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The wonderful adventures of Super Spike!!!!

My Pawfect Day with Mollie June 6,2009

June 7th 2009 5:44 am
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Around 1:00 the doorbell rang. Mommy saw Auntie Deb and Unkie Barry but no Mollie! As she reached for the doorknob, up popped a bootiful brown head. Mollie was here!

I ran straight out and...had a pee! BOL! Auntie Deb and Unkie Barry were dressed pretty weird but Mommy said it wasn't polite to point. Say what? I'm a Pointer after all.We only stayed at home for a few minutes...enough to get my Jester's collar on. I didn't mind much, I actually thought I looked pretty cool.

Mommy put me on the leash and off we went. I haven't been for a walk down the street since I was a kid. I don't DO leash. The park is about two minutes from our house.

Boy was it busy. Lots of people and lots of doggies. And the smells, hotdogs, hamburgers, popcorn, warm pretzels. They had some booths were people could buy things. I think Mollie wanted a nice new necklace cause she jumped on the table.

As we walked along people took my picture and called me a Jester dog. Anything to please. We saw birds of prey that completely ignored us.

Unkie Barry was hungry so Mommy bought Mommy and me a hotdog. The hotdog man asked her if she wanted one for me and she said she bought us one. He gave us an extra "burnt" wiener but it wasn't really. ;)

Mollie ate the weiner but wouldn't eat her bun until the meat was gone. She is not only bootiful but smart. She created a diversion by knocking over Mommy's pop and when she and Auntie Deb went to pick up the can, Mollie stole Mommy's last piece of hotdog. BOL!

We met all kinds of doggies. Another GSP named Phoenix who would do whirlies when he got excited. He was solid brown. There was a big GSH mix and the people said they like to take him to crowded places cause people would make a big circle around him. BOL! We met a couple of Doxies and they were both QUIET. Auntie Deb liked the little Cocker pup. Another doggie was a black and white German Wirehaired Pointer named Max. He had the fuzziest face. We met a Huskey and a couple of Bichons and some mutts. So the score was 4 pointer/pointer crosses, two Doxies. Pointer World Domination!

Mommy says I was a very good boy. She was surprised, she never took me anywhere like this and I hope she'll take me to more places. Just as we were leaving. a little girl about six asked to pet me and she kissed me on the head! Another girl tried to use her Magic Wand on Mollie and Me but nothing happened. I hope she got a refund. BOL!
Honestly, she didn't cause Grandpaw thought it was crazy. Maybe she'll take me to the Humane Society swim at a real pool this summer.

The humans watched a show which was boring. I was more interested in the siege machines that threw balls!

We came home and Auntie Deb and Unkie Barry changed clothes. Mollie went through my toy basket and wanted my meowy cat. That thing is sacred! I let her play but Mommy and Auntie Deb didn't want her to destuff it. She was being gentle with it. Then she ate my Zukes' bone and a rawhide.

Next we were off to Elora. We walked down to the Inn and I wanted to go into the stores cause they had the doors open. One even had a water bowl for doggies. We saw a swan in the water and went for a walk along the gorge It reminded me too much of the shower.

We parted ways sadly but Mommy said something going somewhere this summer with Mollie again.

The thing is , Unkie Barry never did get to throw a ball for me so other than that, it was a pawfect day!


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