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Chronicling the Moodiness

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Lessons Learned About Dinner Prep

October 1st 2008 9:19 pm
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You know how what your humans are eating is always way better than what's in your bowl?

Well today, I used my super Jedi powers to get myself in on that action! I went through the usual motions first. Pretended my dinner was really great, that sort of thing. I waited until my girl was at the stove.

She picked up an egg, and moved it into position over the edge of the pan.

I made my move.

WHACK! The egg hit the floor, sending shell shrapnel clear across the room.

Oh boy did that work well! I was unsure at first, but I knew I had to give a shot. You see, my girl is very graceful and coordinated, and would never do something like miss the pan and hurl an egg at the floor.

I trotted over and nosed the mess. To my horror, I realized this was still not the same thing she was eating! Oh no, this smelled totally different, and did not contain bacon.


I left it there.

Next time, I'll have to work on tipping the whole pan over.


Our Pal Is Missing!

June 4th 2008 10:08 pm
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Have You Seen Regal?


I Would Like to Clarify...

April 10th 2008 9:43 pm
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I do NOT like pig ears.

I do NOT like beef pizzle.

I DO like pig pizzle.


Flyball! And More Beach Adventures

September 26th 2007 9:05 pm
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Yes! I tried this "flyball" on Sunday. I like it. I get to run around and there are other dogs and people everywhere. My Girl taught me "over," which means I go over a little jump heading toward a box. It was a little confusing, because I'm pretty sure you're only supposed to go over one jump and only toward the box. But she kept trying to get me to go over 2, 3, even 4 at a time going both directions! Maybe she doesn't know how to play flyball.

Also, it appears there are tennis balls involved. That's stupid. I don't think I'm going to touch them. Maybe I'll think about it, if I have to do it to keep playing.

After flyball they dropped agility tunnels all over the floor! It was so great, I started running back and forth through them. I like them so much better than the tunnel at daycare - I would never go in that thing!

Today we went to the Amtrak beach. I didn't much feel like being there, though. I stood in the water for a while. Then I came out and stood on the beach for a while. I made my way back under the bridge, through the parking lot and to the picnic area. That was much better! All sorts of tall plants and fences and dumpsters to explore. Then I found it...

The shellfishing area!

I jumped right in and dead fish heads floated up around me. My Girl got very upset, and she seemed only half-heartedly cheery as slopped my way through 5 inches of rotting carcass and silt back to her.

At least I got to run around the rocks a bit more. I found a big pile of dead crabs by a rat's nest. I tipped my head at it for a long time, but no rats came out and asked me to kill them. My Girl pointed out this crazy looking, circle-crab with a long pointy tail. I didn't understand it at all. It seemed to be very dead. I woofed at it, but it wouldn't play with me so I left.

We left before I really wanted to, and My Girl wouldn't let me in her side of the car like she usually does. She made me get in on my side, and then got mad when I jumped in back and inspected both sides of the car. Said something about "smelling like death." I found it quite aromatic myself, but the sand everywhere was kind of itchy.

Then she stopped by work and gave me a bath. Ugh. What an ending!


'Nother Weekend

July 17th 2007 10:27 pm
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So busy. I'm in that blasted class again. The one where we walk around and I'm not supposed to pull on the leash. What is this crap anyway? Don't they know I'm a Husky? It's not like I'm trying to knock anyone over, but how are you going to get where you need to if you don't pull?

My Girl took me petsitting again.

I like it a lot, it's just staying in that place that isn't home... And the crates are all too small for me. And I guess the one in the bedroom belongs to Skye, which is silly. Everyone knows that I get to sleep in the crate in My Girl's bedroom. And it is My Girl's bedroom, as far as I'm concerned.

I was so mad, though. After My Girl's Kyle left, Avi and Skye hopped up on the bed and laid on either side of My Girl. My Girl didn't even kick them off! Can you believe it? She invited me up a few times, but I don't want to lie in a bed! And Avi and Skye shouldn't either. What's so hard to understand about that?

Oh well. At least I left with all my toenails this time. And Avi thinks I'm cute, even if Skye doesn't put up with come-ons.

We're just hanging out at home now. It's nice to just be here.


It's Hot

July 9th 2007 9:08 pm
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Seriously. What's up with that?

At least house stays miraculously cooler than outside. But the social building doesn't. It was so hot in there, I thought... I don't know, it was too hot to think.

First, my Girl made me WORK. Can you believe that? She's got me in some "class" or another again. Blah.

Then I socialized some, which was alright. That little Yorkie (or Silky, small dogs are the same to me - small) tried to hump me. I don't mind him though, so I poked him and playbowed. That seemed to scare him, and he left. But his Labby sister came to play with me! I don't mind her either. But it was hot.

After that I didn't have much to do, and it just got hotter and hotter and...

Eventually, my Girl went to the freezer and gave me a whole block of frozen solid turkey! Now, normally I detest all food that isn't lightly seared and warm, but not cooked. I licked it right up though! I felt so much better after that.

The lesson here is frozen food = good. Who'd have thought?

Eat your meals frozen, my extra-warm friends. It'll do you good.



June 30th 2007 9:51 pm
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Well, I started off the day in a bad mood. I woke my Girl up at 9:30 so we could go to social. I love the Saturday socials. Not so much Sunday social. But she didn't take me!

Instead, I got to get the Subaru with the family... I never get to ride that car. I like it though. I get to lie down in the back and all the windows go down so wind blows everywhere. And I can watch the road behind the car, which is always fun. Sometimes I even do that in my Girl's old Olds. We drove like we were going to social, which I found very odd. No one but my Girl and sometimes her Kyle ever goes to social with me. Once her sister did, but that was a long time ago.

They drove right by the social building, though! I cried a bit, just in case they didn't realize they'd missed it. No one went back, though. Instead, we kept going to the Amtrack beach.

I think I like the Amtrack beach a lot. For those of you in my area, they specifically do allow dogs as long as you're leashed. The "no dogs allowed" signs in the parking lot only apply to the boardwalk. Or so my Girl says. I kept trying to go up there, and I don't see why I can't.

That's where my family went: the boardwalk. My Girl and I split off on our own. I wore my 20 foot tracking lead and we had a good jog through the waves to about halfway down the beach. At the spot where the gravel part of the boardwalk ends and the board part begins, my Girl put our stuff down. We swam, lied in the sun, swam. When I decided I'd had enough sun, I went up under the boardwalk and made a nest in the shady sand by some cool rocks.

There were lots of nice people, although one girl tried to pull my tail. I snorted and walked away from her fast! Another girl was sweet, though. I nuzzled her cheek, and she giggled, patted me on the neck and said I was cute. I hope I get to go back soon. Although, not on a social day!


It's My 'Gotcha Day!'

April 27th 2007 8:48 pm
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We've been so busy, I nearly forgot! One whole year with My Girl today.

That picture of me in the grass is from the day I came home. That seems like so long ago... So much has changed. But at the same time, it doesn't seem like a full year.

Anyway... We had to do some emergency pet sitting. That's where we were Tuesday and Wednesday night. It was a whole lot better than last time! That darn intact punk of a boy wasn't there, AND I left with all my toenails!

Thursday morning I went back to the chiropractor. Great news all around there! I did screw up my back since the last visit, but not nearly as bad as it had been. The really great news is with my stomach... The chiropractor focuses on whole body wellness, so I had been on a load of supplements for it. Well they all got knocked back! One was added, and it's liquid and I hate it. But there are still a lot less than before. Which is great, because they made my stomach hurt sometimes. And the Hypo-D smells funny.

Thursday night My Girl left me. I was ticked, especially when she didn't take me to daycare today. Sure, it's small dog day and they aren't much fun... But I still wanted to come! And sure, I howled all afternoon last time I was at the vet's and got in trouble but... I wanted to come.

But My Girl did come home and that was good. She's tired. I'm tired. It's all around time for bed.


They Call Me MJ

April 16th 2007 9:39 pm
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Michael Jackson, that is.

See, I kept licking my foot where my nail was torn off. Licking and licking and licking... My fur is all red and icky around there now. My Girl gets really upset when I start, and last weekend she got fed up. We went to PetCo, which was fun. We went down this aisle I had never been in before, with lots of dog food and expensive beds and get this - clothes for dogs! That's where we went. To the clothing rack.

I now have to wear one booty, all the time.

She keeps globbing this gross antibiotic stuff all over the missing nail, too. I really hate that, but I guess it's not nearly as bad as taking oral antibiotics. Then the boot goes on, then the worst part of all - She sprays it with this really, really gross Bitter Apple stuff. I hate that so much. Just smelling it in the room is enough to send a dog running. At least now she's let up on the antibiotics, so it can dry out a bit.

And she's let up on the Bitter Apple... I guess that was mostly so I didn't immediately get in the habit of chewing the booty and pulling it off. Well it worked! I'm pretty used to the blasted thing now, and I'd rather leave it alone than get that stuff sprayed on it again and again.

I've got to say, anyone who buys boots for their dog for regular wear is in for a nasty surprise. They're a darn waste of money, and hard to walk in. The soles of them got ripped up pretty quickly, they get nasty if I go out in the rain, and the fabric was pilled and worn within hours. But they're perfect for what we needed. The four of them ought to last just long enough for my nail to grow back, and since the fabric is so shoddy it allows for plenty of air circulation. There was another lady at PetCo buying the same booties for the same reason.

Well the nail is about half grown back, so maybe another week or two of boot-wear.

In better news, my ear is healed! You can see the scar, and the fur will take a while to come back in, but other than that it looks great! (Or so I hear.) The staples came out today. I was pretty happy about that. They were getting terribly itchy, and made flick my ear back and forth, but I knew better than to scratch at them. In fact, I was so happy about it that I just stood there with My Girl's arm around my waist, put my chin on her arm and let the nice doctor take them out. No muzzle needed! My Girl was really proud of how good I was, and told me so.

Also, I got the best toy yet! Except maybe for my fish that I broke in 30 seconds. It's a little squeeky rubber ball! No matter how much I squeek it, it never breaks like those stuffed animals! I love it so much, but Dad has been sleeping all day, so when I took it inside and started squeeking in the living room, My Girl took it away! Then later, when Mom went to go to bed, I started squeeking again and kicking it around. I guess she thought I'd settle down, but I just kept going! After 15 minutes or so, she came out and took it away. Oh, I cursed her all the way down the hallway! Then I stood in the living room and cursed her some more. I was really loud and persistent, but it didn't bring my toy back so I gave up and went to bed in My Girl's room.

I'm just exhausted now. My Girl's been staying for social plus four hours of classes on Sunday, then daycare this morning, then vet-work. I'm wiped out from all that supervising. I am off to lie on the shaggy rug.


Flea/ Tick Products

April 9th 2007 9:28 pm
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Guess what time of year it is!? Those blasted nasty things are out again all ready. And there's a lot of confusion over which preventative is best. So I'm attempting to give a rundown of the major sellers here.

Fleas: kills adults and larvae
Ticks: not effective
Mosquitoes: not effective
Other Parasites: not effective
Notes: water resistant; safe for puppies 7 weeks old

Fleas: kills and repels for one month
Ticks: kills and repels for one month
Mosquitoes: kills and repels for one month
Other Parasites: not effective
Notes: toxic to cats; waterproof; safe for puppies 7 weeks old

Frontline Plus
Fleas: kills adults, larvae, and eggs for up to three months
Ticks: kills all stages for one month
Mosquitoes: not effective
Other Parasites: not effective
Notes: waterproof; safe for puppies 8 weeks old

Frontline Top Spot
Fleas: kills adults for one month
Ticks: kills adults for one month
Mosquitoes: not effective
Other Parasites: kills chewing lice for one month
Notes: waterproof; safe for puppies 8 weeks old

Fleas: kills adults and stops eggs from hatching for up to one month
Ticks: controls American Dog Ticks for one month
Mosquitoes: not effective
Other Parasites: prevents heartworm, ear mites and sarcoptic mange for one month
Notes: American Dog Ticks are not Lyme-carrying ticks

Over the Counter Products
These include Hartz, Sentry, BioSpot... I do not recommend using any of these products. They are cheap for a reason. Most vets will caution you against using OTC pesticides.
Websites:; Natural Defense product reviews

I don't know about anyone else, but it sure helps My Girl to see things all lined up like that.

So then, which one? The major ad campaigns are based on who offers the most protection. But more protection means more potent chemicals, right? I, myself, am uncomfortable with being covered in chemicals to begin with. Plus, while some of those offer some great protection against some parasites, they leave off others. You've got to pick and choose what you think you need.

Around here, it's so much "if I get tick-borne disease," it's "when I get tick-borne disease." Heck, I am in East Lyme. Like, east of where Lyme disease originates. Practically every dog My Girl checks out at the vet's leaves with Doxy for one or more tick diseases. These diseases can be serious, and My Girl and I feel treating them, potentially for the rest of my life, is worse than any monthly chemical treatment. So ticks are most important, here.

Fleas don't really bother me, so we're not worried about them. The major concern from mosquitoes is heartworm, and I'll be on a separate heartworm preventative anyway (as per my adoption contract). I know the websites say West Nile is a big scary thing... And it is... But at this point it's incredibly rare. A friend of mine died from it not too long ago, and after the necropsy the vet said there were really no "what if's..." No one ever would have thought to test for it because it really never happens.

So I'm looking at Frontline Top Spot. There are a few science-y things I want to research as well, and I will certainly post what I find. Mostly specifics on what each chemical does and how it might affect a dog (or their human).

All you dogs better tell your humans to get on this! So many dogs need protection, and not enough actually get it. My Girl sees it dozens of times every day now. Research the parasites in your area, and if you need to, do something about it!

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