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The World According to Miss B

I was tagged again by my goof friends Wee Rose & Jazzy

November 9th 2008 10:08 am
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Let's see, seven things I like to do:

1. Chase a baby (stuffed toy) as long as anyone will throw it
2. Drop a baby on Mom or Dad when they are laying on the couch if they ignore me
3. Snuggle in the recliner with my dad
4. Go to the grooming shop with mom and growl at dogs like I'm big and bad
5. Wrestle with my sisters
6. I like to wear clothes, Mom says I'm a great model
7. I like to sleep under the covers at night, but I have to be touvhing Mom or Dad

Now I am tagging 7 friends - let's see 7 things you like to do!

1. Romeo 875793
2. Maxi 873878
3. Annie Marie 872326
4. Grace 856505
5. Ems 848372
6. Master Bucci Anges 825593
7. Geoffrey 800621


I was Tagged by Allie

November 8th 2008 7:12 am
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Allie tagged me, so now I need to tell seven unexpected things about me, then tag seven more pupsters.... If I tag you, you need to tell your seven secrets then tag seven more and tell them by pawmail or via a rosette or gift!!
Soooo.... here goes:

1: I would chase a baby 24/7 if someone would throw it
2: My tail never stops wagging
3: I like to go for rides and hang out the window
4: For being a pretty girl, I sure like to roll in stinky things!
5: I like to run and bark at my sisters outside
6: My nickname is Tigger uase I love to jump
7: I like to steal babies from my sisters.

And, I am going to tag:
1: Rosie
2: Mac
3: Lola
4: Darla
5: Sasha
6: Baylee
7: Paris

Okay, make some good answers you all!!!

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