of me cause I learned good from Mommy. When they ask for a kiss, I put my face against their lips. Then I really start just rubbing my face into their lips. Mommy says she thinks I'm trying to get my face cleaned or something...she's not quite figured it out...don't tell her, leave her clueless, tee hee.....

Well gotta go, I smell Greenies and if I blink my eyes enough to make it look like I'm going to cry, I'll get a Greenie, bet ya!!!!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. The luscious Jenna


Well, we had to share this story and boy are we sticking to- it!

November 28th 2006 5:50 am
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We sent Bully Sticks to our little friends in Corolla, NC. This is the response that we got.

Subject: Da trip to the Mailbox....OMG Sent: Mon Nov 27

Message: OH MY GOODNESS...I have never seen such happy dogs in my life. I think Goofy just melted on the front seat and Buddy he just bounced and bounced and bounced....they were all over Mommie on the drive home. Our mailbox is a little ways away...Got home...Goof just bowled Mommie over cause he wanted the envelope and the card and the bonies and Buddy just kept sniffin and runnin and sniffin and runnin like I don't believe it...I don't believe it...It's JENNA our sweet sweet JENNA....AND SHE CAME IN THE MAIL OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY Goofy gave Mommie oh so many kisses and he's not a kissey dog. I'm telling you he just totally melted right on the front seat of the truck and he's a quiet dog never gets excited. It was so funny...
Got to the mailbox...drove the truck they're both on the front seat...get the mail get back in the truck and they both have noses in the air like I SMELL SOMETHING.....Goofy came over and licked and licked Mommie on the cheek and Mommie said What??? Didn't know what was in the mail....we were all over Mommie LOOK LOOK LOOK there's SOMETHING THERE"S SOMETHING...Mommie thought a bug maybe...sometimes there's those in the mailbox....Mommie we just swarmed Mommie cause at this point she was clueless...she didn't know what hit here then she thought Jenna...the mail...oh my goodness...and then it happened....Goofy wanted the envelope then Buddy wanted the envelope...On the way home the envelope slipped between the seat to the back of the extended cab part and into the back....both dogs dove into the they go and they never go anywhere they're so certaintly made a quiet afternoon in Corolla very exciting for two little doggies who thing you are adorable...Thank you so much for making the lifes of these two guys so exciting for the day and Mommie's to...Jenna we love you....Mommie, Goof and Buddy

Well, we are soooooo happy we made our two favorite guys happy!!!

♥ and more ♥ from the luscious Jenna Pooh

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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