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February 14, 2007 (HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY)

February 14th 2007 10:48 am
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Happy Valentine's Day to all of my Pals! You are each very special to me! Today is a cold and frosty Valentine's day in the big MD. We had some fun snow to play in yesterday. That was a blast. Rocky and I went outside and rolled around and played and had so much fun. But then things got ugly. All of a sudden our snow was taken over by a freak of nature called sleet and then freezing rain! That stuff is no fun I tell you! It isn't soft and fluffy like snow. You can't roll around in it. And it is so much more cold. YUCK AND DOUBLE YUCK! Not only did it ruin our fun snow, but now every thing is all frozen and you have to walk like a penguin out there, so you don't fall on your butt. It is no fun at all. No way was I going outside to pee in that stuff. Mom put some orange smelling wax stuff, on all of our paws to protect them from the ice and from slipping. Yet, another indignity of sleet and freezing rain! See, I always knew no good could come from rain. So, our beautiful snow is now disguised by this layer of frozen stuff. Even the mom doesn't sink in it. So, what's a doggy to do for fun?

Well I guess we can be thankful that the mom is working from home today and she can open the door and close the door and open the door and close the door so we can go in and out a million times. Woo-hoo!! And yes, there is always nap and bark at the neighbors who are trying to shovel their walks and thaw their cars. Even our front screen was frozen shut. So, here it is Valentine's day and I get to huddle in doors with the big handsome hunk of Rocky! Isn't he a handsome dog? Every girl should be so lucky, but back off girls, I am a scrapper! So I am going to try to keep warm in doors with him and see if I can steal a treat or two. I managed to steal a couple of cheese-filled jalapenos the other night. I was looking for the cheese sticks and these weren't exactly what I expected, but hey, beggars can't be choosey and thieves have to snatch and run. BOL

And, I hear there is to be a party today with my sweet friends at T.S. Boyd Elementary. Sure wish I was there to steal their treats. I would snatch their bags and bury my head up to my shoulders until it is empty. And then on to the next. I would have a grand ol' time eating my way through all the treats. Or I would give them my sad face, until they feel sorry for me and give them up to me. So, what do you say kids? Can a polky-dot get a break? How bout a treat? Puh-lease!!!!!!!! I do wish I was there to share in your party and get some luv and give a whole lot more!!! I also wish I was there to put Ervin in check! Yeah, I know Ervin was hatin' on me, cuz I love the first graders and represent for them; but what's he got for me, but a bunch of whining? Did he send me a letter? Check the pile, do you see one from him? Nope, I haven't felt ANY love coming from his direction? All the love from him goes to the smelly bulldogs, and all cuz he can't get a date! BOL I would have thrown a few pieces of candy his way, but all he does is diss on me. I mean, what's up with that? Now his little baby brother, that's a different story. He's one cool little dude. And his little baby brother is sooooooooooo cute. And so smart and just sure to be a fan of mine, instead of a hater. So, when you boys and girls see Ervin, make sure and tell him to quit the Hatin'. Valentine's Day is all about Showin Some Luv! And remember this:
Rose are Red
Violets are Blue
Your Bulldogs are Smelly
You Know that it is True!
But your Polky-dot is cute and cuddly
And loves you. Really I do!
I also love belly-rubs and food and treats, no doubt.
But most of all, I love my friends at T.S. Boyd Elementary cuz your just so cool! (Wish Ervin Was)

And I would also love for my friend JASMINE to find her forever home!! So, please think about showing some luv to JASMINE this Valentine's Day by giving her a forever and ever home!!

Polky-dotted love to all!

Show some luv Ervin and Stop the Playa Hatin'! Don't hate the playa, hate the game!


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