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Santa Paws wrote me a letter!

November 29th 2006 7:47 am
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I got a letter from Santa Paws today. Mommy read it to me and I was so excited I tried to do a flip. Really I was bouncing around and jumping and all of a sudden, I tried to do a flip or something. Mommy said she don't know what to call it.......bol. I'm so glad Santa and Rudolph will be visiting me soon. I can't wait. Snuggles and Sadie Pearl got a letter too, but I'm the most excited. Bama got one too and mommy said that made her feel good.
Anyway, I'm so glad I got my letter.
Thanks Santa Paws and I'll be sure to leave you some milk and cookies for your trip.
Lil Sassy



November 22nd 2006 7:28 am
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Now I've gone and done it! Mommy was on the computer the other day and she kept hearing some snoring going on behind her from the floor. She looked around and tried to determine if it was me or Sadie or Snuggles as we were all sleeping on our blankies behind her chair. She couldn't determine which one it was so she let it go. Now, today, I was sleeping behind her on my blankie, and wouldn't you know it, I was the only one in there with her and, well, sniff, sniff, IT'S ME! I snore. I'm so ashamed of myself. I'm just a little bitty thing but mommy says I snore like a big dog......and she's laughing at me about it too. She said she couldn't believe that that big sound was coming from my tiny body. Well, shoot mommy, I play hard and I run hard and I love hard, so it's a hard life and I guess when I slow down I'm so tired that I just gotta snore some. Now stop it, stop laughing at me, that's not nice! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL MY MOMMY IT'S NOT NICE TO LAUGH AT THE BABY? Please???
Oh, well, I guess I'll go back over here and lay back down. Geezzzzz a girl can't even snore in peace.
Till next time,
Bye bye
Lil Sassy


Mommy wrote a poem just for me

November 16th 2006 2:12 pm
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Mommy wrote a poem and she said it's just for me and I wanted to share it all with you. I put it in my diary so that everybody can read it when they visit this page. Mommy says she knows it's not the best, but it's from her heart and that's all that matters.

Lil Sassy

I was born with no eyes,
I'll never gaze upon the skies.
For their beauty is not for me to see,
But that's okay, I've got to be me.

I was born tiny, frail and the runt,
But mommy and daddy decided to keep
me without so much as a grunt.

Mom and Dad love me you see,
For they looked beyond everything
that could be wrong with me.

They love to watch me discover new things,
Be it a toy, finding my food, or them
when they call my name.

I can find my toys and my bed,
Even though I may bump my head.
I can find my food and water just fine,
Even when Snuggles tries to eat all of mine.

I run and play, my favorite is outside,
But Mom and Dad have to be with me,
For I can do anything with them by my side.

I was born with not eyes you see,
But I will not let that stop me.
I am loved so much, everyday,
I wish all the pups could feel this way.

My family loves me, this much is true,
And with love like that, there is joy
through and through.

Sassy's mom


Mommy says Santa is coming to town!

November 7th 2006 7:03 am
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WoW He must be a great man! My mommy says we're all going to go and have our pictures taken with Santa. I don't know who he is, but mommy keeps telling me all kinds of things about him. I don't know if I should be scared or happy. You know I'm just a baby, but I'm learning and I don't know about him. Will he like me? Will he know that I can't see him? Will he smell funny? Will he hold me tight enough and not drop me? Oh Boy! I just don't know. Mommy said since I can't write yet, I need to be thinking about everything I want for Christmas so I can tell him. Well, Gee, Mom! What is Christmas? I've never had one before. Mommy's trying to tell me all about it, but I just don't understand fully yet. I will though, I will.
Anyway, I better go and get my bath and my hair done before we go. Yes I know it's still a week away, but hey, a girls got to look nice for meeting a man that important, don't she?
Lil Sassy


New Poem just for me!

October 30th 2006 11:43 am
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Well, mommy says I shouldn't say it's just for me cause it's really for all the blind pups out there and for the people who look beyond that. So Mommy wanted to post it here so that every one that reads my diary will see it and know that we are something special. Hope everyone enjoys it as we did when it was sent to us at our groups.

I cannont see you Mommy, when you cuddle me so near.
And yet, I know you love me, it's in the words I hear.
I cannot see you Daddy, when you hold me by your side,
But I know you love me when you tell me so with pride.
I cannont see to run and play outside in the sun so bright.
For here inside my tiny head it's always dark as night
I cannot see the treats you give when I am extra good
But I can wag my tail in Thanks just like a good dog would.
"It cannot see. The dog's no good!" is what some folks might say.
"It can't be trained...will never must be put away."
But not you, Mommy and Daddy-You know that it's alright,
Because I love you just as much as any dog with sight.
You took me in, you gave me love and we will never part,
Because I am blind with just my eyes, I see you in my heart.
~Sherrill Wardrip


My very own group

October 23rd 2006 4:13 pm
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Today mommy let me start my very own group. It's called "blind pups rock", cause we do, ya know. And I can't wait to start getting lots of pups in the group. My idea is to start sharing our experiences of being blind with each other. Like learning something new, or just getting the hang of an every day task, like walking through the house and not running into anything. I'm learning all that myself, and mommy and daddy still pick me up and love me and kiss my boo-boo's when i hit something really hard and cry out. Most of the time I don't hit so hard, but if I'm in one of my moods and I'm running and spinning like a top, I tend to bump things harder and that's when I cry out. Mommy still says I look like a bronco spinning out of control when I do my little spins. She laughs and tries to steer me away from everything. Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't.
OHhhhhhhh I've learned where my daddy comes in the house at. He always comes in the back door, the one that slides and every day now, when I hear his truck pulling into the drive, I run back there and I wait for him to open the door. Snuggles and Sadie run out onto the deck when he opens the door but not me. I'm there waiting for him to pick me up and love me. Which he does so good.
Anyway, more later. Now I've go to go and see about this new group.
Bye all,


My Package

October 20th 2006 5:25 am
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Yesterday, I got a package through the mail and it was just for me. You see, there is this wonderful pup named Rosie Doodles and she and her mom sent me a pink bathrobe. It was too little for Rosie so she thought about me and told her mom she wanted to send it to me. They live all the way in Ireland. Mommy says that's a very long way.
I can't see it, but I know it feels so good. Mommy just had to try it on me last night and we got pictures. My daddy was holding me and he was clowning around and kept putting the hood on and taking it off and I tried to bite him but he wouldn't let me. Next, mommy wanted pictures of me with my new sweater on. It's a hoodie and well, go look at the pictures. You'll see what daddy did to me. I blame mommy too cause she started laughing and took that picture anyway. She could have waited and made daddy take that hood off. But NOOOOOOOOOOO, she had to have that pic. And now what's worse, is she's posted it to my page here on dogster. I'm so embarrassed. I might just go get in my hiding place and stay there all day long. Humans, they get amazed by the littlest things. But I love 'um.
Gotta go now. Thanks again Rosie Doodles and her mom for sending me my very own bathrobe, and for my very first package.
We love ya,


My day finally came

October 19th 2006 5:30 am
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My day at the groomers finally came yesterday. Mommy took me and Sadie and Snuggles to see Ms. Crystal. We didn't have our hair cut but we had baths and Ms. Crystal said I was so good. All those baths mommy has been giving me sure got me used to it and yesterday I was a good girl. Mommy told Ms. Crystal to do whatever she wanted to do to my hair and all and she did. I got my very first bow yesterday. It's pink and mommy said it was so pretty on me. Mommy also bought some more bows for me and Sadie Pearl to wear on different occasions. Ms. Crystal didn't cut my hair except to trim it out of my eyes. Mommy was glad cause daddy don't want my hair cut yet. It's getting long and mommy don't want it to start to get matted so she brushes me every night. Sometimes that puts me to sleep cause it feels so good when mommy does it. I had to stand there and endure that mean ole hot air blower yesterday and mommy told Ms. Crystal that I really didn't like that at all. She said I did just fine for the first time at the groomers. When we got home, mommy fed us and we all went nite-nite for about an hour. When daddy came home, he picked us all up, one by one and loved us and kissed us. Now kisses from daddy are rare but he always hugs us and loves us. Mommy said we got kisses yesterday cause we had all been so good at the groomers and we all looked so pretty.
Well, I'm going to find me some breakfast cause I'm hungry. Talk to ya later diary.
Ohhhhhh I almost forgot. I didn't whine at all, not one little bit, but Snuggles sure did. Ms. Crystal said he whines every time mommy leaves him. He's such a big baby sometimes.
Bye now,


A mean man!

October 11th 2006 6:57 am
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Last Friday, mommy took me for some more shots at the animal medical store she takes all of us too. It's a store when you can buy small dogs, get shots, and all dog supplies and also see the vets. Anyway, the lady that was giving me the shot also gave me some honey and some baby tylenol so I wouldn't get fever and my sugar wouldn't drop as it sometimes does in puppies when they get shots. This man was there buying some food for his doggy and he started asking mommy questions about me. I had my head buried in mommy's neck and he couldn't see all of me so he asked if mommy would turn me around so he could see my face. Mommy did and when he looked at me, he asked mommy why she didn't have the hair cut away from my eyes so that I could see better. Mommy explained that I was born without eyes and I was blind. When we finished and went outside, he was there and started asking mommy if she abused my doggy mom when I was inside her, and mommy said "NO". He then told her that I wouldn't amount to anything and she should have me put to sleep. Mommy told him that if he had a child that was born blind, would he have it put to sleep and he said that was different. Mommy said that since she couldn't have children, that I was her child and she didn't see the need to have me put to sleep and she was taking care of me and I was getting the best of everything. He still said I should be put to sleep and if I was his dog I'd have been put down the minute I was born. Mommy started to cry and called him an ugly name. Mommy told him that it's people like him that causes puppies and dogs to suffer needlessly and he should be banned from owning a pet of any kind. Then we got in the car and mommy had to calm down before she could even drive home. She called daddy, daddy always knows how to calm mommy down and he told her not to worry about that man.
He was a mean man but that's not what mommy called him.............BOL. She felt so ashamed after she got home cause she had let him get to her like that but I just gave mommy some kisses and she was fine.
I'm so glad I have a mommy and daddy that love me.
Lil Sassy


Mommy was so upset at Daddy yesterday!

October 6th 2006 5:43 am
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Hi all,
Yesterday while my mommy was at work, my daddy decided to leave the sliding door open so Snuggles and Sadie Pearl could go outside. He was outside and he left the gate open so they could get down the steps and into the back yard. Now, they know how to go down the steps and play and run in the yard. Mommy has let me run and play in the yard but she always carries me down the steps. Well, daddy was outside the fence at his shop pittling around with his 4 wheeler and he looked up and I was on the bottom step. I had went all the way down the steps by myself. He took me and put me back up on the deck and stood at the bottom and watched me. I certainly didn't like that at all so I decided to show him that I could go play in the yard when I wanted to, too. Daddy told mommy that after I came off that first step, I just bounced off the rest of them. He got up there by the steps in case I started to roll down them, but I didn't. I just bounced down all of them and when I got to the last one, I didn't know it was the last one, and then all of a sudden, I was out in the yard. I took off running before he could get me.
Also, yesterday, my doggy daddy Snuggles started growling and barking at me cause he wanted mommy's attention and I got too close to him when he was trying to make her pick him up. After he barked and growled at me some, I got tired of it, and I backed up, stood up on my hind legs and I let him have it. I went to growling and barking at him. Mommy told daddy that I was fussing at him and I was. I fussed at him so much that mommy finally picked me up and loved me after she stopped laughing so hard. Snuggles didn't know what was going on and he went and got on the bed and under the cover. Like he hadn't done anything wrong...........I showed him, I did!!!!!!!
Gotta go play now.

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